Introducing Scalar Healing Services – starting November 1st

Horses & Golden Orb Garway Hill UK pic
We’ve seen this golden orb in many of our photos recently on Garway Hill, Herefordshire, UK

We are in the midst of yet another energetic shift. Many of you noticed that the energies ramped up in September and this is continuing as we move through October. This is bringing up a lot of stored energies such as emotions, limiting belief systems and “negative” thoughts. For a lot of people, especially those who are resisting the change, this might be manifesting as stronger than usual reactions to other people and situations (he says whilst looking at his first ever speeding ticket!). You might feel overly sensitive and not quite your usual self. We would advice that you, to the best of your ability try to observe rather than resist/react/fight the physical/emotional/mental symptoms that come up. In this way you bring the light of your true consciousness to what you observe and even though it might seem like it gets worse initially, it will dissolve in this light taking with it what caused it too.

Introducing The 28 day Scalar Healing Sessions

For quite some time now we have been thinking about helping more people than we currently can via the one-to-one appointments that we have been doing so far. From this desire the Scalar Healing Sessions developed.

You can think of scalar energy as an aspect of source energy. Everything you see around you is formed from this and this is the same energy that stops the entropy of and rebuilds matter. So just imagine the healing effect that this could have on you and your body. Scalar energy also exists outside of space and time so you can be connected with it regardless of where you are and what you are doing. In fact all you need is a photo of yourself within the scalar energy device’s field, of which I have built, to connect you to it. Within that field, we have implemented certain frequencies of energy to further the effects of the scalar field – most scalar pendants and devices on the market only work at one set frequency, usually at the Schumann resonance or twelve hertz frequencies. More details about the device and its effects can be found on the Scalar Healing Services page of this website.

The device also enables us to treat several people at the same time every day without fault. Being a machine this healing device does not get ill, go on holidays or require any rest like us poor humans :) This is also perfect for helping people raise their vibration on a daily basis, that is not possible via one-to-one appointments due to the limited amount of people we can treat in one day. Hence why we have decided to offer you 28 days worth of treatments in one package. This also means we can offer you this service at a very affordable rate. Of course you can still receive other forms of healing during your 28 day period – in fact it can enhance their effects.

We will be attending a Vipassana course, and un-contactable from 19-30th October. However we have decided to release the information about our new Scalar Healing Sessions so you can read about it  and book in advance for session starting on November 1st.

The Spiritual Significance of Liver & Gall Bladder Cleansing

Lingonberry & Blueberry pic - liver & gall bladder cleansing
The forests of Sweden are covered in blue-berries July to August and lingon-berries (much like cranberries) mid August to late September – both full of nutrients that help to cleanse the body, including liver & gall-bladder

Continuing on with blog articles that aid in raising your vibration, the next subject is liver & gall bladder cleansing.

The techniques listed here used to be used by Western medical practitioners in the past. Not only are they very beneficial in a great many ways, but they are also very cheap and, after some practice, are easy to perform too. The excuses for not teaching them in the modern medical profession range from unfounded claims that they are harmful in some way, to simply not having enough space in the Merck manual (considered the like the bible for Western doctors) to print them! Thankfully many practitioners are starting to realise the benefits of these practices and are bringing them back.

Rather than list all the benefits these techniques have on the physical body (which are already presented in the articles I have provided links for below), instead I will write more about the spiritual relations, my personal experiences, as well as the reciprocal effect these practices have on the energetic Self.

Please use your common sense when following these practices. They are much safer than taking drugs and having operations, but I cannot know what state your health is in and obviously I am not a doctor so please seek help if you are unsure 😉

The Gall Bladder Meridian & Parasites

You may have noticed that many healers often talk a lot about the gall bladder meridian and it’s relationship to energetic parasites. Lisa Renee has a good article on SPE types of parasite/implant on this subject here. It seems that many parasites like to enter and travel along the gall bladder meridian to “infect” various areas that the meridian connects to.

A common place they enter is the top of the back of the neck and where the back of the neck connects with the skull. From there the common areas of the energy body, and in turn, the physical body that are affected are: the sides of the skull & brain (often in the form of head aches/migraines, especially the temple areas), the upper portions of the shoulder girdle & behind the shoulder blades (especially on the right side), the liver/gall bladder area, genitals, sacrum, knees and feet.

Of course it is not just parasites that affect this meridian. Other energetic blockages do too, which include trapped emotions/judgements etc. And because the physical and energetic bodies are reciprocally related, heavy metals, toxins from metabolism and foods that we eat/breathe in etc have an impact too. This in turn creates a more suitable environment for viruses, bacteria and fungi and their energetic parasitic counterparts. Obviously because the liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body you can see why this particular meridian can be so affected in modern society.

The gall bladder meridian picture below can give you a good idea of the areas that can be affected.

Gall Bladder Meridian Picture
The gall bladder meridian – the dots represent acupuncture points where the flow of energy (known as “chi” in Eastern medicine) can be affected.

The Gall Bladder Meridian & Awakening

If you look at the number of acupuncture points around the side of the head, you can see how much this meridian affects the brain. You may also notice how many of these points are also acupressure points as well as points that are touched when performing Access Bars & Distance Bars (hence why regular Bars treatments are good for the awakening process).

Teachings by Oneness University and various enlightened beings, channelled or otherwise, point out that the physical brain changes a lot as one travels further along the path of awakening. They say that in general the brain becomes less active/”fires” fewer signals and that remaining individual signals start to become higher in frequency. This mirrors studies on meditation too.

The parts of the temporal/parietal areas of the brain (the sides of the brain near the ear) that in general connect and control information between the more primitive areas of the brain and the “higher” brain (where deeksha is generally focussed on), are some of the main areas that decrease in activity as one awakens more. Thus you can see that clearing the gall bladder meridian can greatly aid in awakening. You can find much on this subject in the following book “Awakening into Oneness: Deeksha and the Evolution of Consciousness” by Arjuna Ardagh. You can also find reports on many studies of the brain relating to meditation by doing a quick internet search – transcendental meditation being the most studied of meditation techniques.

The liver and gall bladder are organs that greatly affect this meridian as a whole. When you understand that physical and energetic parasites and energetic blockages occur at the same time and that these promote blockages in other energy systems of the body too, then you can appreciate how useful cleansing and aiding the full functionality of the liver and gall bladder can be, not only for resolving physical issues but also for awakening.

Most Don’t Realise That They Have Liver/Gall Bladder Dis-Ease

As a great many people are realising, doctors in the Western world often are not concerned unless there are obvious or serious signs & symptoms relating to a particular complaint. Moreover, even when there are signs & symptoms present, things can often be missed simply because the established medical profession has no understanding of the emotional/mental/energetic relationship to the physical body, that the figures they test for fall under pre-established “norms”, or simply that the detection methods don’t pick up on anything. Often too, due to guidelines, doctors simply don’t have the time ask all the questions and perform all the tests required, and thus symptomatic relief is given instead. On top of this the sufferers themselves are all too often only interested in symptomatic relief rather than sorting out the true causes to dis-ease (such as the emotional and mental causes).

This was particularly evident when I used to work as an osteopath. I would often pick up on the emotions, energetic sluggishness, or energetic blocks relating to the gall bladder and/or liver. Obviously I could not tell many patients, or record such findings on referral letters to doctors, as it would have been disregarded. Even when I would highlight the common pain referral patterns, change in stool consistency, reduced digestion ability of fats, flatulence increase, pain on direct palpation of the gall bladder etc etc often nothing would be done by the patient or those I referred the patient to.

It is worth mentioning here that ultrasound which is commonly used in gall bladder (and kidney) investigations, often does not pick up any problems such as stones, even if the practitioner is quite experienced at it. Even x-rays do not always show stones. There are many stories I have heard of people having very obvious signs of gall bladder stones, where a great many of them were found either from using the methods I have highlighted below, or during surgery to remove the gall bladder itself… yet nothing was found using ultrasound or x-ray investigations!

It is also worth mentioning that from a lot of natropathic perspectives, the vast majority of people have liver and gall bladder stones, mostly in the form of cholesterol balls. So it is recommended to have regular cleanses to clean them out and keep the liver and gall bladder functioning efficiently.

The liver performs a great many functions, so there are many bodily systems that it affects directly and indirectly. This means that there is a large variety of signs & symptoms that can show up if the liver & gall bladder are not functioning efficiently. I will not list all the physical ones here as that is a whole article in itself – again a simple internet search is all that’s needed. Often these signs & symptoms may be quite subtle or not present at all, even if there is quite a lot of dis-ease going on physically or energetically.

Paying Attention to the Emotions

If you are on the awakening path, paying attention to the subtle things is needed in order to continue to shift that which limits you. As you may already be aware of, emotions are a response to the beliefs of the mind/ego whether they be conscious or not. Thus paying attention to the emotions in any situation can highlight what judgements/conclusions/beliefs you have within you.

Each organ operates at a different vibratory rate, or if you like frequency. Likewise each emotion has a different frequency. Therefore certain organs are affected by certain emotions more than others. Paying attention to these emotions can highlight what organs may be affected and vice versa.

There are many books out there that highlight the mental and emotional relationships to certain diseases, such as those written by Doreen Virtue. I would say after reading many of them, that they are great at giving you the gist, and may be very useful in helping a great many people. However, dis-ease causes can be very individual, much like the fact that labelled conditions never affect everyone in EXACTLY the same way!

With this in mind, the liver and gall bladder are often affected by the emotions of anger, frustration, irritation and jealousy and the beliefs/judgements that cause those emotions. Thus if you often have those emotions come up for you, it could suggest that your liver and gall bladder could be working more efficiently.

During and after the cleansing process, obviously these are the emotions that often come to the surface as the energy body starts to clear in response. If you align/agree with these emotions, or resist/react/fight them, then the healing process will take longer. The trick is to allow the emotions and related thoughts to be there rather than ignore or suppress them. As you observe them, they will simply dissolve in the light of your consciousness. Otherwise a good healer can help.

Observing the emotions that come up from a liver & gall bladder cleanse, without resisting/reacting/fighting them, helps quicken the healing process

The liver and gall bladder obviously are affected by the physical world too. As the liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body, eliminating fumes, food additives, pesticides, drugs, alcohol, caffeine etc can greatly improve its function as well as the functioning of all other organs due to the decrease in toxicity.

For those wishing to lose body fat, know that a poorly functioning liver encourages fat cell production, as fat is one of the methods employed by the body to store toxins away from the vital organs. Thus many people lose body fat simply by doing thorough detoxes – I mean that in terms of mental, emotional as well as physical detoxing. Likewise if the liver and kidneys cannot keep up with releasing toxins from the body, the skin can become smelly, dry or develop infections. Just some information that might help any of your friends and family think about detoxing if they wouldn’t otherwise 😉

1. The Gall-Bladder Flush

This was the first technique that I tried, and the technique that I would recommend most people start with, especially if there is a long history of poor eating habits or strong signs & symptoms of liver/gall stones.

It basically involves drinking a glass of apple juice three times a day for at least 2 weeks to soften any stones present in the liver and/or gall bladder. Most often these stones are composed of cholesterol and are softened by the enzymatic content of the apple juice. Then after a whole day of avoiding eating anything fatty, a glass of oil (olive oil is best) is consumed to cause a sudden release of bile from the liver and gall bladder into the duodenum to digest the large amount of oil that was consumed. Many stones, fats and toxins are also flushed out with the bile as the liver squeezes it out. This is why such techniques are called gall bladder flushes. Often too with some methods, magnesium/epsom salts are consumed to relax the smooth muscle within the bile ducts such that any large stones can pass more easily.

When I started this cleansing, I was aware that energetically my liver & gall bladder were not working efficiently and that there were some mild emotions/thoughts relating to them. Physically I have been considered in perfect health by the medical profession – I had undergone an extensive medical exam as part of obtaining my residency in New Zealand a few years ago. As I say, for those who wish to continue to raise their vibration, what may seem insignificant to many professionals, can lead to great change spiritually speaking. Hence my aim was to free myself of energies that I did not need anymore and boost me further along the awakening path.

Despite not having any obvious physical signs or symptoms, I found many liver/gall bladder stones (in the form of cholesterol balls) the first two times I did a flush and less so on the third time around. The first time, I felt many emotions, mainly irritation and frustration, coming up as well as thoughts relating to them. I had the same happen the second and third times too but they were stronger and I also had large releases of tension through my head and right shoulder girdle. Energetically I also felt stronger in the liver area. This goes to show that the advice given on the link below to perform multiple flushes until no stones are apparent is sound advice.

The best article and method I came across was this one: Flush Gall Stones Naturally. It is the most detailed article in terms of giving you a plan to follow and includes using epsom salts to help relax the smooth muscle such that less irritation happens if you have larger stones. For those of you who cannot find Epsom salts, then look for magnesium salts as they are the same thing.

2. The Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema Kit
Example of a coffee enema kit – from

This was the second method I tried. My partner Åsa-Maria (who is now providing Distance Bars healing sessions by the way) introduced this to me, as she had been doing them regularly since 2014, and gained a lot of benefits from doing so.

This method basically involves using a bag or bucket with a hose, to insert coffee-water slowly into the rectum and colon. There it is held for up to 20 minutes, unless you need to go to the toilet sooner! During this time the coffee goes straight to the liver via the veins and lymphatic system where it shocks the liver & gall-bladder into flushing out bile into the duodenum, much like in the Gall bladder flush technique above. Again, many stones, fats and with them, many toxins are flushed out with the bile too, hence it’s cleansing effect. After holding onto the coffee fluid, you simply go to the toilet and let all the fluid pass out as well as any other contents of your intestines that also come out.

This technique also has the benefit of acting like a mini colonic irrigation, hence you may also find toxic jelly-like lumps, dried faeces, lost articles you may have swallowed and other matter passing out afterwards. Hence this technique is very cleansing to the bowels too, even if it seems awkward or disgusting at first.

You may be asking why doesn’t drinking coffee do the same? If you drink coffee, instead of going straight to the liver, it passes throughout the rest of the body first. Not only does this mean that it doesn’t shock the liver, it also means that many toxic by-products of metabolism are created by the coffee around the body. Thus it actually puts more of a strain on the liver to do its detoxifying job!

I started doing coffee enemas a month after my 3 gall-bladder flushes, which were also one month apart. Despite these other flushes, my first coffee enema flushed out yet more cholesterol balls and some jelly-like substance that I’d never seen previously in my stools. Again after each session I often noticed the emotions of irritation and frustration come up and so I have managed to transmute a lot of charge from the relating belief systems as a result.

I have done many enemas since and while I don’t seem to notice much in the toilet afterwards compared to the first few times, I have noticed that my digestion, energy levels and energetic stability have improved. I will be following the advice of doing an enema at least every few months to do further cleansing.

There are a lot of articles out there to do with coffee enemas. The most comprehensive and useful that I came across was this one: The Powerful Health benefits of Coffee Enema Therapy that Big Pharma does not want you to know. Though if you’d like a smaller article with some basic guidelines you might like to try here.

I was lucky that may partner had a great amount of experience performing them, but you may have to experiment a little bit in terms of positioning yourself and the bucket, finding out the right concentration of coffee so that you can hold it in for long enough and still cause a shock to the liver etc etc. Obviously the articles above contain all the information you’ll need. I would like to repeat however that you should use organic coffee and as pure water as you can find – there is no point doing a cleanse if the materials you use also have toxins in them!

There are a great many companies out there selling enema kits. Obviously go for products that don’t leech any materials into the fluids you use. I personally bought a silicon bag and tube from a UK online shop here, as it was more useful to pack away should I continue to travel and work from around the world.

3. The Edgar Cayce 3-day Apple Diet

The late Edagar Cayce

For those who have never heard of the late Edgar Cayce before, he is probably the most documented psychic in the world. He was involved in helping scientists studying psychic phenomena, especially with regard to medical subjects. He also transmitted a lot of information about the past and future.

The diet is very simple, eat nothing but organic apples, at least 5 a day, and drink plenty of pure water for 3 days. At the end of the third day before bed, also drink a glass of olive oil to flush out the liver and gall bladder. There is some more information on the Edgar Cayce website here.

So as you can see it is a kind of small version of the gall bladder flush mentioned above. I would definitely recommend doing the first mentioned gall-bladder flush a few times first, as it is a stronger technique and will make sure that the majority of stones and toxins come out. Then you might like to try the Edgar Cayce apple diet as something you can do more often as maintenance.

Some General Advice from my Partner

My Partner Asa, as I have been writing this article has mentioned a few things that may benefit the above methods as well as liver & gall-bladder health in general. So here are the tid-bits:

  1. Consuming fats including oils between 10am and 2pm is good since that is when the bile flow is predominant.
  2. Fats are vital to the health of the body and cutting them out of your diet can put a lot of strain on the body including being able to deal with bodily toxins. The problem is more to do with the chemicals/toxins/hormones etc that are often found in the fat of meats and other fatty products, due to poor farming and/or manufacturing procedures. Like I have said before, fats are used by the body to store toxins away from the organs if the body cannot keep up with flushing them out or neutralising them and this is no different to what animals do when exposed to them. So always educate yourself on what fats are the better options. Organic is a good start.
  3. B-vitamins upregulate the liver by helping the body digest nutrients including fats, that the liver metabolises. Especially if you are vegan or vegetarian, most people in Western societies are lacking in vitamin B12 especially. This vitamin also greatly helps with mood, energy levels and rebuilding nerve tissues – very important for those of us undergoing the brain changes associated with awakening. Many people are cured of depression simply by regularly taking a good B12 supplement. Try to get it in a liquid form and put a number of drops of it in pure water so you can slowly sip it throughout the morning. You’ll not easily get to sleep if you take too much after 2pm. The number of drops varies depending on how much you may need but try 10 drops a day to satrt with and go from there. The best liquid B-vitamins including B12 I have come accross in terms of purity, effectiveness and energetic vibration is from Premier Research Labs.
  4. There is a lot of mis-information about oils and their health benefits. All oils react strongly to the sun, so try not to buy oils that are in clear bottles or that have an older date as they are very likely to be rancid…. often even before they get put up on the shelves of a supermarket! This is especially the case with oils such as rapeseed oil which ideally should be consumed ASAP after manufacture.
  5. Obviously oils also react to heat so most are best consumed as a topping on food rather than used to cook food in. Most people know not to use olive oil to cook with. Many other oils are rancid before cooking anyway. Butter and coconut oil are better options.
  6. Olive oil is the best option for lowering cardio-vascular disease out of all the oils tested so far around the world. In fact most plant-based oils such as sunflower, rapeseed etc have not shown any benefits to reducing risks, despite what food companies would like you to believe.

Introducing Åsa-Maria

Åsa-Maria picture
Åsa-Maria on Ulvön Island, Sweden

My partner Åsa-Maria, (Åsa is pronounced “Oh-sa” for those not familiar with Swedish names) has from birth had a strong connection with spirit. As well as being extremely clairsentient, she has always had a love of nature and animals and so has developed strong healing energies as a result.

She has travelled the world over and has encountered a great variety of spiritual teachings. Having a great interest in health, Åsa has completed many courses in India, including becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner and a Hatha Yoga teacher. She has also done a lot of research regarding health supplements, cleansing practices and diet in general as well. We’ll put up some of this information on this blog sometime in the near future.

After being trained to become an Access Bars practitioner, it was immediately clear that she was very good at it, as well as performing it at a distance – after trying it on my awakened friends across the other side of the world. It seemed fitting therefore to start offering her services as a Distance Bars practitioner (our distance version of the officially named Access Bars).

You will notice that I have always recommended other healers out there as I realise that different healers have different gifts and different energies that they can offer. Likewise with Access/Distance Bars work, I often recommend that people receive bars from a variety of people such that they receive a variety of energies that can help them shift in different ways. Of course having multiple bars sessions from one person can still provide great rewards but there is something more dynamic about receiving from multiple people I feel. Åsa is awakened but in different ways to me and as such I highly recommend you try her Distance Bars sessions. I have certainly had my socks knocked off from her treatments recently!

Between her other work commitments, Åsa will be available at varying times through the working week. For this reason, I have not provided a set online booking system for her, like I have for myself. Thus you can simply email her directly at to arrange a suitable appointment. You can find more information on booking an appointment with her on my website here. You can also find more information about Bars here.

… and for those that require it, Åsa spent many years growing up in both Sweden and the USA, so is fully fluent in Swedish as well as English

Making Your Music More Harmonious With The Planet By Using A=432 Hertz Tuning

Ulvön Island, Sweden – Nature, one of the best frequencies to listen to!

Thank you for the emails I have received following the last post. Many of you seem to have been experiencing very positive effects from even short periods of playing the new Moola Mantra. I also had one person who wrote to me saying that they had a kundalini awakening after playing the new Moola Mantra for a few hours!

Background to A432 Tuning in Music

As I have said, I am going to focus on giving out advice to aid in raising the vibration of people and their surroundings. The next subject I am going to talk about is tuning your music to A=432 Hertz (or A432). There are many methods to do this and again it is quite simple and in most cases completely free to do so. First, let’s give you a quick background on why tuning your music to A432 is beneficial.

A=432 Hz simply means that the “A” note of an instrument is tuned to the frequency of 432 Hertz and that the other notes follow suit such that they are in harmony with that. There is supposedly much evidence that much of the ancient world’s instruments (such as those from ancient Egypt and Greece) were tuned to A432, according to researchers such as Ananda Bosman. Tibetan singing bowls as well as instruments from many other spiritual groups more closely associated with mother Earth, are often tuned to, or are harmonic to the A432 tuning too.

In the West, prior to 1953, the “A” note was tuned at various different frequencies depending on the opinions/preferences of various composers. The composer Guiseppe Verdi found that A432 was a more harmonious and pleasant sound and that his opera singers resonated better with it too. This is why the A432 tuning is often know as “Verdi’s A”. Many other European composers including Mozart also preferred A432 for similar reasons.

Despite Verdi and other musician’s preferences for tuning, it appears that the powers that were around in the late 1800s in various countries, were pushing for A to be tuned to 440Hz – a frequency that is not harmonious with human bodies, nature and the cosmos at large. It is rumoured that the Nazis started the A440 tuning standard such that music became disharmonious with nature (thus affecting health and spiritual development). However it was the Americans and British that were key players in bringing the modern A440 tuning into the global arena. In 1917 the American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 tuning standard and started to introduce that standard to the rest of the world around 1940. By 1953, and as chosen in London that year, it became the ISO 16 standard. So the vast majority of Western music produced since then has had the A note tuned to 440Hz.

A432 is often called the “scientific tuning” due to its resonance with the laws of physics that govern the universe – according to many late 18th century physicists and mathematicians of Europe. In simple terms A432 tuning is  supposed to be in harmony with the Schumann resonance – the frequency or if you like heart-beat of the Earth and nature which is close to 8Hz in frequency. When the “A” note is tuned to 432 Hz and the other notes follow suit, then all notes are in resonance with the 8Hz frequency of the Earth. They will also be in harmony with our cells, DNA and other bodily functions as well as promote a balanced left-right brain activity.

Especially as we are now undergoing an increase in vibration of Earth and its inhabitants, there are many who believe that the Schumann resonance is increasing as we speak. There appear to be many arguments about this subject however. Cobra for example (reported to be a Pleiadian contactee and spokes person for one of the groups of light forces helping this planet) has stated in interviews that people measuring the Schumann resonance aren’t getting it entirely correct as there are actually multiple frequencies coming from the Earth from multiple sources. There are also suggestions that the Schumann frequency isn’t changing or that if it is changing then it is changing with us and our instruments. As always I will leave that subject up to you to research and decide for yourself.

Either way, people are still getting multiple benefits from listening to and producing music tuned at A432. Musicians often claim that music is brighter, clearer (so less volume is often needed), is easier on the ears and easier on the vocal chords. Even people who cannot perceive the 8Hz difference between the A440 industry standard and A432 often say that the music is warmer, that they can listen to music for longer and that they experience more relaxing and meditative states.

In my own experience, I used to love listening to music when I was younger. Much like my other friends and clients who are going through the awakening process, I have found that I have gotten less and less interested in music in general, apart from some mantras and few more new-aged type musics. I literally prefer the sound of nature and just being with that.

Whilst researching and experimenting with frequencies I came across the A432 movement. Whilst I cannot change the words, and belief systems behind much of the music out there (which also can impact on our consciousness), I have found that changing the frequency of the music does help me to be able to listen to music for longer and with less irritation.

There is also a movement of people who are promoting A444 music. When the “A” note is tuned to 444Hz, then the “C” note becomes 528Hz. Many of you may notice that 528Hz is the “Mi” note of the solfeggio notes as sung by the Gregorian Monks of old. It is said, and there is much evidence of this, that 528Hz helps repair DNA as well as promote miracles and change. It is also know as the “love” frequency.

Some people seem to be arguing over which musical tuning is the better option. Basically they both are beneficial to the Environment, consciousness and our health, just in different ways. You may wish to experiment with both sets of tunings and see what feels best for you. Though the information provided here is aimed at A432 tuning, you can easily use the same information here to do A444 tuning too.

This website “Attuned Vibrations” gives some more information about the differences and history behind the A432 and A444 tunings and is also an example of one of the many composers providing music for more harmonious living. You can obviously find many more articles about A432/A444 and music made with these frequencies by doing a simple search.

Though there is much change needed to make mainstream music and other sounds around us more harmonious and beneficial for our health and consciousness, the advice below can at least get you part of the way there, until such a time comes.

Methods for Changing Your Music (and Video Playback) to A432

Unfortunately, there aren’t any methods out there for changing everything to A432 or A444 tuning. For example many TVs, Games consoles, stereo systems etc are hardwired such that you cannot alter the frequency very easily. Likewise certain musical instruments cannot be tuned as the frequencies are built into their construction.

However, if you listen to music or watch videos via a PC/Mac, smart phone, smart TVs etc, there are many apps (software applications) that can be altered or are readily available to enable you to listen at A432 or A444. Likewise many instruments, especially stringed instruments, can easily be tuned to different frequencies.

One of the main things to understand is that softwares/apps DO NOT so far automatically detect whether what you are listening to is already tuned to A432 or not. Thus if you are listening to an A432 song via an A432 player you’ll likely be listening to it at A424 instead – the software will assume that your music is A440 and so will bring it down by 8Hz regardless!

Likewise music made before the 1950s or made by people outside of the main music industry may be tuned at various frequencies which these players will also not detect. There are some notable exceptions such as some Led Zeppelin, John Lennon and Bob Marley tunes as long as you get the originals of course. Though you can search the internet to find the frequencies used in each song, there is no easy way around this for the moment, until someone invents a piece of software that can detect and alter things automatically. Suffice to say that most mainstream pieces of music (including music in films/videos etc) from the West in the last 60 years is set at A440. Thus the apps in the first two pieces of advice below should satisfy the majority of people who use modern devices.

432 Music Player Apps for Tablets & Smartphones

There are already many apps that allow you to play any music you have stored on your so-called “Smart” devices. Several of them are listed on this website: and can be used on any tablet or smart phone. I personally have been using “432 player”  on my android smart phone. You can find it by searching on any app store or clicking on the links here: google or itunes.

It took a bit of getting used to but what I like about it is that you can choose whether or not to tune each individual piece of music. This is a great option considering that in the future many musicians will already have tuned their music to A432.

Audio/Video Players for PC/MAC

There are a variety of players that can be altered on PC/Mac if you know how to alter the programming correctly. I have chosen VLC player here as it is a good program that has been around for decades, can play pretty much any file format, is available on both PC and Mac and of course is completely free!

It’s not just files stored on you device that can be played via this software either – Seeing as you can connect, CD/DVD players, record players and many other media devices to PCs and Macs, you can easily listen to and watch media from older technologies too. Most modern TVs also have ports so you can connect your computer to them such that if you wish to watch a film on a bigger screen than your PC/Mac, with the sound set to A432, you can. My girlfriend and I both find watching movies better this way.

Rather than me reproducing the info on how to change VLC player’s options, there is a good article here, that gives excellent guidance on what you need to do. It also gives guidance on how to use VLC to watch youtube videos, if you do that sort of thing ;-). For Windows 10 users, you will find the correct file to alter in Step 4 of the process here: C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\vlc

Musical Instrument Tuning Apps for Tablets/Smartphones

Being a guitar player myself, I have been using the free app “Guitar Tuna” on my smart phone. It can be used to tune all popular stringed instruments, not just the guitar.It is available for both Android and iPhone devices simply by searching on any app store. I have provided links to the two most popular here: google and itunes.

If you click on the settings button, you’ll notice that there is a tuning option. The default is 444 meaning that the “A” note is set to 444hz. Simply, set it to 432 (or 444 if you wish the “C” note to be 528Hz) to be able to play your music at A432.

Converting Electronic Music to A432 Using Audacity

Audacity is a free PC/Mac program that has been around for some time now. I have used it in many ways in the past, especially to edit/cut/paste music files for videos. It has a great many uses for people who wish to alter their music or sound files, including the option of changing the frequency of any music file you load onto the program.

You can download Audacity for free here:

I have not tried this advice myself yet as I do not like the idea of converting all those thousands of individual pieces of music I own! Needless to say it is one of the better options as you will be able to see, change and save your sound files to whatever frequency you wish without needing to rely on a 432 player.

After changing the frequency to A432 or A444 for example, the file can be saved in multiple file formats. That way you do not need to alter the media players to convert it to A432 as it will already be A432/A444 anyway. Of course sound files like this can be saved onto CD/DVD and played through other devices too.

Again I’ll leave the advice to the experts and give you a youtube link that explains simply how to change A440 sounds to A432 very well: This is the method that the majority of the A432 converted music on Youtube was made by (including the moola mantra track I gave in the last blog I posted). As explained on the video, there are other methods for conversion but this is the best for not introducing distortion.



Hello Sweden and an easy method of cleansing your surroundings

Piteå, Sweden picture
Piteå, Sweden

Now that I’ve finally caught up with emails from over the holidays, it’s about time I posted something on this blog! Many of the subjects I was going to write about in the past felt heavy to do so, hence the lack of writing in recent months. As time has gone by I have realised that rather than write about subjects that keep stimulating the ego/false Self of others into a continual loop of what is right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, or to comment on the past, that it would be better to simply focus on helping people move forwards and create the reality they desire. Thus I will mainly be writing about subjects that will help in raising vibration/consciousness/awareness.

As many of you may have already guessed, I will be working from Sweden for the next couple of months before returning to the UK. It certainly is a bit of a perk being able to run a business from anywhere – as long as there is an internet connection. Whilst I am on the subject of working abroad, you may note that I keep a clock in the top left-hand corner of my website that details the timezone and location I am in at any given time. The automated booking system I use automatically alters to the timezone  I give it, so you should not need to worry about booking with me with future travels.

Healing from different locations on the planet means that I have to cleanse the areas I work from quickly. It’s good job that I am able to bring with me various technologies that helps keep the vibration of my surroundings high, many of which I have highlighted in previous posts. Luckily Sweden generally doesn’t have a lot of low-vibrational energies when compared with other countries of the world, having such a low population, more of a respect for nature and a comparatively low incidence of conflict in recent history.

As I have stated in previous posts, there are many methods that you can use to raise the vibration of your Self and surroundings without spending a lot of money or needing lots of expertise. One of the easiest methods of cleansing an area is simply to play high vibrational sounds/music repeatedly until the area feels better.

The forests and lakes of Piteå, Sweden
The forests and lakes of Piteå, Sweden

Obviously certain frequencies and words are more potent than others. This is why I often use the “Moola mantra” as it is so far the highest vibrational mantra I have come across. It is a mantra that was given to Bhagavan of Oneness University by a golden orb that appeared in front of him when he was a child. He proceeded to chant this mantra as much as he could, every day until he was 21 years old. It is now chanted by a huge following around the world who have been exposed to Bhagavan and/or Oneness teachings, and a great number of miracles have happened because of it. The mantra’s main purpose is to bring people closer to the divine/all-that-is/source/god whatever you would like to call it, and as such it is very powerful for taking you towards awakening and enlightenment.

A lot of healing happens along the awakening path, and as such, many people experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings from chanting this mantra. Obviously due to its vibration, it pushes away low-vibrational entities and dissolves low vibrational energies too, hence why it is useful for clearing homes/areas. It is the words and the intention behind the words that are important. This is why a great number of people have made their own musical versions of the mantra, without loosing any potency.

You may notice on searching that there is actually two different versions of the Moola mantra. The original version, as chanted by Bhagavan, is still very powerful but a newer version has been made to reflect the fact that the consciousness of humanity has changed.

A good description of the words and meanings of the original version can be found here: You can also very easily find a great number of musical versions of this mantra on youtube just by searching for “moola mantra”.

Various musical versions of the newer version can also be found on youtube by searching for “the new moola mantra”. I particularly like this version, which is  the mantra chanted 108 times by one of the dasas of Oneness University and shows the meanings of the new words:

In order to clear the flat I am currently staying in, I looped the moola mantra so that it played repeatedly over and over, for 24 hours from my laptop. Afterwards, the rise in vibration was very noticeable. It certainly helped me feel comfortable in performing healings from this location. My partner after coming back from work that day thought that the apartment had grown in size! As I write this I can feel the vibrational influence extending in a radius of about 50 metres. It has literally affected energetically all the apartments nearby as well. This, I might add, is without the sound actually reaching that far! You don’t have to play things very loud, even if it is only just audible to you, it will still work.

So how is that for a simple way of clearing and raising the vibration of your property and surroundings? Simply pick a high vibrational sound/piece of music and play it on a loop continuously until the vibration rises to a level you are comfortable with. Obviously it is a good idea to do a sound clearing regularly, to clear any lower vibrational energies that may appear on occasion. With continued use, the energies will work their way into the walls, furniture etc and will hold for longer periods of time.

If you still have a lot of energies to clear from yourself, then you might find that playing the moola mantra over and over will make you feel quite uncomfortable as the lower vibrational energies start to come to the surface to clear. This could be in the form of physical pain, emotional hurts and ‘negative’ thoughts for example. Headaches are especially common. Thus I would highly recommend that if this is the case, you play the moola mantra in the area you wish to clear whilst you are away from it. For example playing it at home whilst you are at work. You can always listen to or chant the moola mantra for short periods of time until you get more comfortable with it.

There are a great many other sound recordings that have a high vibration too, so you might like to experiment with them to find what suits you best, especially if you will be staying in close proximity to the playing sounds/music.

I will be adding further cheap and simple techniques for vibrational raising and healing in the near future as I come across them. And yes, I will be writing about things other than that from India 😉

Oneness Blessings (Deeksha) now available

Following my completion of the Oneness Awakening course last month I am now able to perform Oneness Blessings (aka Deekshas). This is the course most people do before going to complete the other Oneness courses in India, some of which I have mentioned in other blog articles. I just so happened to do it the other way around!

It typically only takes a few minutes to perform a blessing, thus I have decided to offer these free of charge at the beginning or the end of any other appointment you book with me. All you need to do is just ask via email before the appointment or through conversation during a Skype appointment.

The Oneness Blessing is the transfer of energy that starts one’s journey into higher states of consciousness. It is always aimed at the head when performed, whether it is done via the hands or at a distance with intention.

It all started when Bhagavan (an enlightened man from India, dedicated to releasing humanity from suffering) asked if his son could transfer his spiritual gifts to other children at his school, back in 1989. Since then it has become a global phenomenon and now you can find Oneness groups all over the world performing healings and offering courses.

I have been certified by the Dasas at Oneness University in India to be “Awakened”, and so the blessings I give are classified as “Awakened Oneness Blessings”. Supposedly this means that higher vibrational energies can pass through an awakened person’s hands, and thus that there are more benefits to raising the receiver’s consciousness. I’ll leave that up to you to decide ;-). I may write a separate blog in the future about what the Dasas actually classify as an awakening, as it can be confusing to many of you what this means.

If you regularly receive oneness blessings, your evolution of consciousness will quicken. This results in healing, setting right of relationships, and an increased ability to deal with life’s issues with ease and joy. This evolutionary path continues of course and ultimately leads to enlightenment – the complete dissolution of ego and hence the end of all suffering.

Similar to the aims of the Access Bars and Distance Bars sessions that I offer, because it aims at raising consciousness, it is not necessary to offer different types of Oneness Blessings for different purposes such as healing, fulfillment and entity problems etc. The Oneness Blessing is solely for awakening into oneness and so will naturally help you deal with all the problems that are hindrances to awakening.

Like many forms of healing, the Oneness Blessing will provide different benefits to different people depending on their needs, so you may not experience the same outcome as another. The process of growth into oneness can be sudden for some but is gradual for most, and depends on many factors.

If you wish to be able to give Oneness Blessings yourself by completing a Oneness Awakening Course or you simply wish to experience a blessing in person, you will find many Oneness groups all over the world by performing a quick internet search. For those in the UK and Ireland you can visit the official website here.

Back to the UK again

Winter northern light picture
The Northern Lights of Finland

Following some changes that occurred during and after my last India trip, myself and my now ex-girlfriend have decided to part ways. So here I am yet again in England the country in which I was born.

What a shame it is that the British don’t build their houses like the Scandinavians – how can it be that I feel much colder indoors here, when the climate is much warmer outside?

I must apologise to all the people who were hoping to have a treatment from me in person in Helsinki. Finland is truly an amazing country and I would have loved to stay there for longer. There is so much more connection with Earth and nature there. The summers are beautiful and surprisingly hot. The winters magical and peaceful. The people friendly. The food delicious…

I have a lot of positive things to say about my time there. So thank you to Kirsi, her family and all those that I met. I enjoyed myself and have certainly grown in many ways due to my experiences with you and the many things I was introduced to.

Looking even further back, it’s been amazing how many changes have happened to myself and the business over the last year. I’ve been so busy that it has been hard to keep you all up-to-date via the blog.

Last year after leaving New Zealand where I started this business, I moved to Australia, then the UK, and finally Finland. Each time, I followed my inner knowing as to where to go and what to do next.

I wrote a little about following your inner guidance in an earlier blog entitled “Recognising Your Own Truth” – An article that while I feel that I don’t fully agree with the wording used (I am never fully happy with things I’ve written, especially as consciousness keeps changing!), I have kept it because it contains ‘the gist’ of how you can connect with your inner-knowing/higher Self/divine.

Last year then was a real test to see if I trusted that inner guidance as often ‘my’ mind would come up with many reasons that contradicted it. Saying goodbye to friends, loosing possessions, having lots of paper-work to do, finding the money to travel and buy new things and trying to keep my business going as I traversed time zones were some of the many challenges I faced. It has however certainly been worthwhile as I have had fun, grown in many ways and I have been connected with many people and organisations that can take me even further along this awakening path that I am on.

For those of you who expect that following your inner truth will make things easier, well that’s not always the case. At least not initially. Life is full of challenges and as many of the dasas (guides) in India say, surviving is avoiding challenges, living is facing them .

The mind will often try to convince you of the finale, after which should follow the story of living ‘happily forever after’ – which is precisely what my mind tried to do to me after moving to Finland. Of course the mind forgets that change is the only constant, and if you wish grow along the path of awakening, that means more challenges!

So whilst I get acquainted with the UK again, I will only be able to offer distance healing sessions for the moment. I will also have to change the timezone of the booking system so please bear that in mind if you plan to book soon – I will not alter anyone’s bookings that are already there 😉

So, what does the divine have in store for the UK eh?



No more Chakra Removals!

Happy new year to everyone!

I have a large backlog of emails to get through now that I am back from India so please be patient if you are awaiting a reply.

There will be some new services that I will slowly introduce over the year. One of the main things to introduce, will be group healing services such that I will be able to send healing energies to greater amounts of people whilst being able to keep individual costs low.

As the title of this post says, one of the first changes for the new year will be to stop offering Chakra Removals. If you booked a Chakra Removal session before today, then of course I will honor your request or if you wish you can always swap for another service I offer.

Whether to continue this service has been a question for me for many months and after some prolonged time conversing with other healers, psychics, and a great many people on, or wishing to be on the path of awakening, as well as the divine and it’s many helpers, I have decided to stop.

The main reason that I decided to become a ‘healer’ was to help others out of suffering, and for those that wished it, to go even further and help them along the path of awakening towards enlightenment. By far the main reason for humanity’s suffering is the belief that they are ‘their’ mind and the thoughts that come from mind. I will perhaps talk more about this subject in a future post, but the key point here is that the subject of chakra removal/unification and the related kundalini system (as well as a great many other subjects of course) appears to be stimulating people’s minds rather than helping become free from the problems created by mind.

I receive many emails each week from people questioning this service as to whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, whether if it is possible, and “Why is it that some psychics/healers say that I have still got chakras and others say that I haven’t”. There’s nothing wrong with contemplation, but I feel that people could be spending more time and energy instead on healing, awakening, creating joy or whatever else they truly desire to create. Likewise I feel that the time I use to answer all these emails individually, could be used better to provide more for others.

Furthermore, removing/unifying or even gaining more chakras as some people suggest, is not required for one to heal or become enlightened. Initially when researching this subject years ago I saw chakras a bit like implants and judged them as a limitation for progressing further. As I continue in my journey I realise more and more that there is nothing inherently good or bad and that something can only be a limitation if you believe the mind saying so.

If you really wish to access the information I wrote on this subject for whatever reason, then you can find it here but please be aware that the text does not reflect my current perceptions as I continue to change.

For now then, I prefer to leave the subjects of chakra removal/unification, maintaining or gaining more chakras and the related kundalini system, until such a time where people are aware enough to see it simply as a choice of what direction individuals would like to evolve the Hu-man.



India Trip 27th Nov – 23rd Dec

Sri Bhagavan

Journey with Bhagavan Course in India

I will be away from the 27th November until the 23rd December for my second trip to the Oneness University and Temple this year.

As before I will be unable to check my emails regularly due to the processes I will be undertaking during my time there. Seeing as people always seem to email me when I am on holiday no matter what I say, I expect it will take me some time to reply to everyone on return. Please therefore be patient with me replying to any emails you send.

The course itself is called ‘A Journey with Bhagavan’ which is a 21-year program where students are expected to attend a 3-week course each year at the Oneness Temple in India. Bhagavan along with his partner Amma, are considered avatars rather than people anymore, who anchor the ‘Golden Orb’ to the Earth plane, that is the origin of the Oneness teachings.

It is a course that aims to quicken and deeply awaken people to become a Siddha Yogi – a title given to those who are fully awakened, fully Self realised or transformed. It is a course only open to those that have a role to play in helping usher in the ‘Golden Age’ as most people call it. So if you feel a resonance with this, then I recommend that you apply to for this course via the Oneness University website.

I have very few details of what will actually happen on this course, though I expect that much of the processes I will undertake will follow Indian tradition and that, like before, I will not be allowed to give the teachings to others. This also represents that fact that much of the changes that occur to Self are outside of the teachings and are purely experiential. Nevertheless, I will write about my experiences on return.

My partner Kirsi Halla-Seppälä, will also be attending the course with me this time – it was her who recommended me to Oneness in the first place. Relationships, not just between people but with all things in this reality, is an important part of the Oneness movement as the Self cannot exist without comparing/relating to other things. I expect therefore that we will experience much change as we do this course together.

I hope that this time round I will not have to go through the intestinal problems and other bodily discomforts that I did that last time I was at the university and the weeks following that. ‘Healing crisis’ symptoms are often part of the process of change, so if it happens… it happens! I will be writing more about healing crises in a future post.

Oneness University and Temple

View of the "Temple of Supreme Light" from one of the many meditation halls
View of the “Temple of Supreme Light” from one of the many meditation halls

Finally I have found some time to write about my experiences at the Oneness University in India after catching up with answering all those emails!

I completed the ‘Science of Fulfillment’ and ‘Science of Transformation’ courses at the university this October after being recommended to go by my partner Kirsi. There is a third science course but I decided to only do the first two due to other arrangements this year, including heading back to the university for the first part of a 21 year course this December.

You can read more about these courses from the official website: but briefly the fulfillment course teaches techniques in order to become more fulfilled in life, and the transformation course is designed to make you more aware of what Self truly is and thus awaken you further towards the state where you are not subject to mind anymore. Both courses involve a lot of processes which allow the many energy beings at the university to work on parts of Self that you cannot do directly. In general all the courses at this university are aimed at awakening people further towards the state of transformation such that suffering eventually ceases to exist on the Earth plane.

The courses are open to people of all religions and are explained at a level that reflects the current consciousness of humanity. As such they will continue to change as our level of understanding changes. Needless to say that there is a strong Indian influence on the courses so expect mantras, meditation postures and reference to nadis etc. Other than that I am not allowed explain the teachings to others in case misconceptions arise and besides much of the work cannot be perceived via the mind anyway.

These courses are taught at one of the several campuses at the university as well as including several trips to the temple at key points for the really deep energy work to occur.

Even before the university and temple were built, this area of the Chitoor district in India, supposedly had the highest number of awakenings and enlightenments of any area in the world. With all the additional work done by the university since being built, the campus grounds have an incredible high vibration to them.


The temple is very much a sacred geometric shape and is of such a vibration that it is considered a living entity. It existed in the higher dimensions long before it was built on the physical plane and it resides on one of the major gridline junctions, connecting it to every other energy grid on Earth. So changes here are profoundly effecting the rest of the globe.

The conception and teachings of the university come from a man named Bhagavan who since very young was guided by a golden orb that appeared in front of him. Bhagavan and his wife Amma are considered to be transformed to the extent they are now avatars. They are on Earth to anchor the ‘Golden Orb’ into this dimension, so that it may better aid in awakening humanity and take us away from suffering.

It is said that the ‘Golden Orb’ is an answer to all the prayers of the people of the world and has been around for many hundreds of years guiding key people and events to aid in bringing about the ‘Golden Age’. This orb can take many forms, including the Indian figure Kalki, Matreiya and Christ to name but a few. They are all considered the same being, thus it is active in helping people all over the globe and of different faiths. A great many people have managed to capture it on camera at the campus as it is often seen fully with the physical eyes. Personally I felt it’s presence multiple times during the 2 weeks I was there but only through my inner vision. Nethertheless it certainly was extremely powerful when it was involved in the many processes I underwent. I also get the sense that the many beings also present at the temple grounds are the same or part of the same group that are involved behind the scenes of many other movements including those of John of God for example.


During my stay we were not allowed outside of the university grounds, mainly so that we could maintain mauna – the state of silence required to help us connect with the inner changes we were going through. Likewise it was prohibited to bring phones etc into classes and strongly advised not to be used during break times.

Everyone who goes there has a different experience depending on many factors, so you cannot really compare between people. Some people hardly feel a thing or even spend much of the course unable to stop laughing. Personally I felt like I was in an oven from the moment I approached the campus grounds till the moment I left. I had energy shifts constantly the entire time I was there whether it being due to the many times beings were working on me or not. I also suffered from a lot of bodily aches and head pains which I never normally get as well as intestinal upsets (despite being typically British and loving Indian food!). The many processes also brought up a lot of emotional energies to clear and there were quite a number of times of extreme pleasure too. One of the common uncomfortable symptoms from people including myself, was that their minds seemed to get increasingly talkative. Fortunately this was just part of the process of transformation.


My partner Kirsi tells me that when she went years ago, the courses were longer and involved more spiritual practices and deep processes over long days with only small periods of rest. In my experience, we had much more spare time and shorter days. The guides who run the courses explain that awakenings are much more easier these days as the energies of the campus grounds increase hour by hour, day by day. Years ago not many of the people who went had an awakening whereas in my group of 60 people, all of us had an awakening to one degree or another (more on what awakenings are etc in a future post ;-)).

As one of the other participants who had been there before explained, I didn’t really notice how much my trip there had benefitted me until I left India and noticed how greatly my vibration had increased and how much more seperate from mind I felt. Much of the other benefits are subtle but profound including being more at peace with my surroundings and the challenges that come my way. I am very grateful for all the changes I have undergone.

Currently the courses are only open to those who have had some connection in the past to this area, Bhagavan or are in some way have been or will be involved in the plan for awakening humanity. I generally take that to mean those people who are often referred to in new age terms as ‘star seeds’, ‘light-workers/warriors’ etc. That appears to be one of the main reasons for the application form for attendance, and also for the walls and security guards that patrol the grounds! So if you feel even the slightest connection or pull to go there, I would highly recommend filling out the application form.

PS. If you’ve never been to India before – wash hands thouroughly before and after toilet trips and before and after eating. Don’t drink tap water there and ideally stick to cooked food won’t you 😉