Recommended Practitioners

I feel that I am only but one part of the puzzle of healing on this planet. Many other healers can perceive things I cannot and vice versa. Also we each have a different vibration we can bring to the planet. Therefore I would like to value all that are contributing to raising consciousness and push more for a more collaborative effort in the world.

The following practitioners are some of those I have come across on my journey so far. As always I cannot keep track of changes to external sources and you may not experience the same benefits as I did so please use your own discernment when following these links:

International Practitioners (i.e. distance work available)

Paul Wong – Paul performs what he calls “Opening the Heart”  healings. He also offers many online courses and does talks and events in multiple places around the world. I fisrt came across Paul soon after I first started performing healings and his “Art of Neutrality” teachings made a huge impact on my healing work.

Amanda – Amanda offers distance healing absently in a way that does not require you to make an appointment. Like myself, she offers implant removal services as well as belief system focussed healing services to remove the true cause behind life’s issues.

Cleaning Wings – Based in USA offering services remotely and in person. Kunde-Ra along with his partner offers like myself, etheric implant removal services as well as services for other complaints. I found their service effective, friendly and gentle.

Galactic Connection – based in the USA offering remote services to the world. Is a team of practitioners offering implant removal services as well as other healing services including flower essences and powerful oils. They also supply information on esoteric current events going on in the world.

Drsmick – Loren & Diane Mickelson – based in the USA offering services to the world. Both are certified hypnotherapists and Reiki Masters and offer a variety of healing services. They offer implant removal services like I do but work more with the crystaline implants of which there are many hundreds of types.

Liam Phillips – Based in Nelson, New Zealand but travels the world with courses and his services as well as offering them remotely. Liam was the first Access Consciousness Facilitator I received work from and I received such a shift that I ended up studying Access Consciousness myself.

Rebecca Hulse – Based in Christchurch New Zealand but travels the world as well as offering services remotely. Rebecca is a very active Access Consciousness Facilitator and is an incredible agent for change in the world.

Lightpath Institute – Based in Christchurch New Zealand and offering services both remotely and in person. I have seen Olwynne Cade who runs the Light Path Institute, several times in the past. Her work is for those who wish to release any spiritual, mental, emotional or even physical blocks that knowingly or not, are caused by previous life circumstances.

Kirsi Halla-Seppälä – based in Helsinki Finland offering services remotely and in person. She is more well known in Finland for her intuitive readings but Kirsi also offers energy transmissions to take people into higher states of consciousness and awakening.

Magnetic Healers Unlimited – a New Zealand based organisation that teaches Auric Magnetic Healing – the first course I attended before performing healing wrok on the general public. As well as courses, you can find many practitioners on their website who offer work in person and in many cases at a distance too. I have received healings from several of them including Kathy Moore who runs the organisation.

New Zealand Based Practitioners:

Aura & Chakra Healing Group – This is the local Christchurch (New Zealand) group of healers to which I used to belong to. All in the group have completed the Auric-Magnetic Healing courses any many have  developed their own unique ways of healing over time. Some of them have their own businesses which you can view from the website.

Atlas Balancing – Orah Ishaya – Works from Christchurch, New Zealand. He is the first atlas balancer I came across and comes highly recommended.

Jill Morris
Ph: +64 22 355 7007 email: Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Jill owns a crystal healing bed as designed by ‘John of God’ and also performs energy healing herself.

Radiant Essence – Falesha Stocker
Works from Nelson, New Zealand. No website (yet ;-)) Ph: +64 21 162 7821 email: A fantastic Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Bodywork Practitioner.

Eleanor Clark
Works from Christchurch, New Zealand. Ph: +64 3 352 7972. A fantastic natural therapist with a lovely Scottish accent! She offers multiple modalities including metaphysical counselling, numerology, massage, Reiki healing, intuitive advice and card readings.