Recommended Products

Here I have provided a list of products and people who I have used or are still using, as I commonly get asked about these things! Many are useful for maintaining the benefits of  treatment or furthering it until such time as you are no longer affected by the things around you. Please be aware I cannot keep track of changes in all people/products so please use your own discretion when following these links 😉

Life Energy Solutions ImageA New Zealand based website for energy balance products. Made for protecting against negative energies that we are exposed to on a daily basis and for maintaining the benefits of energy healing. I have used several of their products that I found greatly helped keep the energy of my home balanced on a daily basis. Their website also contains research on auras and the effect of EMF energies on our health. is an organisation that sells advanced healing technologies such as tachyonised pendants, and even quantum fluctuation resonators. Recommended for those who desire to heal and/or quicken their ascension process. I have used many of their products personally and during treatment of others with great success.

OrgoneeffectsaustraliaThese products neutralise and harmonise electromagnetic radiation from common electronics, and they do it is such a great way. I particularly like the Geocleanse Home Harmoniser that is powerful enough to harmonise not just your electricity circuit but that of your neighbours houses too!

Access Consciousness ImageI have completed many Access Consciousness courses in the past and it has had a great impact on my healing practice. I often recommend their books to people who wish to expand their views and open them up to greater possibilities in life.