If you would like to add your own testimonial I would love to hear from you. Please email me at gpodesta@hotmail.com.

“Thank you VERY VERY much for the session. I feel very tired after the session, but, I feel extremely free. It was a great session. I feel energy flowing through my body during the session. But, today, I feel great.” Manash Borpuzari, India

“Thank you so much Grant. I have been feeling so wonderful the past week. Still have minor pains from the healing but oh my can I feel a tremendous difference in the energy flow and breathing. Especially my spine and head. Truly am so grateful for the two sessions you have given me. I will continue to heal up, and I would love to book another Skype session sometime so I can learn how to relieve these blocks too. Again, thank you so much. You have a beautiful gift!” Ashleigh Stevens, VA, USA

“Dear Grant, a heartfelt thank you. I wanted to write you something a long time ago already as the session I had with you was quite some time ago. It was an implant removal. I want to thank you and feel so much gratitude for you and your work. It makes me really happy. During the session I said I was doubtful as I didn’t feel much. But it has helped me greatly! In the weeks after I felt so much and I felt so much space opening up, more energy flow. Your presence helped me with other things as well 😊 learning to let go of some limiting beliefs. Thank you Grant. I was grateful during the session! and I still am! I wish you all the best in your healing journeys. Love, Charl.” Charl Lu, Netherlands

“I just want to say thank you for the session. It was exactly what I was looking for just a nice clearing session for implants and emotional blockages. I was with many practitioners Grant is definitely one of the best I know. He left me with a feeling of freedom which is holding on.” Andre Kosig, Germany

“When I first came across Grant’s site after Googling “Atlantean Implants”, I was immediately struck by the way he writes about healing and his pursuit of additional knowledge in his field. His integrity and dedication to his work practically sang off the computer screen, and something inside me told me that I needed to contact him to see if he would be willing to teach me what he knows. I’m so glad I did. It’s rare that you meet people who are as talented at teaching their craft as they are at performing it, but Grant is one of those people. I really appreciated how he took the time to lay the groundwork regarding why we even have etheric implants in the first place, which was an area of particular interest for me. And when he patiently guided me through working on a volunteer, it was clear that he really cared about ensuring I was doing things properly and to completion. By the time we finished the session, I felt totally confident that I was ready to help others with this important work. It was pretty amazing to feel so empowered after having just one 90-minute session of instruction! If you feel called to learn how to assist others in releasing etheric implants, I don’t think you could beat being mentored by Grant. He is a phenomenal teacher!” Amanda Aitken, Canada

“After reading about implants,my desire was to have a session with someone who can remove them. I have to says that for me it is a blessing and I’m grateful that I’ve found Grant’s website and for meeting him. So during the first session I have felt various sensations in my body like pain, nausea, headache, tingling and after that I was feeling lighter and happy. Grant did a great job but the next day and after I was not feeling good, like there was something more. So I booked another session this time on Skype and Grant sensed that I have some deep emotional stuff that I have to release and let go. He is a very nice guy, for me it’s so easy to talk to him and I have made with him a couple of healing sessions. He works so gentile but at the same time he goes there, at the root of the problem to make you aware of and dissolve it and you can sense that he really wants to help you. He also gave me some advices, what to do on my own, simple and at the same time so powerful. For me it’s life changing, like finally getting out of something that I was constantly running around, like seeing the Sun after a long period of darkness. I know that there are more to release but finally I see positive results in my life. Thank you so much Grant and see you in the next session.” Alin Marius, Romania

“Dear Grant, Thanks a lot for helping healing to occur in my body with the implant removal session. During the session I felt heightened pure energy around my body and suddenly flushes of warmth and loving energy. Emotions flared up that made me cry, seems like I had been frozen emotionally up to that point. I felt fear releasing as well. I didn’t feel any particular part of my body being healed, but after the session I could feel joy and liberation, as if my whole body was freed from something. I didn’t feel like eating after a while and felt much more grounded in purer state of mind. Thanks again for facilitating this!” Aleksandra, Macedonia

“Hi Grant! By the time you read this, it will have been a week since I received the healing work from you. I wanted to first thank you very much for this amazing work. I had not expected to notice anything big since I’ve always thought it was a gradual process as the body tries to integrate all the clearing. But I can tell you of two “big” things that I noticed right away.

The first was that I slept SO hard that morning (and the next couple of mornings) that I did not want to get out of bed. Luckily, it was our Thanksgiving holiday, so I did not feel the urgency that usually comes with having to get ready to go to work. I have not slept that hard in a very long time.

The second was that the horrible pain in my left foot (felt like a heel spur) was gone as suddenly as it had come. I don’t remember when I first had the pain — it had been maybe three weeks — but it came on suddenly. The morning I woke up after the healing, the pain was gone! There is still a little residual soreness now, but it’s a hundred times less than before. I noticed you mentioned removing a few implants from the left foot/ankle, and naturally I assumed that was it.

So…over the course of this past week, the less “big” things I notice is a general calmness over everything. It’s not a state of indifference as much as I’m just not overly excited about anything. (As you are undoubtedly aware, the U.S. just went through an election, and half of the voting public was outraged! Lots of fear and sadness.) Not that I wasn’t affected by this, I am just calm. And I guess, in a way, hopeful. I know I can change my timelines.

There are some odd physical sensations that I can’t explain — one is this vibration on the left side of my body. It’s as if I had a cell phone on “vibrate”. I feel that running through the left side of my body down to my toes. The other physical thing is neck/shoulder relief. I used to have this massive tension in that region that has subsided quite a bit.

Again, I have immense gratitude for you! Thank you for doing this work! Please feel free to use any portion of this email for your testimonial, if you like.” Linda DeBolt, California, USA

“Wow… All day I noticed the OCD, which was flaring up bad the past few days is completely gone. Also I was in a horrible mood yesterday… but today I felt great. It was such an extreme contrast I was even telling a coworker… So I am truely impressed… I feel almost like a different person today. I will definitely be interested in having another session soon… Thanks again. This was great!” Matt Ferraiolo, New Jersey, USA

“Hi Grant! Just giving you feed back on after treatment. I feel less dense and lighter on an energetic level, like less baggage being carrying around. I also noticed that my face sort of changed and brightened up, more glowing. Energetically, my face feels different, even though physically i’m still the same. It’s a feeling i got when I looked in the mirror and saw a different “expression” or a more real me looking back. The solar plexus area feels almost clean and the eye area is a lot better, slightly there, almost gone type feeling. I’ve still got to work on myself and am doing it. Overall, I’m in much better condition and THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! 🙂 You are a gift to this world.” Yelena Calender, California, USA

“Hi Grant. I feel so much better !!! New energy, new feeling of lightness, some small pains but a strong feeling of having left a lot behind me. I’ll tell more in a few days but anyway : a great big thanks.” Béatrice Mory, France

“It’s been a week since my first session. I experienced a bit of a healing crisis like you mentioned. Felt pretty rough for a few days but since then I’ve had some positive results that I’m very pleased with! My anxiety, which was pretty constant before, has reduced significantly. Not gone completely, but much easier to control. I also had problems with social anxiety for most of my life and always avoided interacting with people but since our session I’ve found myself talking to people more. Before, I would think about talking to someone but could never find the courage to do it. Now, I’m thinking about it and then actually doing it, so something has definitely shifted and I’m sure it will get easier with practice. I also found the courage to stand up to a very unpleasant man who was being nasty to my mum. This is a man who has been in our lives for many years. He treated me very badly as a child, which I think affected my confidence a lot. Since then I could never talk to him without being afraid of what reaction I might get, to the point of barely being able to say anything to him at all. After that moment when I stood up to him a few days ago, I found myself talking to him like I would talk to anyone else. I’m also feeling more confident about social interactions. I’m going to an event on Friday where I’ll be meeting with people I don’t know very well. Prior to our session, these kinds of things made me very nervous and I would often decide not go at the last minute, but now I’m not nervous at all and am actually really looking forward to it. All positive stuff!” Roderick Nunn, United Kingdom

“Hi Grant. It has now been 3 days since the implant removal, and things are happening! Felt very negative, quite a bit of ‘white noise’ and various aches and pains, light headed and a bit disoriented the first day, which continued off and on for 2 more days. But wondered if anything had actually shifted… Lots of powerful tingling, moving up left leg yesterday. Occasionally have tingling in legs and feet, (Possibly due to the work I have been doing with magnets) but this felt different somehow… But, this morning my heart chakra felt very expanded, and was able to take very deep breaths, for the first time in ages…. And sent out a huge protective golden energy field around me. It was wonderful how easily I could now do this.. You may recall that one of my major concerns was the energy block in my chest. But to my surprise, you advised it wasn’t actually an implant, just other stuck energy. However, the good news is that it is almost clear now!!! When I sent energy up my chakras this morn it only occasionally jumped a tiny bit at the heart centre, but feels like the energy is now actually able to move through there. Feels like it is abut 90% clear. Which is major! Thanks so much for that side benefit… Still have a bit of white noise occasionally, but a fraction of what it was. If there are more changes, will report back again after a full week has passed since the session. Thanks again!” Joti Bryant, Canada

“Hi Grant. I just want to say a big Thank you for the healing session yesterday. Honestly I am feeling amazing and yes, my energetic self was just soaring right after we finish the session. I was literally jumping in joy, and still am inside!!! 😄 I am just feeling so much more like myself and happy again. Inspiration is flowing in and out and it feels awesome!! Thank you. I have been very happy to work with you again, (If I can say, as I feel it is a sort of collaboration :D).” Marie, France

“After Grant did remove the implants, my life did undergo a shift for the better. My career, that seemed to be stuck no matter what I did, skyrocketed without any effort on my part. There were positive hormonal changes and parasites are gone. I don’t believe I had issues with massive re-implantation. It did slowly place me in a different frequency level, for which my old ways and life now seem out of context and not in line with me, and at the same time it gives me vision and joy to create a new way of existence. Overall I feel blessed for executing my sovereignty every day and I thank Grant for this. His practice is precise, detailed, effective and professional. I’m looking forward to the next session!” Nancy Palavecino, New York, USA

“Hi Grant. It’s two weeks gone since I had my implant removal session with you and I’m glad I had this session with you as it has helped me a lot. I’ve been having troubles before due to these implants, I was being kept in a low vibrational state having lots of pains feeling low all the time. During the session I felt like I was going through surgery but it was a very comfortable feeling, I enjoyed it. After the session I felt completely light, I had a few pains and a healing crisis that lasted for a few days, but I knew it was only for the best. I can now finally meditate properly, before I always got distracted and I could never keep my focus. I’m also a lot more present in general and doing shadow work is easier and more comfortable. I was targeted a lot before but now I feel more powerful. Thanks so much for your work! :). Much love..” Anna Veith, Switzerland

“I have had a few distant healers who I have found through words of mouth- they didn’t specifically work on the implant/parasite issues which had me sucked under – battling with depression, anxiety & addiction my whole life – those other healers helped a lot. However, after my first session with Grant – who I was drawn to online this time rather then being recommended- I truly felt my inner essence, and a contentment and joy that I had not felt ever. The implant idea was something I had only really recently been made aware of. I had no idea why I couldn’t evolve in certain areas etc – despite training in different therapies, working a 12 step programme, you name it. There were still so many issues that plagued me, kept me down and I could not work with them as it did not feel like they were mine, trying to explain this to friends etc felt futile. Grant removed many of the implants- and I could finally- see myself. I’m so filled with gratitude for that. I will continue doing limitation clearing sessions with him to go beyond my blockages. I wish everyone in my life would go to Grant! Thank you for being an instrument in healing and making the world a better place one person at a time.” Alex, Ireland

“It is a high quality of healing services. Grant helped me in a very dangerous situation to improve seriously a lot of my qualities. Many thanks.” Stéphane Simon, France

“All right, here is the lowdown on the chakra removal/unification core star system after a period of about four months. Most of the time, my psyche is now between medium and high, with higher highs than ever. The only times that I seem to be in a low or medium state of being is when I’m in the deepest darkest depths of my job and forced to work with low vibrational people in unpleasant environments. When I’m not at work, almost every time is a high. Having a core star system is like having a modified engine with performance parts and the old chakra system is like having a stock engine with restrictive airflow. My lower back is now almost completely healed, even with hardly no exercise at all. I no longer have to worry about bending over too fast or sudden movements that used to throw it out. Sore throats are a lot less common, because the debilitating throat chakra is no longer present. Moreover, what I’ve read on Grant’s website about the core star system and taking on less energy of others is true. At work, when toxic people throw their daggers at me, it’s like nothing. I don’t take on as much of their negative energy, nor do I give them as much of my energy. My time management skills, decision making, and ability to complete what I envision to do has become much better. The elimination of the solar plexus chakra has increased my desire to achieve goals. Throughout life, most of the time I have always known what I’m supposed to be doing, but now I’m better equipped to put in the hard work that is necessary. Don’t get me wrong though. I do still have bad days, but the good ones have become more numerous. During out of body sessions, I am able to stay out longer. When my body tries to come back and fade into a dream, I have a greater ability to fight through it and stay focused on the surroundings of the other world. Grant’s healing services are the real deal and I will continue to recommend him to others.” Gary, Tennessee USA

“For my entire life, I have always carried this feeling of sadness and fear and never able to connect with my Higher Aspect, issues that I could never resolve. My search to get to know my true self has led me to Grant. Having my implants removed resonated with me very much. The day before my implant removal session, I had this feeling of fear, of something “bad” happening and had the urge to retreat to my room and be left alone. But at the same time, this feeling of something “good” was about to happen. The next day, during the session, I knew instantly the moment the session started. I felt pressure moving throughout my entire body, sometimes with twinges of pain I had never felt before. Whenever an implant was removed, I sensed it. But the feelings in my heart/head/temple and eye areas were continuous and I feel that a lot of implants were in those areas. During the session, I also had the urge to use Grant’s demon statements which I did. When the session was over, I was telling myself that I felt the same. I then got up and felt light headed, but at the same time I felt lighter. I then realized that I had never felt my Light Body before and this is what I was feeling. Also a feeling of being free of burdens on my entire body, and this was a relief. I now have feelings of joy seeping through for life I have never felt before looking forward to getting to know my True Self. Grant, thank you so much and looking forward to experiencing more sessions with you. This had allowed my spiritual growth to go forward. Blessings Jacqueline.” Jacqueline Jalbert, Canada

“About 35 to 40 times a year, I am usually startled and awakened by various kinds of sounds within my head: electronic zonks, cooking timer sounds, voices, and even growls. I had always written these occurrences off as being nothing more than astral noise or the occasional evil entity bothering me. When I discovered Grant’s website, it finally dawned on me that the sounds could be the result of etheric implants. During the etheric implant removal session, about three or four times I could feel and hear a whooshing sensation in and around my head. It was like someone took bolt cutters and cut something right next to my head. Each time I thought to myself, “He nailed it.” Later on in the session, I felt what seemed like heart throbbing activity in my legs and feet, which went on for quite some time. Shortly after the session was over with, Grant sent me an extremely detailed report of everything that he removed. The items included dozens of etheric implants all the way from my feet to the top of my head, as well as a few parasitic entities that were attached to my energy body. Over the course of the next three weeks, I increasingly began to feel more healthy, energetic, and joyful and had less pain in my feet and lower back.” Gary, Tennessee USA

“Hi Grant, What an experience! I expected to feel a little something but felt more than I thought I would for sure, never felt anything like it before in my life! I tried to ‘open up’ as much as possible beforehand. Started feeling tingling at my feet that moved upwards, then prickles or tugging, difficult sensations to describe.
There were different sensations in different parts, one of the most extraordinary feelings was on the left side of my head in the ear then just above the temple. I couldn’t say if it was hot or cold but certainly a pulsating/drawing out feeling – very satisfying! Had a sort of sharp feeling at the abdomen. So yeah felt lots going on all over particularly the head it seemed. Afterward I felt very fatigued and had an eye/head ache when I got up but I was calm. I had to stop myself getting over excited when the feelings started! It truly was the most remarkable feeling. Very happy to have let you help me and feel more free already, a bit drowsy and quite sore/achy in the head but that will pass. I’ve been feeling so bad in my neck and head lately i don’t really mind! So a big thank you Grant 🙂 I slept better too last night which i’ve been having trouble with. I really feel it’s helped me a lot in a bunch of ways and more than I can yet tell. Thanks again and looking forward to our next session and a chance to talk.” Charlie Durnford, UK

“I recently had a distance healing from Grant which was a wonderful experience. I had been experiencing pain in the side of my neck for years . The headaches were horrible and effected my sleep, work and everyday life. During our session I could feel pressure leaving my neck as Grant worked removing one implants and entities after another until the pain was gone and I could move my head and head more freely. I noticed that my right eye was draining and then I felt a pain in my eye and when I said something about it, Grant said that he had just removed an implant out of my eye. The same thing happen with my lower back that had me in so much pain I was barely functional in any part of my day to day life.
It took Grant around two hours to remove the entities and devices from my energy body and he was talking with me, answering questions that I had and just sharing insights with me. Even before we finished I felt lighter and happier. I was actually walking around my apartment with a smile on my face. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened and I’m smiling more these days. He has also been very helpful with answering any questions I might have and giving me demon clearing statements that fit my needs in living a better quality of life.
I look forward to more healing sessions with Grant and I move forward on this journey of enlightenment and spiritual growth. If you are looking for an amazing healer who is patient, compassionate, kind and knows what he is doing then do yourself a favor and contact Grant. He is an intelligent man who works well with the universe and you.
Much love and gratitude for all you do Grant, thank you.” Lisa Perkins, Florida USA

“Grant Podesta is just who I had been searching for! I had been looking for someone with Implant Removal experience and the moment I found Grant’s website I knew he was the one. I booked immediately and had a distant/ absent healing session. Due to our time zone difference my appointment was at midnight – I slept peacefully throughout the entire experience. The next two days I was radiating love and gratitude. I felt this love very deeply within me – I experienced “self-love” in a way that I had never felt before – My visualizations are now much clearer and I am certain the implants had limited me in my meditations and spiritual expansion. I am starting to “detox” and noticing frustration is surfacing – but because Grant sent me such a thorough follow-up report I know that this is just a symptom of release and practicing lots of self care right now. I am really looking forward to my next session and Chakra Removal.” Lisa van Tonder, California USA

“I recently experienced the Chakra Unification process that Grant offers. It went smoothly and easily and I felt an enormous amount of energy in and around the body afterwards. It was configured differently than pre-process in that instead of energy moving up the spine and out from the crown, it was and continues to be recycling up and around, up and around with the greatest concentration in the trunk area. This re-configuration has resulted in increased energy in general and also a deepening of awareness, along with an inner silence. Very gratifying experience all around. Thank you Grant!” Ben Sunderland, New Zealand

“Thank you Grant for your gentle healing, I felt I was in honest and good hands. About five years ago I had a healing, it was a negative experience which left me feeling confused, angry and taken advantage of. While researching for a book I came across Matrix implants and I had an immediate sense of urgency to have mine removed. I had no doubt in my mind this was something I was afflicted with. Further research on the subject lead me to Grant’s website and at once I felt a connection and had no hesitation in contacting him.

As I’m in Australia I had a distance healing, which I remained awake for. At one point I opened my eyes, I saw water colours appearing on my ceiling in a yellowy-green, splashing about much to my delight. I sensed strong prickling sensations around my shoulder, neck and head and lot of pulling sensations over my entire body. There was immediate relief, an increase in energy and an overall feeling of lightness. I had quite a bit of pain in the back of my left foot, the pain is gone, much to my surprise. He had pulled an arrow from my left foot from a past-life injury which I found interesting.

In the early hours of the morning while sleeping I had an odd dream, it was of myself in my childhood home, and the walls and roof were coming down, the whole place was pretty much collapsing. Later when I woke I quickly grabbed my journal and wrote it down so not to forget it. Giving some thought to my dream, I decided I was letting go of old restrictions and habits. Without going into detail, my childhood was a negative and difficult time and much of it was spent praying for help.

I spent the day energised, normally I struggle to get through my day, constantly feeling tired and dull aching pains in my left foot and through my hips and thighs. I walked away from this experience in complete respect for the work Grant does and relief not only from my pain but I am reconnecting with the universal source and breaking free of negative and harmful energies. I am keeping a journal over the next week to observe myself and keep a record of all negative and positive changes I may or may not experience. So far on day three I’m still pain free and energetic I have had some moments of negative thoughts cross my mind but I find myself saying no and not allowing myself to stop and rest there. I feel I have further work to do and will be in contact with Grant soon. Namaste. :)” Alley Beale, Queensland Australia

“The talent Grant gives to the world is truly a gift. Since I have removed my chakras, as a very sensitive person it really was a breakthrough, I was able to handle much better the negative energies around me, I was actually given a choice to take them on in my body, instead of being kinda like the victim of it and have no choice over it. And also I just felt better generally, and I have now more energy, better focus and feel much more centered. Although after the chakras are removed ‘pools’ of energy are left to be cleared for the next few months, so meditating on them is still very useful.
Concerning the implants, Grant has removed lots of them, and this was equally beneficial than the chakras and even maybe more to my well-being. My vibration started to skyrocket, my head was clear of thoughts, I can say it really enabled me to express my true self to its full potential. I am now a more happy, positive person. I no longer have up and down like in the past. It is truly a life changing experience, and I recommend it to all and everyone. Thanks again for you support :-)” Gaspard Deleplanque, France

“I had a chakra removal from Grant 2 weeks ago. During the treatment I really felt my body getting lighter and at the end, more resilient towards resisting negative energies. I felt wrecked for a few hours afterwards – very tired and drained. I slept awesomely though and was very energised the day after with a great openness to expressing love. Since then, it seems like tuning into other people’s energy had to be re-learnt in a different way. It’s more something I can switch on and off instead of occurring without my awareness. This means I don’t take on other’s energies without knowing it. This is a really good change as I tend to take on other’s negativity in my own work and end up drained. So it’s been a very good experience and very appreciated!” Faith Crawford, New Zealand

Neuralgia Gone! For about 7 years, I experienced an increasingly troublesome nerve problem in the chin, jaw, cheek and running into the right ear. The doctors identified this as trigeminal neuralgia. The discomfort came and went. During serious bouts, I was not able to eat or speak without pain and the whole nervous system felt jangled. It compromised my daily life to a large extent and certainly put a damper on my spirit. Grant was recommended to me by a friend about a month ago. After two sessions, the problem disappeared. Grant, with his knowledge of cranial anatomy and skill in cranial-sacral work, was able to reposition the sphenoid bone, shaped like a butterfly. This bone interacts with the trigeminal nerves and was evidently causing the problem. Over the years, I had sought relief through every possible avenue, including cranio-sacral therapy. All the medical world could offer me was anti-epileptic medication that seems to temporarily decrease symptoms with those who have trigeminal neuralgia. The alternative therapies did not hit the mark. I am ever indebted to Grant and cannot recommend him highly enough for cranio-sacral and for his magnetic energy work which is literally awesome!” Dr Devi Benson, New Zealand

“Grant Podesta has a unique and masterly gift for healing. He knows precisely what he is doing, drawing on his considerable inner spiritual gifts to heal, and clearly receiving much spiritual support and guidance in so doing. This is very reassuring for his clients, because it creates a deep sense of trust that they are in the very best of hands . Grant’s work for me was transformative, uplifting, clearing, and exciting. Like a big breath of fresh air, and the releasing of heavy load. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for help in moving forward.” Peter Harper, New Zealand

“I discovered and investigated about implants on the internet and in particular your website. Realising what implants were I contacted you. During your treatment, I put myself in a state of listening and trust. I felt like my head was being compressed. I also smelt a particular odour which I cannot remember. I also saw a lot of movements of colours. During the following day, I felt again the back of the neck as if it was reset anew. Thank you so much for your availability, clarity and work” Denise Dardenne, France

“I had the privilege to experience Grant’s aura & chakra healing treatments both in person and as absent healing. I met Grant in Apr 2014, at a time when I was totally confused and disorientated, having realised that we need to take care of not just physical bodies but also our energy bodies, auras, chakras and so much more!!!!! With that breakdown of my day-to-day reality also came the realisation that I had accumulated a lot of low vibrational energies in my aura, some of which were not even mine! Each absent healing session was as powerful as in person. Whenever Grant was healing my energy body I could clearly feel all that he was doing from a distance which was amazing. He has also helped with removing low-vibrational entities from my energy field and that of my friends. Grant not only operates quickly and gently, but he also encourages me to learn how to undertake basic “first aid” healing for myself. He has also been willing to answer any question I had relating to energy healing, providing much insight to me whilst always remaining humble and non-judgemental. Grant is one of the kindest, most reliable, caring and dedicated people I know at this point in time. If you are looking for an inspirational healer, one who will assist you in freeing yourself from the limitations, pains and grieves you no longer want to carry, then Grant is the one!” Gwen Grelet, New Zealand

“For some reason my business has just gone crazy busy and the abundance is flowing. This afternoon I got to thinking what am I doing differently. Then I started dowsing. One of the main reasons for my increase in business was from the implant removal session I had with you! Needless to say I am very happy with the session…” Frazer Bailey, Queensland Australia

“Hello to all readers. Last night I had an implant removal done by Grant. I live in Germany, so it was a distance healing treatment. It was an impulse or intuition that told me to have it done NOW. RIGHT NOW. No questioning, no hesitating. NOW. Grant was at hand on the internet, my guts adjudged him trustworthy and it only took four days beginning from my idea of having implants removed until the agreed appointment and actual removal. I had the implants removed at night during my sleep. I thought I then wouldn’t interfere emotionally as I was quite excited. The only thing I did before I went to sleep was to connect with my Spirit Guides and ask them for support and protection. But all came differently than I anticipated.I awoke in the midst of Grant working on my body. My eyes closed, wide awake, I watched two hands palpating the sides of my body. I literally SAW the hands and only the hands through my closed eyes (or was it through my third eye? couldn’t tell). They very softly, gently and slowly/thoroughly moved from the left side, top to bottom, then from the bottom right side to the top. I didn’t see but felt myself in a lying position on my back while my physical body in bed was lying on it’s right side. The hands didn’t look human with typical wrinkles or folds. They were without any wrinkles, looked slender and I couldn’t see any phalanxes (I mean the three phalanx that are building up each finger; hope you understand what I mean).
The hands looked small and were more white than skin coloured. Not to be compared with the small hands of children but small and grown up at the same time. They felt pleasantly cool, like soothing coolness. I immediately thought “Wow, I can see Grant’s spiritual/subtle hands!”, but these hands might also have been the hands from one of his helpers from other dimensions I later pondered. The only thing I can say is they were hands from definitely a benevolent being who knew what s/he was searching for and knew what s/he was doing. I could sense concentration, focussing, some kind of clinical detachment and having my highest good in mind. I trusted these hands completely. On the left side of my body I was able to experience two implants removal. The first one my left leg shivered and twinged for one or two seconds. The second implant must have been ‘a big one’. It hurt, not physically, but there was a big, short, sharp, intense stitch I couldn’t really locate. This was as quickly over as it appeared and didn’t really bother me. On my right side I couldn’t experience any implant removal but only could watch these hands very gently pressing along my body, fingers of each hand stretched out and close together. Grant told me he worked on my body for one hour and eight minutes. All I experienced was real and not a dream. It’s all energy, all quantum physics, all as normal as drinking a cup of tea – or coffee, if you prefer ;-). Thanks ever so much Grant.” Kerstin Todd, Germany

“My first treatment (Implant Removal) was saturday 9 August. The thursday before my appointment I had spent most of the day in meditation asking my divine to remove everything possible for my highest purposeful good. When grant finished working on Saturday evening, he emailed that i must have asked for a lot to happen. Oh I had indeed! Saturday evening during my appointment and following it into sunday morning, I felt I was able to deeply and freely breath for the first time in memory. Breathing felt good. I now fill my lungs with air instead of the shallow breathing of my past. Grant had found a spear in my solar plexus and removed it on Saturday. A week later I am still breathing so fully, so effortlessly and easily. This is a spectacular change that did come suddenly.Sunday I felt normal, no profound experience. On the 3rd day after treatment I was feeling fine all day. Tuesday night while taking my dogs out for the last time, a cat jumped out of the bushes suddenly and one of my dogs took off after it, with the leashes tangled around my wrist and my legs, i hit the grass on the ground quickly. The walk back up the stairs to my apartment was painful. I iced and wrapped my left arm and right ankle. I felt a tremendous amount of pain all night and I was only able to briefly drift to sleep twice. (I prepared for my session with Grant being so ready to let go of everything possible at this time: old programming, beliefs, conditioning and past or simultaneous alternate life issues that I already knew was stored in my bones, soft tissues, and in the cells). Grant was able to see that I had in some other life lost both my legs and he restored them. I can say that the leash wrapped around me and jerking me off my feet was a challenge to my beliefs that i had let go, or if I was processing still the loss and the restoration of my legs.
Perhaps this experience needed to happen. I stayed present with the pain, and never stopped talking to my divine. Through the night and into the next morning I was asking for help to sleep and to move across the room.
The next morning on Wednesday i got out of bed and felt immediately warm, perspiration on my body, and a nauseous feeling that overcame me completely. I was actually crawling on my hands and knees to the bathroom and hanging over the toilet bowl. I was feeling hot with tingling through the body. This felt like detoxing and was over in about 5 minutes. Less than 24 hours later 98% of the residual pain was gone.
These days, grace often keeps us from needing to play things out and experience them to let go of all our past baggage. I was amazed at how quickly this experienced manifested and then dissolved away. I tend to believe that because so much in my body was holding beliefs, implants, hooks, a spear, and blocks to my creativity and feminism specifically meant to hold me back that i have just let go of even more.
Thursday-feeling tired, but can walk on my right ankle without pain since Wednesday and move my left arm. i was very protected as nothing was broken and healed so quickly. Friday, no pain, walking is fine and wrist is getting better each day.
A week later by Monday the 18th August there is no pain in the ankle and my wrist is fine with slight tenderness.
My breathing is full and deep. I feel alive and free, standing straight effortlessly. Before I walked with rounded shoulders, heavy under some inner weight and a lot of resistance. This isn’t true any longer. I am not limited now as I had been and feel the surge of energy in my crown chakra much more often throughout the day like I am plugged into the light all the time now.
I am so very blessed to have been led to grant and his work, it was exactly what i required now.” Sheri Greenstreet, Texas USA

“Hi Grant. Thank you for the session we had the other day. You have a vey subtle yet direct technique. I love the way how you chat and converse to spirit/higher self to help clear away the junk! After the removal of the implants I have found myself a lot clearer. Thank you for this as it has shown me a new depth. Look forward to another session. Highly recommend.” Helen Macdonald, New Zealand

“I met Grant at a Bars class in Christchurch. Implants had been mentioned to me but I had no idea what it meant, how it felt and how it could really impact my energy body. I just felt trapped somehow within limitations that I had always considered fully self-imposed due to life-style and conditioning by my social background, culture and education. Grant removed 9 matrix implants from my energy body! He worked very gently, giving full explanation of everything he was doing prior to and during the removal. The process was very dynamic. I felt a lot of strong energy movements through my body and I was twitching, shivering and writhing around on the healing table a lot. He uncovered a lot of “junk” which had accumulated around those implants which he drained also. Grant was assisted by several high vibrational beings, and the sensations felt whilst they were working were astonishing! For the following two days, I felt as if I was on a drastic detox cure. Honestly! It felt as if my entire body was undergoing accelerated cleansing from all parts simultaneously. In a way it was pretty rough. However after 2 days the cleansing sensations ceased and I felt lighter, and more conscious than I have ever felt. I have been able to move forwards in life much more easily as I have been more aware of and able to remove limitations that were holding me back.” Gwen Grelet, New Zealand

“Hi Grant. When you first mentioned about the ‘matrix implants’ I didn’t really know what you were talking about or what it meant, but as you explained things it started to make sense as I have had many limiting factors and thoughts through out my life. During the treatment my body sensed a lot more than my mind and I was moving around a lot and shivering, shaking. I felt cold and very tired straight after the treatment, but after 10 minutes a huge burst of energy came over me and I felt light and energetic and happy. Like a huge weight had been lifted. Since then I have been far more creative, and I feel like I’m not holding back with my choices and decisions in life, I’m not caring what others think and I’m doing what feels right and good.” Sophie Allen, New Zealand

“A couple of months ago I saw Grant for a few treatments due to the abdominal health issues I was having. During my second treatment he identified that I had 4 ‘etheric implants’ in my body. I had never heard of these but on some deeper level it really resonated with me and didn’t surprise me because of the emotional issues I had had in my life. He removed these during the session, which felt completely safe and painless (it just made me twitch a bit 🙂 and then seemingly miraculously after my third treatment a week later, all the horrendously painful symptoms I had been experiencing just simply disappeared. I almost couldn’t believe it. I told him afterwards that I felt like I did when I had taken some Codeine the week before – very tired but very comfortable. It was such a relief. Having the implants removed combined with Grant’s healing has been of huge benefit to me. Thanks to his extremely powerful and insightful ability I’ve been able to understand myself on an even deeper level, with much greater clarity and positivity, and also implement the practical changes I have needed to in my life. Being a massage therapist and energy healing practitioner myself, I recognize just how vitally important this implant removal process is – especially at this time in our world, so I have no hesitation in absolutely wholeheartedly recommending Grant as a therapist & healer.” Emma Brand, New Zealand

“Coming from a scientific background, I sought Grant’s help as I was curious to try an alternative way of treatment for trouble following the removal of my thyroid gland from two years previous. I was surprised to realise that even though I could not understand how it worked I could feel tingles and warmth whenever Grant was working on the pain in my throat. After 3 treatments the whole pain was gone and it has not come back, despite being over a year since I was last treated for this complaint. I have since seeked Grant’s help for other matters, ranking from headaches to menstrual problems. Even though I started with a lot of scepticism, I have to admit that I am starting to be able to sense the subtle energies that Grant talks about in my everyday life. As a whole I feel more balanced and happier and would recommend Grant without any hesitation.” Aude Thierry, Reunion Island

“When I first sought Grant’s help it was for his osteopathic skills. However I had been told around-about this time that a man would come into my life who would make the negative energy in my aura go away. Although we had often talked about spiritual matters, I had no idea that he was going to turn out to be this man, until the day I went to see him, when he told me he had done a course in Auric Healing. That was the start of something new and very exciting because until then I had no idea how I was going to get rid of this negative energy which was apparently holding me back from making progress in life. It wasn’t until the weight of this negativity started to be taken away from me that I had any idea that it was really there, as I was merely assuming these people advising me were correct. Slowly, as it lifted, I started to feel freer and it was interesting to find abilities returning to me, and at a higher level. For all the benefits of Auric Cleansing it does take some confront and perseverance, for as the negativity is removed one’s body has to adjust to the change and there have been times when this adjustment has been rather uncomfortable, especially with my very heavily maintained teeth. But the short term pain is worth it for the long term gain. This is something everyone needs whether they are aware of it or not. You will look forward to the time when you no longer feel you are carrying the troubles of the world. I am confident in recommending Grant to you as he has an instinctive feel for this work. Also he is unique in the local environment as there are so few people who have the necessary spirituality to do it.” George Skellerup, New Zealand

“For nearly two years I had been having major problems with bladder control. I had no control over when I needed to go to the toilet, had been wetting my bed for some time, and had started to loose day time control. Over the period of time that Grant treated me, my incontinence lessened in frequency. I started to feel when I needed to pee during the day and slowly stopped using daytime protection. My night time incontinence took longer to come under control. I had less incidences as time proceeded to the point now where I have full control and feelings of when I need to pee. Grant has been fantastic in persisting with my problem, and I still seek treatment on a regular basis to this day.” Leeanne McNaught, New Zealand

“I have suffered for years from a multitude of health issues, including spinal osteoarthritis, sciatica, bronchal asthma, hiatus hernia, headaches, neck problems and more. Grant has treated me several times for these problems. I found with auric/magnetic healing, each time I felt physically, mentally and spiritually much lighter (like a mountain had been lifted off me). I am standing straighter. My digestive system seems to cope with the food I am eating better than before. My breathing isn’t as restricted as it was. The pain in my spine has lessened and the pressure in my head and neck is not so painful. Grant is a very kind, caring gentleman who I believe is a very gifted auric/magnetic healing practitioner. I very much appreciate his help.” Kaye Kingston, New Zealand