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It’s about time I wrote something about these products as I have been recommending them for some time now and I still get questions about what may be best for someone.

What are Tachyons?

There is a lot of technological terminology out there which you can peruse if you wish but I am going to keep it simple. If you imagine energy (or you could use the word light) that has no shape or form (i.e. no width, length, depth) then take that energy are create something that does have shape and form, a tachyon is that first thing that is created. In other words a tachyon is the highest vibration of light that still has form to it and thus is the building block for everything else with form. If we agree with what people say in that the 12th dimension is the last dimension that has form, beyond which there is none, then you could also call a tachyon 12th dimensional light. You could also call it spiritual light depending on your preference.

According to most internet sites that describe tachyons, they are just a theory in physics. And yet there are already plenty of companies that purport that not only do they exist, but are already performing various experiments on how non-ionic plasma, gluonic dark matter and neutrino dark matter effects the tachyon field for example. New Energy Tachyon is one such company who is working alongside many of the aerospace companies of Europe. Again I’ll leave it up to you to look into this.

When I use the word light, a tachyon is at a much higher vibration than the range of ‘light’ our eyes can perceive. It also travels at speeds much much faster than what we are taught in schools is the limit that light can travel! Just as the majority of people currently cannot see into the next dimension which consists higher vibrations of light than this dimension, most people are not likely to ‘see’ the light of a tachyon – at least not yet 😉

Though the number of tachyons are increasing on this planet due to planetary changes of various sorts, the surface population are still exposed to very few of them. This we are told this will change as we head to this prophesised ‘Golden Age’. Because they are the subatomic building blocks of matter, this limited supply is according to researchers, is the cause of entropy. In other words if you were to accumulate more tachyons, you would slow down entropy – slow down the decay of matter. If you were to infuse a large enough amount then decay would supposedly stop altogether, hence it’s use in medicine to cure diseases and even to stop aging!

I cannot confirm any of the above as I am not a researcher in this field but I can tell you about my experiences with tacyon products.

First things first, not all tachyon products sold on the internet are actually Tachyonised!

There is a difference between something that has been tachyonised and something that has been ‘charged up’ using something else that is tachyonised.

Tachonisation is the process whereby the amount of tachons in a physical object is increased beyond what was there already. Thus the sub-atomic properties are changed in that object e.g. entropy being reduced. It does not change the chemical composition. It is a permanent process as no matter what heat, light, magnetic field etc etc you expose that object to, you will not be able to remove the tachyons. Therefore the increased vibration the object now has will not change. I have however noticed that some beings do have the technology to take them out however – more on that later.

I would love to know how tachyonisation is performed and I would love to tell you but unfortunately no one is letting the public know. What would it take for that to change?

Unfortunately there are many people out there charging up water, crystals and various other objects by placing them against something that is tachyonised and selling them as if they were tachonised. It is confusing because tachyonised objects do attract more tachyons to them (the law of attraction – like attracts like) and thus objects adjacent to them do obtain more. However the process of tachonisation is a much stronger process and there is a marked difference in the vibration of energy.

Where to buy from? is where I bought most of my tachyon products from as they are the best quality in terms of tachyonisation I have come across. Though they may not be as fancy looking as other products out there, it is the function of them that counts. For those in America, Rob Potter sells these same products on his website at I have also tried products from other companies (which will remain nameless for now), some of which did impress me at the time but on applying the test below I find that the energy isn’t as good, or that they are not tachyonised at all!

Tachyonised vs ‘charged-by-tachyon’ test

If you are not sure about what product out there to buy and you are sensitive enough to feel into energies, then I have provided the following test.

Many of you out there who are experienced with feeling/seeing energies may not pick up the energy of tachyons straight away as they are a much higher vibration than what most people are used to. Just take your time and with intention you will start to sense them. If you are not used to feeling into energies at a distance and/or through photos, it is just like feeling into the energy of a person or object in front of you.

Distance is an illusion. Or another way of thinking about it is you are everywhere at once and so you are already next to the photo/object anyway. Just use whatever methods you normally use for feeling into things and apply it to the following photo. Obviously intend that you feel into the objects in the photo not the computer screen in front of you 😉


In the picture above, the piece of glass to the left is fully tachyonised. The one in the middle had been kept in the same bag as the tachyonised pieces of glass for several months, and so is charged with energy. The one on the right has not been charged or tachyonised. If you tune into the energies you should eventually sense a large difference between the stones. The one in the middle still feels ‘nice’ but is nowhere near as powerful as the fully tachyonised one on the left. Hopefully by using this picture you can train yourself to recognised which products truly are tachyonised or not and not waste your money.

For those that would like to test themselves, here is a picture of more pieces of glass. Again some are tachyonised, some are charged and some have not had either happen to them. See if you can distinguish between them. I will put the answers at the bottom of this post.


Uses of tachyonised products

There are a great many uses. Here are a few examples:

1. Healing. Because of their high vibration, placing tachyonised objects around the body can have a huge impact on health. Customers of mine have often felt pain as the low-vibrational energy is literally pushed out of the body by the tachyon energies’ influence. Not only do they push out the ‘heavier energies’ but they also allow higher vibrational energies to enter the body. The pieces of glass above can be used by placing them on the chakras or other areas that need healing such that a healing effect can be had in those areas whilst I work on other areas or to strengthen the effect of my own healings on those areas. Tachyonised water is even more powerful if you ingest it as the tachonised particles stay inside your body for a more prolonged effect – take care that you only start with a few drops at a time otherwise you risk strong ‘healing crisis’ symptoms from the detoxification of your body. You can also buy healing creams such that you get the benefits of the tachyons as well as the herbs contained within.

2. Heightening abilities and raising vibration towards ascension etc. As explained above, having tachonised products on you can rapidly increase your vibration as higher frequency energies are attracted to you, cleansing your body and increasing the potential for awakening. As above you may need to start with small amounts of time being around these products as it can be uncomfortable as low-vibrational energies leave the body. The tachyonised pendant I bought years ago had to be taken off every 30mins or so for the first week as my heart area felt uncomfortable due to the strong cleansing effect. Body creams that have been tachonised is another way of effectively introducing tachyons to specific areas for a particularly desired effect.

3. Protection. Obviously higher vibrations push away the lower vibrations so to speak, so they can help protect you against harmful entities, negative thoughts and emotions being projected at you, and lessen the effects of electromagnetic radiation coming from power cables, mobile phones etc Obviously there are different products made to suit each scenario. For example you can buy a tachyonised copper plate to put over the main electrical switch of your fuse box such that all the electricity going around your house has been influenced by tachyons.

4. Cleansing your food and environment. For example you can use tachyonised plates to cleanse and charge up your food before you eat it, pop a tachonised piece of glass into a fish tank to help keep their environment healthy, place a piece of glass next to a plant to help it grow strongly… and so on

Do tacyonised products need cleansing?

Generally speaking you do not need to cleanse tachyonised products. The reason is that the tachyons inside stay put. They cannot be removed by using any of the technologies currently available to the surface population. On top of this, it does not matter what forms of ‘negativity’ you subject them to, you never need to cleanse them as these influences are simply dissolved and/or repelled by their high vibration. This is one of the main advantages of these products over others.

However, myself and some of my friends who also own some of these products have noticed situations where the above is not entirely true. Thankfully, for the moment at least, these situations are rare.

There have been a few times where we have noticed some form of parasite attached to our products. To me they look and feel quite high vibrational themselves, perhaps explaining why they can comfortably interact with tachyonised products. I’ve never seen these same parasites interfere with humans but the fact that they seem to feed off tachyons and lessen the effectiveness of those products is not helpful. They can be pulled off quite easily using the basic healing techniques I have learnt over the years, so many of you should be able to do the same.

There have also been a few times where my tachonised plates and creams have had their tachyons completely removed from them.


Above is the plate I used to use to put over the main switch in the fuse box of my house to harmonize the electricity circuits. It was very effective at doing this until I got visited a few weeks ago by some beings from a higher dimension in their ETV (Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle) who seemingly took all the tachyons out. If you feel into the picture you can probably feel that it is no different to any other piece of copper. I wish I had a photo of it before so you could compare the energies!

This is not the only time this has happened to me. In the situation above I saw the ETV and beings etherically. The time before that I actually saw an ETV physically with my eyes in broad day-light whilst driving down a road near Mt Lyford in New Zealand. One of those elliptically shaped silvery ones. It was amazing to watch it before it disappeared right in front of my eyes. I was using the tachyonised plates to charge my water whilst I was travelling. Despite being kept at the bottom of my rucksack in the boot of the car (trunk for you Americans ;-)) they managed somehow to take all the tachyons out as I noticed later that day unpacking.

This does not surprise me as apparently many advanced technologies including ‘space ship’ propulsion, weapons and healing technologies are powered by tachyons. Maybe their ship is designed automatically to extract tachyons from the surrounding environment or maybe they had a specific agenda such as limiting the products’ benefits to me. I’ll leave those questions up to you.

I obviously attract a lot of attention due to the work that I do. In that regard I don’t expect these situations to happen to the rest of you but I thought it important that people know that in some cases tachyons can indeed be removed 😉

Alternatives to tachyon products

Here are a few alternatives I’ve tried out over the years:

1. Orgonite. Orgonite products have been around for some time. Basically they attract ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ energies from the area around them and the quartz crystal inside transmutes the lower vibrational energies into more beneficial ones. Some people claim that their effectiveness dwindles over time which I too have found to be the case. However if you shape orgonite into particular sacred geometric shapes such as pyramids then the orgonite is being consistently cleansed. The effects of orgonite are certainly not as powerful as tachyon products but they are certainly effective if built well and used correctly

There are many companies out there who sell orgonite products and they can be cheap compared to other products out there though prices vary depending on materials used and craftmanship. The company I used for many of my purchases in the past was New Zealand based Life Energy Designs though I sure you can find many other companies with a quick search. You may also like to explore making your own using scrap pieces of metal, a quartz crystal and some ‘holding’ material such as resin or even wax. There are many instructions all over the net about how to make these.

2. Orgonium. This is a new material invented by Orgone Effects Australia who are still apparently the sole manufacturer of this material. They started out selling orgonite but after lots of testing they came up with this new material whose effects don’t deteriorate with time. What’s more they have some scientific research to back up their claims. I have a few of their products. They don’t seem to have exactly the same effects as tachyons and orgonite. They seem to simply neutralize/reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation around you rather than raising the vibration beyond this reality. At least that’s my observation. However I do love their products for the ease they create especially when travelling in aircraft or in other electromagnetically dense areas such as in cities etc

3. Scalar devices. Scalar energy can be used to describe zero-point energy or if you like source energy in some ways. I’m not exactly sure how they relate to tachyons as I’m not a physics professor but they seem very powerful. I have not bought any of these myself but some friends have them and I am very impressed with the high vibratory rate of them and as such I feel they can be used in the same way. My friend bought her purple plate energy disks from and I particularly do like these products.

4. Geometric shapes. Especially pyramids. I have written in previous posts about the effectiveness of pyramids and how easily they can be built. You may like to put your phone inside a small pyramid over night to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiation on you. Maybe you’d like to cleanse you crystals, food, medicines and even yourself by placing them inside a pyramid. Some people even make or buy pyramids to put over their beds so they can benefit whilst they sleep. Some people use them to stop food going off like a room-temperature fridge! There are many uses here. Remember the bigger the more powerful. Rob Potter has some products on his website for example but I’m sure you can find many more people around the internet with a quick search.

5. Other devices. There are many other devices you can find around the internet though many I have not had a chance to experience all of them. One such device is the quatum fluctuation resonator I bought from which are very powerful and have featured in previous posts. They work on the quantum field in a different way to tachyons and are supposedly the most protective devices the surface population can buy at present. They certainly are powerful and I am glad I bought two of them. If you have the money get one!

Answers to tachyonised vs ‘charged-by-tachyon’ test photo:

Glass pieces 4, 5 & 10 are neither charged nor tachyonised; 7 & 9 have been charged for several months; the rest are fully tachyonised