Asking Guides/Helpers and Other Benevolent Beings for Help

Asking higher vibrational beings for help is one of the simplest yet powerful things we can do to help ourselves.

Personally I prefer to use the term ‘helpers’ rather than guides as I feel this is a better description for what the many beings around us perform. Benevolent beings often do not help us directly without us asking. Of course if we agreed to them automatically helping us before incarnating (as is the case with many ‘lightworkers’) then that is a different story ;-).

When asking for help, always specify who you would like to perform the work. If you do not specify then you may be inviting those you may not wish to interact with! I always specify ‘Beings who wish to help me free me and my customers from limitation’ when I ask for help or healing such that I do not interact with those that wish to cause harm.

I used to ask for ‘Beings of the light who serve the divine plan’. I have realised that what is ‘of the light’ is dependant of your point of view and there are many beings who define themselves to be of the light that only interact with you according to their agenda. Likewise what actually is ‘the divine plan’? How many different definitions of this are there and who is in control of this divine plan? As always with my writings I ask that you feel into what feels right for you. You may wish to do you own research on the subject of ‘the false light’ in order to understand more.

You may like to ask for specific beings if you prefer, but this requires more understanding about which being may be best suited to help you. If you use my statement above or similar then you get many different beings, some that you may not even know about, that can be better suited to solving your problem. You may notice a completely different set of beings come help depending on the circumstances.

You may ask them to help you with all sorts of problems. Everything from removing the simpler forms of implants to finding a buyer for your car! Obviously there are limits to what they choose to do or can do – if they are truly working with your ‘best interests’ they will not do anything that goes against anyone’s free will!

Often they may not help you at all, such that you learn to strenghten your Self and enable you to stand in your own power. I noticed in the past that when I asked them to remove implants, parasites, low-vibrational beings etc that were being detrimental to me, they often did not do this. Being a healer, I had to learn to be able to deal with these ‘problems’ myself such that I could better heal others and so that I could learn to claim my own sovereignty.

The following is an example (adapted from Judy Satori’s version) of what you can read aloud or in your own head to request healing. Many implants can be removed by higher beings without the help of a healer but those in the lower vibrational densities such as in the etheric body do most often require a physically incarnated healer.

Healing Meditation

I call forth any beings who would like to help free me of limitation without causing further limitation.

Please clear my energy fields of all imbalanced energies, thoughtforms and beliefs that are detrimental to me

Please clear all lower vibrational projected thought-forms or sabotaging energies

Please clear all harmful extra-terrestrial implants

Please clear all interfering or sabotaging entities or elementals

Please clear me of all trauma, sadness, anger and fear

Please heal and balance my chakras

Please assist me to align with with oneness

(add any personal requests)

Thank you