Etheric Implant Removal via Contract Cancellation Confirmed

Edit: It appears the below information still doesn’t work permanently but at least it can give relief for a small period. Myself and other healers will work more on this and try to find a solution hopefully so that we don’t have to wait until the Matrix is dissolved!

The Etheric Implants or as I have described them, Scalar / Archonic Implants as described by Cobra, in both frontal lobes and solar plexus regions (see my last blog) can be removed.

After asking them to say out loud or in their head to cancel contracts with low vibrational beings regarding implants, I have observed many client’s implants dissolve or slowly (sometimes instantly) be removed from the body.

It appears to depend on the confidence of the person as to how effective it is. If they know it can be done and have strong will, the implants fly out after declaring their contracts cancelled just the once! Others who believe in the rule of three obviously have to say it three times, whilst others who are not so confident say it multiple times over multiple days. Either way it works!

Say in your head or out loud the following (or words to that effect if you don’t like these ;-)) and KNOW that it works:

“By the power of God that I am, I command that all contracts that allow implants to be placed and maintained within in me, be cancelled permanently now and forever. So be it”

For other benefits and other possible contracts you may still have, please visit ‘cancelling soul contracts‘ for more. If you have any problems with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

6 thoughts on “Etheric Implant Removal via Contract Cancellation Confirmed”

  1. Well this post is getting A LOT of spam. Sometimes as much as 60 messages a day. Must have really stirred up those who don’t want this message to get out 😉

    To clarify this a bit more. This really helped me to aid others with removal of the scalar implants (see my Etheric Implant Removal page for more on this). By reading and familiarising yourself with the other implants, it may help you dissolve some of the other implants too.

    It doesn’t seem to affect the ‘living’ types of implants as much, such as the ‘matrix’ implants that have their own consciousness. If you are strong in your belief of cancellation then potentially you could force them all out. A 14yo girl I know actually forced them all out the first time this way – because she believed in herself so totally and placed no significance on them being something to fear!

    A lot of you may not be able to do this and of course it is to you that I continue to offer my services.

  2. hello sir!
    Your site is Awesome and I really think your soul contract cancelling works for me.
    I can’t say that I’m 100% free from etheric implants now.
    but I felt an immediate result after maybe a minutes or an hour and I can easily clear my mind to meditate.
    my head feels lighter and the contradicting negative voice in my head suddenly lessen.
    T H A N K S! a lot sir!
    I really really wanted to remove my chakras.
    but I don’t have money to pay you cause I’m jobless and broke for more than years now.
    I’m still with my parents anyway and I’m taking care with our home cause they are always busy.
    So I have lots of time meditating but I don’t know what’s the right meditation to see and remove my chakras on my own.
    do you have any good reference for me sir?
    my big problem is that I always check my breath if I feel that numbing sensation when I meditate.
    cause I can’t feel my body when I’m already in that state.
    so maybe that’s the problem I can’t go to my higher self cause I always check my physical being if I’m still breathing or not.
    so maybe that interrupts me from going to my higher self or conciousness?
    can you please help me sir?

    John from Philippines

    ps. sorry for the wrong link on my first post. It’s all copy-pasted 🙂

    1. Hi John,

      Glad you have found it useful so far. ‘Removing’ chakras on your own requires you to believe, or even better KNOW you have the ability to do so. Just feeling and/or seeing a ball of light representing the construct that creates each chakra, and then seeing and feeling it dissolve into nothing is often enough to remove them. You might like to imagine using your fingers to roll them into nothing or pull them away from your body and throw them into a doorway of light. Do whatever feels right for you. No matter what method you choose you should feel a shift in your body or see each one completely disappear in your minds eye with an inner KNOWING that it has gone.

      Of course because you are actually unifying the energies of each chakra into one, you might prefer to imagine the light of each one merging into a single energy centre (core star) instead. Again you should feel/see a shift and have a inner knowing than each one has merged together.

      Of course many people are not confident to do this on their own and it is to these people that I offer my services. You will find more detailed advice on how others have removed/unified ther chakras via the links provided at the end of my ‘Chakra Removal/Unification‘ page and ‘Chakra Removal/Unification‘ article

    2. With regards communicating with higher Self. There are many ways of communicating with it. You do not necessarily need to be meditating (though the increased awareness and focus of meditation is definately useful!) and you can be aware of your breathing or not. What matters is that you simply listen and intend for you to be communicating with higher Self or not. I will be writing an article on finding your own truth and this is the same as communicating with your higher Self. Put briefly, if you would like your higher Self to communicate via images, then you can ask for a ‘yes’ to be a green tick in your minds eye and a ‘no’ to be a red cross. Alternatively you may prefer to hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or feel a lightness or heaviness in your body. Experiment with it and with time you will become more able to get definate answers and more quickly, as well as start to be able to get whole sentences etc. Remember that you need to intend it to be your higher Self as often your physical body, an implant or even other beings may like to answer or influence the answer 😉 Like any psychic ability, be playful and with practice and time you will become proficient at being able to communicate with any entity or part of Self and know exactly which you are talking to.

  3. As written above, unfortunately it appears that the contract cancellation method does not permanently remove them as originally thought. I will keep people up to date with my findings as I delve deeper…

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