Golden Pyramid for Clearings

I just had to put this up for you guys. The link at the end of this post will direct you to’s website where I first found this information. Myself and others have already put this advise to good use in multiple places around the world.


Basically the idea is to use three people to build a pyramid with a base of three sides above and below ground in the etheric realm, and allow lightbeings in the other dimensions to make it permanent. Lightworkers are using these pyramids to envelop buildings and areas where there are adverse entities, portals, geopathic stresses, haunted homes, government organisations etc etc. By placing a pyramid over these, the low-vibrational energies, entities, portals etc are transmuted quickly to the light and thus the land/building is harmonised.

I have already got together with fellow land-clearers and other light-worker friends to clear an area of land in Chile where we found a low vibrational portal on google maps, after a vision came to me. The change after placing the pyramid there was huge in just a small space of time. We also helped clear intense geopathic stress from a client’s home in Coral Springs USA where two stress lines intersected in the ground, and a home here in New Zealand where a friend was getting a lot of psychic attacks.

I am very impressed with the results and so I am urging others to do the same. You don’t even have to be at the location as lightworkers can coordinate over the internet for example using skype and google maps like we did in Chile.

I would strongly suggest those experiencing psychic attack to try this as it seems to really help.

For further details please follow this link: