Hello Sweden and an easy method of cleansing your surroundings

Piteå, Sweden picture
Piteå, Sweden

Now that I’ve finally caught up with emails from over the holidays, it’s about time I posted something on this blog! Many of the subjects I was going to write about in the past felt heavy to do so, hence the lack of writing in recent months. As time has gone by I have realised that rather than write about subjects that keep stimulating the ego/false Self of others into a continual loop of what is right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, or to comment on the past, that it would be better to simply focus on helping people move forwards and create the reality they desire. Thus I will mainly be writing about subjects that will help in raising vibration/consciousness/awareness.

As many of you may have already guessed, I will be working from Sweden for the next couple of months before returning to the UK. It certainly is a bit of a perk being able to run a business from anywhere – as long as there is an internet connection. Whilst I am on the subject of working abroad, you may note that I keep a clock in the top left-hand corner of my website that details the timezone and location I am in at any given time. The automated booking system I use automatically alters to the timezone  I give it, so you should not need to worry about booking with me with future travels.

Healing from different locations on the planet means that I have to cleanse the areas I work from quickly. It’s good job that I am able to bring with me various technologies that helps keep the vibration of my surroundings high, many of which I have highlighted in previous posts. Luckily Sweden generally doesn’t have a lot of low-vibrational energies when compared with other countries of the world, having such a low population, more of a respect for nature and a comparatively low incidence of conflict in recent history.

As I have stated in previous posts, there are many methods that you can use to raise the vibration of your Self and surroundings without spending a lot of money or needing lots of expertise. One of the easiest methods of cleansing an area is simply to play high vibrational sounds/music repeatedly until the area feels better.

The forests and lakes of Piteå, Sweden
The forests and lakes of Piteå, Sweden

Obviously certain frequencies and words are more potent than others. This is why I often use the “Moola mantra” as it is so far the highest vibrational mantra I have come across. It is a mantra that was given to Bhagavan of Oneness University by a golden orb that appeared in front of him when he was a child. He proceeded to chant this mantra as much as he could, every day until he was 21 years old. It is now chanted by a huge following around the world who have been exposed to Bhagavan and/or Oneness teachings, and a great number of miracles have happened because of it. The mantra’s main purpose is to bring people closer to the divine/all-that-is/source/god whatever you would like to call it, and as such it is very powerful for taking you towards awakening and enlightenment.

A lot of healing happens along the awakening path, and as such, many people experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healings from chanting this mantra. Obviously due to its vibration, it pushes away low-vibrational entities and dissolves low vibrational energies too, hence why it is useful for clearing homes/areas. It is the words and the intention behind the words that are important. This is why a great number of people have made their own musical versions of the mantra, without loosing any potency.

You may notice on searching that there is actually two different versions of the Moola mantra. The original version, as chanted by Bhagavan, is still very powerful but a newer version has been made to reflect the fact that the consciousness of humanity has changed.

A good description of the words and meanings of the original version can be found here: http://www.omoneness.com/moolamantra.html. You can also very easily find a great number of musical versions of this mantra on youtube just by searching for “moola mantra”.

Various musical versions of the newer version can also be found on youtube by searching for “the new moola mantra”. I particularly like this version, which is  the mantra chanted 108 times by one of the dasas of Oneness University and shows the meanings of the new words:

In order to clear the flat I am currently staying in, I looped the moola mantra so that it played repeatedly over and over, for 24 hours from my laptop. Afterwards, the rise in vibration was very noticeable. It certainly helped me feel comfortable in performing healings from this location. My partner after coming back from work that day thought that the apartment had grown in size! As I write this I can feel the vibrational influence extending in a radius of about 50 metres. It has literally affected energetically all the apartments nearby as well. This, I might add, is without the sound actually reaching that far! You don’t have to play things very loud, even if it is only just audible to you, it will still work.

So how is that for a simple way of clearing and raising the vibration of your property and surroundings? Simply pick a high vibrational sound/piece of music and play it on a loop continuously until the vibration rises to a level you are comfortable with. Obviously it is a good idea to do a sound clearing regularly, to clear any lower vibrational energies that may appear on occasion. With continued use, the energies will work their way into the walls, furniture etc and will hold for longer periods of time.

If you still have a lot of energies to clear from yourself, then you might find that playing the moola mantra over and over will make you feel quite uncomfortable as the lower vibrational energies start to come to the surface to clear. This could be in the form of physical pain, emotional hurts and ‘negative’ thoughts for example. Headaches are especially common. Thus I would highly recommend that if this is the case, you play the moola mantra in the area you wish to clear whilst you are away from it. For example playing it at home whilst you are at work. You can always listen to or chant the moola mantra for short periods of time until you get more comfortable with it.

There are a great many other sound recordings that have a high vibration too, so you might like to experiment with them to find what suits you best, especially if you will be staying in close proximity to the playing sounds/music.

I will be adding further cheap and simple techniques for vibrational raising and healing in the near future as I come across them. And yes, I will be writing about things other than that from India 😉