Introducing Åsa-Maria

Åsa-Maria picture
Åsa-Maria on Ulvön Island, Sweden

My partner Åsa-Maria, (Åsa is pronounced “Oh-sa” for those not familiar with Swedish names) has from birth had a strong connection with spirit. As well as being extremely clairsentient, she has always had a love of nature and animals and so has developed strong healing energies as a result.

She has travelled the world over and has encountered a great variety of spiritual teachings. Having a great interest in health, Åsa has completed many courses in India, including becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner and a Hatha Yoga teacher. She has also done a lot of research regarding health supplements, cleansing practices and diet in general as well. We’ll put up some of this information on this blog sometime in the near future.

After being trained to become an Access Bars practitioner, it was immediately clear that she was very good at it, as well as performing it at a distance – after trying it on my awakened friends across the other side of the world. It seemed fitting therefore to start offering her services as a Distance Bars practitioner (our distance version of the officially named Access Bars).

You will notice that I have always recommended other healers out there as I realise that different healers have different gifts and different energies that they can offer. Likewise with Access/Distance Bars work, I often recommend that people receive bars from a variety of people such that they receive a variety of energies that can help them shift in different ways. Of course having multiple bars sessions from one person can still provide great rewards but there is something more dynamic about receiving from multiple people I feel. Åsa is awakened but in different ways to me and as such I highly recommend you try her Distance Bars sessions. I have certainly had my socks knocked off from her treatments recently!

Between her other work commitments, Åsa will be available at varying times through the working week. For this reason, I have not provided a set online booking system for her, like I have for myself. Thus you can simply email her directly at to arrange a suitable appointment. You can find more information on booking an appointment with her on my website here. You can also find more information about Bars here.

… and for those that require it, Åsa spent many years growing up in both Sweden and the USA, so is fully fluent in Swedish as well as English