Introducing Scalar Healing Services – starting November 1st

Horses & Golden Orb Garway Hill UK pic
We’ve seen this golden orb in many of our photos recently on Garway Hill, Herefordshire, UK

We are in the midst of yet another energetic shift. Many of you noticed that the energies ramped up in September and this is continuing as we move through October. This is bringing up a lot of stored energies such as emotions, limiting belief systems and “negative” thoughts. For a lot of people, especially those who are resisting the change, this might be manifesting as stronger than usual reactions to other people and situations (he says whilst looking at his first ever speeding ticket!). You might feel overly sensitive and not quite your usual self. We would advice that you, to the best of your ability try to observe rather than resist/react/fight the physical/emotional/mental symptoms that come up. In this way you bring the light of your true consciousness to what you observe and even though it might seem like it gets worse initially, it will dissolve in this light taking with it what caused it too.

Introducing The 28 day Scalar Healing Sessions

For quite some time now we have been thinking about helping more people than we currently can via the one-to-one appointments that we have been doing so far. From this desire the Scalar Healing Sessions developed.

You can think of scalar energy as an aspect of source energy. Everything you see around you is formed from this and this is the same energy that stops the entropy of and rebuilds matter. So just imagine the healing effect that this could have on you and your body. Scalar energy also exists outside of space and time so you can be connected with it regardless of where you are and what you are doing. In fact all you need is a photo of yourself within the scalar energy device’s field, of which I have built, to connect you to it. Within that field, we have implemented certain frequencies of energy to further the effects of the scalar field – most scalar pendants and devices on the market only work at one set frequency, usually at the Schumann resonance or twelve hertz frequencies. More details about the device and its effects can be found on the Scalar Healing Services page of this website.

The device also enables us to treat several people at the same time every day without fault. Being a machine this healing device does not get ill, go on holidays or require any rest like us poor humans 🙂 This is also perfect for helping people raise their vibration on a daily basis, that is not possible via one-to-one appointments due to the limited amount of people we can treat in one day. Hence why we have decided to offer you 28 days worth of treatments in one package. This also means we can offer you this service at a very affordable rate. Of course you can still receive other forms of healing during your 28 day period – in fact it can enhance their effects.

We will be attending a Vipassana course, and un-contactable from 19-30th October. However we have decided to release the information about our new Scalar Healing Sessions so you can read about it  and book in advance for session starting on November 1st.