The John of God Experience

JoG sydney 2014

Firstly, thank you everyone for being patient with emails and phone calls whilst I was on holiday. I have a number of friends who are very interested in what I experienced with John of God during the Sydney event I attended a week and a half ago and I thought others might like to know too. I will present what I was told about this well-known healer and what I experienced directly, but as always be open with my writings and make up your own mind 😉

As many of you know, I love going to see other healers and experiencing what they have to offer. This enables me to explore areas of myself that I may not have been aware of or ‘solve’ issues that I couldn’t with my previous abilities. It also gives me new tools to be able to help others in future. The skills and energies of other healers never cease to amaze me and this is why I consider each of us as like parts of the puzzle, hence why I actively encourage people to experience healings from others no matter what I am told about it being ‘detrimental business advice’!

John of God (real name Joao) is a farmer from Brazil and he has become famous around the world for healing others, though he proclaims that he does not actually heal but only God does. It started one day when he awoke on the floor to find a crowd standing around him who claimed that King Solomon had occupied his body and performed healings on them. He didn’t believe them initially but as it continued to happen, a whole community started to build up around him over the years. There is now enough accommodation and helpers around where he lives to allow thousands of people to visit him in Brazil every month for healing.

Like with any healer, not everyone’s problems are solved. Some get miraculous healings from literally a number of seconds in front of him, whilst others need many visits over a number of years. Some are told simply that they will not be healed due to their lack of belief or that it is not what they have chosen in this life.

What is different about John of God however is the way that healings are performed. Joao himself actually leaves his physical body allowing one of what he calls ‘the entities’ to take over his body and perform the healings. The entity that takes over his body on any given day varies from many of the saints of Christianity such as John the Baptist to what I personally would call benevolent ETs and as such his personality can change significantly. In addition, several rooms  adjacent to John of God are occupied by people who hold a high level of energetic vibration to increase the effectiveness of the  healings. Many people opt to join the experienced meditators of Brazil in these rooms to hold this energy and often experience a healing whilst there.

Though he didn’t do so in Sydney, in Brazil he sometimes performs physical surgeries on people. He says that physical surgeries are not needed but that he performs them on people who lack the belief to heal via the spirit realm.

The majority of people experience healing via an ‘intervention’ (like a spiritual surgery, which people also have to follow strict guidelines for 40 days post intervention) or via a blessing (where people simply receive healing energies but do not have to follow guidelines afterwards). Which ever option is taken, people hold their intention for healing whilst walking from the main room (where often introductory presentations/talks are held) into the first meditating group room (called the ‘current room’ due to the energy they are channeling), then the room where John of God sits, before sitting in a third room of meditators to finalize the healings. During this walk-through, John of God does not get up and physically interact with anyone unless needed and often will not even look at people directly.

During the two days I spent at the Sydney event, I received healings via the blessing and intervention procedures and so did the walk-through twice. Being an empath and clairvoyant, I felt and saw beings of the light working on myself and others in every single room, even in the main room before entering the first meditating room. I also sat in the current room to hold the energy on a separate occasion and experienced the healing energy and benevolent beings working on the people meditating as well. As such the healing is not entirely via the entity working through John of God and shifts can happen in any of the rooms.

During the intervention I had beings working all around me and noticed cuts and stitches on several areas around my etheric body. The guidelines following the intervention (which include no sex, no alcohol and drinking blessed water 3x a day etc) are quite strict, especially the 7 days straight afterwards. The 7th night is the ‘white night’ where the entities come to visit you during the night to remove the stitches or finalize the ‘spiritual surgery’. I am 10 days into the guidelines out of 40 days total. Aside from seeing and feeling entities working on me regularly (which has been happening to me for years anyway) and lots of energies moving around my body I cannot say that I feel definitively better in any particular way. As a healer myself, I know that certain problems can take a lot of time and treatments and I know that what I have asked to heal is quite a deep issue. I also sense that much of the healing the entities have performed is at a higher level of Self such that I will not necessarily be completely aware of the effects until a later date.

Many others at the event did experience sudden healings such as improved eye sight, cessation of pain, better joint movement etc. I am very grateful to have experienced the weekend event and to have had so many beings working on me (and who continue to do so). I know that something very profound has happened despite no obvious symptoms yet and I’m sure that it’ll become more clear as time goes by – I know a number of you who I have treated feel this way about my sessions so I know how you feel 😉 I will post more if I experience anything else further.

I can certainly see why so many people go to see John of God and considering the high vibrational levels of energy and high numbers of beings of the light that surround him I would recommend anyone who is interested to go for it.

In the English language there isn’t really one website I have found that gives you all the details about John of God though is a good start for the basics. For visits to ‘the casa’ in Brazil you may wish to search further afield for guided groups.