Leaving New Zealand and Updates

View from porthills NZ
View from the Port Hills, Canterbury New Zealand

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I am leaving New Zealand for Australia in the next week or so.

Obviously I will not be able to see people in person in Christchurch any longer but you can still get hold of me via Skype 😉

There will be approximately a 3 hour time difference, so depending on your time zone, once I am in Australia I may not be able to offer Skype sessions at the same times of day as before. I will alter the clock on the left-hand side of my site once I have moved to give people the heads-up.

I have been telling people  that I will be offering more articles and updates for some time now. Even though I have some written material done over the last 3 months, I felt that some of it did not need to be heard any more and the rest is not finished yet. I have simply been so busy with my own journey and treating others.

I have certainly had a bit of a paradigm shift in the last few months with regards what languages I would like to use to describe and promote healings. I am fully aware that by talking about implants for example, that I am maintaining the existence of them. Afterall the higher dimensions are no more real than this one, existing likewise because of the agreements between consciousnesses. I am happy to continue writing about implants and other energy body devices/beings as I feel that I need to maintain the bridge, so to speak, for those new to these subjects. However I will be exploring other avenues of healing such that we can literally delete that which limit us directly out of existence rather than using the various established healing modalities.

In addition to new articles, I will also be offering courses. So please stay tuned 😉

A big thank you goes out to everyone on the South Island of New Zealand and especially those in Christchurch city who have helped in some way to bring me to where I am now. I won’t embarrass anyone but you know who you are! Thank you also to those who didn’t realise how much them helped me, even if it was just a smile in the street 🙂