Live in the Question


Live in the Question – and open yourself up to new healing possibilities

Why might I write this as my first post? Well don’t you find that most people live in the answer and not the question?

On this website and with other communications you may have with me, I will try to explain many things, such as what I sense and how my techniques work. To me it is often like trying to explain to someone what a mango tastes like when they have never tasted a mango before.

I could spend many years inventing thousands more words for different types of sweetness, sourness, texture and use comparisons with other fruits etc. That other person however, will still not know what a mango tastes like until they actually bite into one and even then, they may perceive it to taste different to what I or you do!

Science is constantly inventing new words and models and so has the largest language base to help others understand the world around us. This is why often in the past I have opted for the scientific explanation. It is constantly evolving and there are many parallels with the more spiritual and religious writings than ever before… but as with the mango, it will not ever fully explain the wonders of the world. There are also subjects that science hasn’t even delved into, or could be better explained using a different perspective.

This is why in person at least, I use a variety of languages in the form of scientific, layman’s, religious, spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical and philosophical terms or models. Of course I cannot cover all viewpoints on this website and even if I could, I would constantly be rewriting them as I gain in understanding. This is why I urge you to have an open mind about my writings and simply see them like I do – as changeable/evolving ideas rather than answers.

If you like the way I have explained things and it helps you grow in understanding then great. Always be aware however that you will only grow up until the limitations of that particular idea/model/viewpoint/belief. In order to continue improving yourself you will eventually have to discard the original explanation and look for something that can take you further. Unfortunately many people don’t do this, they live in the answer that others gave to them or they came up with themselves in the past. They don’t seek for improvement and even fight against something that could benefit them because it goes against or seems like it has nothing to do with that original answer.

This is why I say live in the question. If you don’t seek answers or to put it another way, have a temporary model to work from until something better or even just different comes along, then you will continue to improve all aspects of you life, including your health.

Even if you don’t agree/understand/like my writings, is it still possible that you could experience great benefit from my services? How does it get better than that? What else is possible? What other questions might you come up with in future to improve yourself even further? Are there other methods out there you could be looking at too that could benefit you?

As you can see I am not here to push a particular belief system on you (even what I have written here!). I am here to help you heal, open you up to new possibilities and eventually help you to realise that you have the ability to heal yourself.

If you are open to it, I am sure I can help you in some way and I look forward to working with you if you should decide to.

2 thoughts on “Live in the Question”

  1. Hello,

    I have taken the bars class. I am very interested in access. I have been trying to come off of a benzodiazepine( klonopin) for years with no success. I have had disasterous results. My body is dependent on the drug and I want off. I think access can help. Is this something you are familiar with? I am also on a antidepressant(remeron) and thanks to a pharmacist…Kava.

    Looking forward to your thoughts,

    Russell Hoover

    1. Hi Russell. Regular bars sessions will help in the long run. You may wish to take further Access classes if you like the way Access works, alternatively contact me for one-to-one sessions so we can start clearing the belief systems behind your problems.

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