Making Your Music More Harmonious With The Planet By Using A=432 Hertz Tuning

Ulvön Island, Sweden – Nature, one of the best frequencies to listen to!

Thank you for the emails I have received following the last post. Many of you seem to have been experiencing very positive effects from even short periods of playing the new Moola Mantra. I also had one person who wrote to me saying that they had a kundalini awakening after playing the new Moola Mantra for a few hours!

Background to A432 Tuning in Music

As I have said, I am going to focus on giving out advice to aid in raising the vibration of people and their surroundings. The next subject I am going to talk about is tuning your music to A=432 Hertz (or A432). There are many methods to do this and again it is quite simple and in most cases completely free to do so. First, let’s give you a quick background on why tuning your music to A432 is beneficial.

A=432 Hz simply means that the “A” note of an instrument is tuned to the frequency of 432 Hertz and that the other notes follow suit such that they are in harmony with that. There is supposedly much evidence that much of the ancient world’s instruments (such as those from ancient Egypt and Greece) were tuned to A432, according to researchers such as Ananda Bosman. Tibetan singing bowls as well as instruments from many other spiritual groups more closely associated with mother Earth, are often tuned to, or are harmonic to the A432 tuning too.

In the West, prior to 1953, the “A” note was tuned at various different frequencies depending on the opinions/preferences of various composers. The composer Guiseppe Verdi found that A432 was a more harmonious and pleasant sound and that his opera singers resonated better with it too. This is why the A432 tuning is often know as “Verdi’s A”. Many other European composers including Mozart also preferred A432 for similar reasons.

Despite Verdi and other musician’s preferences for tuning, it appears that the powers that were around in the late 1800s in various countries, were pushing for A to be tuned to 440Hz – a frequency that is not harmonious with human bodies, nature and the cosmos at large. It is rumoured that the Nazis started the A440 tuning standard such that music became disharmonious with nature (thus affecting health and spiritual development). However it was the Americans and British that were key players in bringing the modern A440 tuning into the global arena. In 1917 the American Federation of Musicians accepted the A440 tuning standard and started to introduce that standard to the rest of the world around 1940. By 1953, and as chosen in London that year, it became the ISO 16 standard. So the vast majority of Western music produced since then has had the A note tuned to 440Hz.

A432 is often called the “scientific tuning” due to its resonance with the laws of physics that govern the universe – according to many late 18th century physicists and mathematicians of Europe. In simple terms A432 tuning is  supposed to be in harmony with the Schumann resonance – the frequency or if you like heart-beat of the Earth and nature which is close to 8Hz in frequency. When the “A” note is tuned to 432 Hz and the other notes follow suit, then all notes are in resonance with the 8Hz frequency of the Earth. They will also be in harmony with our cells, DNA and other bodily functions as well as promote a balanced left-right brain activity.

Especially as we are now undergoing an increase in vibration of Earth and its inhabitants, there are many who believe that the Schumann resonance is increasing as we speak. There appear to be many arguments about this subject however. Cobra for example (reported to be a Pleiadian contactee and spokes person for one of the groups of light forces helping this planet) has stated in interviews that people measuring the Schumann resonance aren’t getting it entirely correct as there are actually multiple frequencies coming from the Earth from multiple sources. There are also suggestions that the Schumann frequency isn’t changing or that if it is changing then it is changing with us and our instruments. As always I will leave that subject up to you to research and decide for yourself.

Either way, people are still getting multiple benefits from listening to and producing music tuned at A432. Musicians often claim that music is brighter, clearer (so less volume is often needed), is easier on the ears and easier on the vocal chords. Even people who cannot perceive the 8Hz difference between the A440 industry standard and A432 often say that the music is warmer, that they can listen to music for longer and that they experience more relaxing and meditative states.

In my own experience, I used to love listening to music when I was younger. Much like my other friends and clients who are going through the awakening process, I have found that I have gotten less and less interested in music in general, apart from some mantras and few more new-aged type musics. I literally prefer the sound of nature and just being with that.

Whilst researching and experimenting with frequencies I came across the A432 movement. Whilst I cannot change the words, and belief systems behind much of the music out there (which also can impact on our consciousness), I have found that changing the frequency of the music does help me to be able to listen to music for longer and with less irritation.

There is also a movement of people who are promoting A444 music. When the “A” note is tuned to 444Hz, then the “C” note becomes 528Hz. Many of you may notice that 528Hz is the “Mi” note of the solfeggio notes as sung by the Gregorian Monks of old. It is said, and there is much evidence of this, that 528Hz helps repair DNA as well as promote miracles and change. It is also know as the “love” frequency.

Some people seem to be arguing over which musical tuning is the better option. Basically they both are beneficial to the Environment, consciousness and our health, just in different ways. You may wish to experiment with both sets of tunings and see what feels best for you. Though the information provided here is aimed at A432 tuning, you can easily use the same information here to do A444 tuning too.

This website “Attuned Vibrations” gives some more information about the differences and history behind the A432 and A444 tunings and is also an example of one of the many composers providing music for more harmonious living. You can obviously find many more articles about A432/A444 and music made with these frequencies by doing a simple search.

Though there is much change needed to make mainstream music and other sounds around us more harmonious and beneficial for our health and consciousness, the advice below can at least get you part of the way there, until such a time comes.

Methods for Changing Your Music (and Video Playback) to A432

Unfortunately, there aren’t any methods out there for changing everything to A432 or A444 tuning. For example many TVs, Games consoles, stereo systems etc are hardwired such that you cannot alter the frequency very easily. Likewise certain musical instruments cannot be tuned as the frequencies are built into their construction.

However, if you listen to music or watch videos via a PC/Mac, smart phone, smart TVs etc, there are many apps (software applications) that can be altered or are readily available to enable you to listen at A432 or A444. Likewise many instruments, especially stringed instruments, can easily be tuned to different frequencies.

One of the main things to understand is that softwares/apps DO NOT so far automatically detect whether what you are listening to is already tuned to A432 or not. Thus if you are listening to an A432 song via an A432 player you’ll likely be listening to it at A424 instead – the software will assume that your music is A440 and so will bring it down by 8Hz regardless!

Likewise music made before the 1950s or made by people outside of the main music industry may be tuned at various frequencies which these players will also not detect. There are some notable exceptions such as some Led Zeppelin, John Lennon and Bob Marley tunes as long as you get the originals of course. Though you can search the internet to find the frequencies used in each song, there is no easy way around this for the moment, until someone invents a piece of software that can detect and alter things automatically. Suffice to say that most mainstream pieces of music (including music in films/videos etc) from the West in the last 60 years is set at A440. Thus the apps in the first two pieces of advice below should satisfy the majority of people who use modern devices.

432 Music Player Apps for Tablets & Smartphones

There are already many apps that allow you to play any music you have stored on your so-called “Smart” devices. Several of them are listed on this website: and can be used on any tablet or smart phone. I personally have been using “432 player”  on my android smart phone. You can find it by searching on any app store or clicking on the links here: google or itunes.

It took a bit of getting used to but what I like about it is that you can choose whether or not to tune each individual piece of music. This is a great option considering that in the future many musicians will already have tuned their music to A432.

Audio/Video Players for PC/MAC

There are a variety of players that can be altered on PC/Mac if you know how to alter the programming correctly. I have chosen VLC player here as it is a good program that has been around for decades, can play pretty much any file format, is available on both PC and Mac and of course is completely free!

It’s not just files stored on you device that can be played via this software either – Seeing as you can connect, CD/DVD players, record players and many other media devices to PCs and Macs, you can easily listen to and watch media from older technologies too. Most modern TVs also have ports so you can connect your computer to them such that if you wish to watch a film on a bigger screen than your PC/Mac, with the sound set to A432, you can. My girlfriend and I both find watching movies better this way.

Rather than me reproducing the info on how to change VLC player’s options, there is a good article here, that gives excellent guidance on what you need to do. It also gives guidance on how to use VLC to watch youtube videos, if you do that sort of thing ;-). For Windows 10 users, you will find the correct file to alter in Step 4 of the process here: C:\Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\vlc

Musical Instrument Tuning Apps for Tablets/Smartphones

Being a guitar player myself, I have been using the free app “Guitar Tuna” on my smart phone. It can be used to tune all popular stringed instruments, not just the guitar.It is available for both Android and iPhone devices simply by searching on any app store. I have provided links to the two most popular here: google and itunes.

If you click on the settings button, you’ll notice that there is a tuning option. The default is 444 meaning that the “A” note is set to 444hz. Simply, set it to 432 (or 444 if you wish the “C” note to be 528Hz) to be able to play your music at A432.

Converting Electronic Music to A432 Using Audacity

Audacity is a free PC/Mac program that has been around for some time now. I have used it in many ways in the past, especially to edit/cut/paste music files for videos. It has a great many uses for people who wish to alter their music or sound files, including the option of changing the frequency of any music file you load onto the program.

You can download Audacity for free here:

I have not tried this advice myself yet as I do not like the idea of converting all those thousands of individual pieces of music I own! Needless to say it is one of the better options as you will be able to see, change and save your sound files to whatever frequency you wish without needing to rely on a 432 player.

After changing the frequency to A432 or A444 for example, the file can be saved in multiple file formats. That way you do not need to alter the media players to convert it to A432 as it will already be A432/A444 anyway. Of course sound files like this can be saved onto CD/DVD and played through other devices too.

Again I’ll leave the advice to the experts and give you a youtube link that explains simply how to change A440 sounds to A432 very well: This is the method that the majority of the A432 converted music on Youtube was made by (including the moola mantra track I gave in the last blog I posted). As explained on the video, there are other methods for conversion but this is the best for not introducing distortion.