Nature Doesn’t Judge – Hello English Countryside!

View of the border between England and Wales

It is funny how things turn out sometimes. There I was thinking that I was going to be in Australia for a few months doing some work with a fellow Access Consciousness worker when I suddenly felt a lightness to go to the UK. So here I am, back in the country I was born, realising that it’s really not as ‘bad’ a country as I once believed.

A lot of people who come to the UK exclaim how busy and grey it is here. I’m not surprised many people who visit make those conclusions, considering that they often land in one of London’s airports and don’t really venture outside of the cities. The above photo was taken yesterday of the countryside of Herefordshire where I grew up. You can see the Black Mountains of Wales in the background. From the top of Garway Hill behind where the photo was taken, you can see across the lands of 7 counties (kind of like states for those abroad ;-)) of England and Wales and yet you cannot see sight of any town or city. Just lots and lots of fields, small woods, farm houses, small villages, hills, mountains and even a ruined castle. This area isn’t even part of a national park, and yet there are plenty of those here!

In the UK there is a common law right to be able to walk the land. As such, even private land owners have to provide paths, bridle ways, tracks, small roads and cycleways so that the public can pass through their land. This has resulted in a network of routes stretching all across the land keeping people’s access to nature open. You can easily walk from top to bottom, left to right across the UK if you wished to. At this particular time of the year I would recommend having a look inside some of the many woods that have blue bell flowers as far as the eye can see.


Nature is very healing. I could talk about the ‘positive ions’, the cleanliness of the air, the harmonic sounds of the birds, insects, wind and rain. I could talk about the schumann resonance, the endless evidence of the ‘golden mean’ and sacred geometry in nature. I could talk about how nature mops up and detoxifies chemicals, negative thoughts and emotions. I could talk about the fruits, vegetables and other foods available. The beautiful animals, flowers and plants that have such clean auras compared to us humans. I could say about the harmonious way nature works, how it balances itself.

There are many things I could say about why spending time in nature is so healing but the one thing that jumped into my thoughts when walking around the fields today was simply this: nature doesn’t judge!

Sure, many of the animals are in a state of survival and as such they often react and run away from us when they spot us but they are still living in the moment and making choices based on what is happening now, rather than from projections and expectations like humanity does. Good & bad and right & wrong simply does not enter the consciousness of nature – judgments cannot exist in the ‘now’.

Human living is full of creating ‘the’ future based on the answers/conclusions/judgements/beliefs that are continually derived from the past. It is such a ‘normal’ practice that people are not even aware that they are doing it. Literally people are on autopilot. Once you start becoming aware, it often feels like you are walking through the thick soup of other’s mental creations.

Walking through nature by comparison is so easy. Even if you are new to nature and the thoughts of your life are still revolving around in your head, nature does not react to your judgements and as such the energy of them simply dissipates. As you continue to spend time in nature, gradually you will notice that you will attune and become like it is, in complete allowance of everything else. When in allowance, you will also be able to receive.

Receiving is that state of being that is often left out of spiritual teachings. How can obtain the energy to heal, create and even interact with others if you do not receive? Judgement is the main block to receiving. As soon as you judge someone or something, you limit all that the person or situation can gift to you.

The universe is currently gifting Earth with higher and higher vibrations of energy which ultimately, so many say, will shift this planet and any inhabitants who are willing to go to higher dimensions. The Earth and nature is in such a state of receiving that they are soaking up the ‘cosmic’ energies at a much greater rate compared to humanity. The increase in the schumann resonance and the more vibrant auras of plants are among the many ‘proofs’ of this.

So if you would like to heal and to raise your vibration toward the higher dimensions or even if you simply would like a little bit of peace, spending time in nature is one of the easiest things you can do.