No more Chakra Removals!

Happy new year to everyone!

I have a large backlog of emails to get through now that I am back from India so please be patient if you are awaiting a reply.

There will be some new services that I will slowly introduce over the year. One of the main things to introduce, will be group healing services such that I will be able to send healing energies to greater amounts of people whilst being able to keep individual costs low.

As the title of this post says, one of the first changes for the new year will be to stop offering Chakra Removals. If you booked a Chakra Removal session before today, then of course I will honor your request or if you wish you can always swap for another service I offer.

Whether to continue this service has been a question for me for many months and after some prolonged time conversing with other healers, psychics, and a great many people on, or wishing to be on the path of awakening, as well as the divine and it’s many helpers, I have decided to stop.

The main reason that I decided to become a ‘healer’ was to help others out of suffering, and for those that wished it, to go even further and help them along the path of awakening towards enlightenment. By far the main reason for humanity’s suffering is the belief that they are ‘their’ mind and the thoughts that come from mind. I will perhaps talk more about this subject in a future post, but the key point here is that the subject of chakra removal/unification and the related kundalini system (as well as a great many other subjects of course) appears to be stimulating people’s minds rather than helping become free from the problems created by mind.

I receive many emails each week from people questioning this service as to whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse, whether if it is possible, and “Why is it that some psychics/healers say that I have still got chakras and others say that I haven’t”. There’s nothing wrong with contemplation, but I feel that people could be spending more time and energy instead on healing, awakening, creating joy or whatever else they truly desire to create. Likewise I feel that the time I use to answer all these emails individually, could be used better to provide more for others.

Furthermore, removing/unifying or even gaining more chakras as some people suggest, is not required for one to heal or become enlightened. Initially when researching this subject years ago I saw chakras a bit like implants and judged them as a limitation for progressing further. As I continue in my journey I realise more and more that there is nothing inherently good or bad and that something can only be a limitation if you believe the mind saying so.

If you really wish to access the information I wrote on this subject for whatever reason, then you can find it here but please be aware that the text does not reflect my current perceptions as I continue to change.

For now then, I prefer to leave the subjects of chakra removal/unification, maintaining or gaining more chakras and the related kundalini system, until such a time where people are aware enough to see it simply as a choice of what direction individuals would like to evolve the Hu-man.