Now offering ACCESS BARS sessions at a distance

I have been told since posting this article that the founders of Access Bars don’t allow people to advertise that they perform it at a distance! Thus I have to state that I cannot do Access Bars absently but I can do my own energetic healing version of it for those people not local to me ;-).

I previously have only offered Access Bars in person. After listening to a ‘mentally disabled’ (don’t you ‘love’ these sorts of medical descriptions?!) gentleman during a recent course I have decided to offer Access Bars to anyone at a distance. He described how having his bars run at a distance had helped him become more comfortable in his body and this reality. Literally it changed his life. In fact he preferred his bars being run this way as he did not at all feel comfortable having people touching his head.

On top of this, there has been a lot of news recently that has shown how potentially powerful this process is. A prominent neuroscientist who had studied brain wave patterns for over 16 years was blown away earlier this year by what he saw whilst watching how brain waves change during Bars sessions. Funds are currently being raised to help him with a longer-term and more in-depth study that will provide scientific evidence as to the effectiveness of Access Bars. Many of us already know how potent the process is but of course many people do not want to know until there is ‘proof’ 😉

Here is a video of this scientists initial thoughts:

Dr Lisa Cooney has also studied Regulation Thermometry in relation to Access Bars:

I have had my bars run nearly 100 times and each time has provided greater ease in all areas of my life. Each session is different. Sometimes my head just feels a bit lighter. Other times I have to sleep for hours to process the deep changes and yet other times I’ve had my socks blown off, as more energy is available to me and greater awareness is obtained. Every session can feel different.

In many ways people report greater ease with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of their life. Some of the supposed incurable conditions have either reduced in severity or have completely reversed with prolonged treatments. Some people have even in a single session, jumped off the table to find that their back pain had stopped instantly even though they had it for years previously.

For more information please see here, or visit the official website here.

Sessions cost the same as any other healing service I offer but you will get thirty minutes extra time as it takes longer to get through all of the bars. Due to the fact that kid’s bars run much quicker (they have less limitations than adults generally have) I can do two under 14 year olds in the same time frame. Please let me know if you’d like this.