Oneness Blessings (Deeksha) now available

Following my completion of the Oneness Awakening course last month I am now able to perform Oneness Blessings (aka Deekshas). This is the course most people do before going to complete the other Oneness courses in India, some of which I have mentioned in other blog articles. I just so happened to do it the other way around!

It typically only takes a few minutes to perform a blessing, thus I have decided to offer these free of charge at the beginning or the end of any other appointment you book with me. All you need to do is just ask via email before the appointment or through conversation during a Skype appointment.

The Oneness Blessing is the transfer of energy that starts one’s journey into higher states of consciousness. It is always aimed at the head when performed, whether it is done via the hands or at a distance with intention.

It all started when Bhagavan (an enlightened man from India, dedicated to releasing humanity from suffering) asked if his son could transfer his spiritual gifts to other children at his school, back in 1989. Since then it has become a global phenomenon and now you can find Oneness groups all over the world performing healings and offering courses.

I have been certified by the Dasas at Oneness University in India to be “Awakened”, and so the blessings I give are classified as “Awakened Oneness Blessings”. Supposedly this means that higher vibrational energies can pass through an awakened person’s hands, and thus that there are more benefits to raising the receiver’s consciousness. I’ll leave that up to you to decide ;-). I may write a separate blog in the future about what the Dasas actually classify as an awakening, as it can be confusing to many of you what this means.

If you regularly receive oneness blessings, your evolution of consciousness will quicken. This results in healing, setting right of relationships, and an increased ability to deal with life’s issues with ease and joy. This evolutionary path continues of course and ultimately leads to enlightenment – the complete dissolution of ego and hence the end of all suffering.

Similar to the aims of the Access Bars and Distance Bars sessions that I offer, because it aims at raising consciousness, it is not necessary to offer different types of Oneness Blessings for different purposes such as healing, fulfillment and entity problems etc. The Oneness Blessing is solely for awakening into oneness and so will naturally help you deal with all the problems that are hindrances to awakening.

Like many forms of healing, the Oneness Blessing will provide different benefits to different people depending on their needs, so you may not experience the same outcome as another. The process of growth into oneness can be sudden for some but is gradual for most, and depends on many factors.

If you wish to be able to give Oneness Blessings yourself by completing a Oneness Awakening Course or you simply wish to experience a blessing in person, you will find many Oneness groups all over the world by performing a quick internet search. For those in the UK and Ireland you can visit the official website here.