Oneness India Trip 2nd-19th October

The Oneness Temple aka “Temple of the Supreme Light”

I will be heading off to India at the end of next week for yet another spiritual experience. I will be away from 2nd to 19th October. Unlike other trips I have made, I will not be able to answer emails during this period so please try to save them for when I am back. I am already fully booked leading up to the trip and there are few spaces left now for the week after the trip.

The courses I will be attending are part of Oneness University. My partner had completed the courses over two years ago and had a big awakening during her time there.

Oneness courses and teachings, I am told, have changed much over time as the consciousness of humanity has changed. There has however, always been less focus on material and more about experiencing. The Oneness courses very much seem to focus on receiving. Many techniques out there in other modalities involve much more control and therefore are more about forcing awakening.

From what I am told, much of the awakening process can now be gifted to you. This ties in very much with what various channels have been saying in the last year or so. The general message is that there is not enough time for the vast majority of us to obtain mastery of Self, using the techniques the ascended masters of old had to use over a prolonged period (though please don’t stop using them as they are very much still beneficial!). We are now at a state of vibration or if you like consciousness where awakening can simply be gifted to you. People who know me well will know how deeply I would have questioned this using my higher Self and benevolent beings, and appears that there is a lot of truth to this gifting of awakening.

There are many people on the planet that are acting as conduits so that they can transmit this energy to others for purposes of awakening, and eventually transformation. My partner is one such person. Having experienced several energy transmissions via her myself, they certainly are very powerful in creating change on an energetic and neuro-biological level.

I am told that the energies at the Oneness Temple in India are very strong in being able to help people awaken. A great many people who go there do indeed get certified awakened after just a couple of weeks. I am told that those who hold onto logic and believe they know how to awaken, and even what awakening actually is, are the hardest to actually awaken.

Needless to say I am quite intrigued by what might occur on this trip and I will obviously report more soon after my return.

If you feel in the meantime that you would like to experience an energy transmission from my partner Kirsi, then you can contact her via her own website Note that these transmissions are more than just a oneness blessing or ‘Deeksha’, for those of you familiar with Oneness already.

P.S…. a quick thank you to those of you back in Christchurch NZ who gave me deekshas in the past when I lived there 🙂