Oneness University and Temple

View of the "Temple of Supreme Light" from one of the many meditation halls
View of the “Temple of Supreme Light” from one of the many meditation halls

Finally I have found some time to write about my experiences at the Oneness University in India after catching up with answering all those emails!

I completed the ‘Science of Fulfillment’ and ‘Science of Transformation’ courses at the university this October after being recommended to go by my partner Kirsi. There is a third science course but I decided to only do the first two due to other arrangements this year, including heading back to the university for the first part of a 21 year course this December.

You can read more about these courses from the official website: but briefly the fulfillment course teaches techniques in order to become more fulfilled in life, and the transformation course is designed to make you more aware of what Self truly is and thus awaken you further towards the state where you are not subject to mind anymore. Both courses involve a lot of processes which allow the many energy beings at the university to work on parts of Self that you cannot do directly. In general all the courses at this university are aimed at awakening people further towards the state of transformation such that suffering eventually ceases to exist on the Earth plane.

The courses are open to people of all religions and are explained at a level that reflects the current consciousness of humanity. As such they will continue to change as our level of understanding changes. Needless to say that there is a strong Indian influence on the courses so expect mantras, meditation postures and reference to nadis etc. Other than that I am not allowed explain the teachings to others in case misconceptions arise and besides much of the work cannot be perceived via the mind anyway.

These courses are taught at one of the several campuses at the university as well as including several trips to the temple at key points for the really deep energy work to occur.

Even before the university and temple were built, this area of the Chitoor district in India, supposedly had the highest number of awakenings and enlightenments of any area in the world. With all the additional work done by the university since being built, the campus grounds have an incredible high vibration to them.


The temple is very much a sacred geometric shape and is of such a vibration that it is considered a living entity. It existed in the higher dimensions long before it was built on the physical plane and it resides on one of the major gridline junctions, connecting it to every other energy grid on Earth. So changes here are profoundly effecting the rest of the globe.

The conception and teachings of the university come from a man named Bhagavan who since very young was guided by a golden orb that appeared in front of him. Bhagavan and his wife Amma are considered to be transformed to the extent they are now avatars. They are on Earth to anchor the ‘Golden Orb’ into this dimension, so that it may better aid in awakening humanity and take us away from suffering.

It is said that the ‘Golden Orb’ is an answer to all the prayers of the people of the world and has been around for many hundreds of years guiding key people and events to aid in bringing about the ‘Golden Age’. This orb can take many forms, including the Indian figure Kalki, Matreiya and Christ to name but a few. They are all considered the same being, thus it is active in helping people all over the globe and of different faiths. A great many people have managed to capture it on camera at the campus as it is often seen fully with the physical eyes. Personally I felt it’s presence multiple times during the 2 weeks I was there but only through my inner vision. Nethertheless it certainly was extremely powerful when it was involved in the many processes I underwent. I also get the sense that the many beings also present at the temple grounds are the same or part of the same group that are involved behind the scenes of many other movements including those of John of God for example.


During my stay we were not allowed outside of the university grounds, mainly so that we could maintain mauna – the state of silence required to help us connect with the inner changes we were going through. Likewise it was prohibited to bring phones etc into classes and strongly advised not to be used during break times.

Everyone who goes there has a different experience depending on many factors, so you cannot really compare between people. Some people hardly feel a thing or even spend much of the course unable to stop laughing. Personally I felt like I was in an oven from the moment I approached the campus grounds till the moment I left. I had energy shifts constantly the entire time I was there whether it being due to the many times beings were working on me or not. I also suffered from a lot of bodily aches and head pains which I never normally get as well as intestinal upsets (despite being typically British and loving Indian food!). The many processes also brought up a lot of emotional energies to clear and there were quite a number of times of extreme pleasure too. One of the common uncomfortable symptoms from people including myself, was that their minds seemed to get increasingly talkative. Fortunately this was just part of the process of transformation.


My partner Kirsi tells me that when she went years ago, the courses were longer and involved more spiritual practices and deep processes over long days with only small periods of rest. In my experience, we had much more spare time and shorter days. The guides who run the courses explain that awakenings are much more easier these days as the energies of the campus grounds increase hour by hour, day by day. Years ago not many of the people who went had an awakening whereas in my group of 60 people, all of us had an awakening to one degree or another (more on what awakenings are etc in a future post ;-)).

As one of the other participants who had been there before explained, I didn’t really notice how much my trip there had benefitted me until I left India and noticed how greatly my vibration had increased and how much more seperate from mind I felt. Much of the other benefits are subtle but profound including being more at peace with my surroundings and the challenges that come my way. I am very grateful for all the changes I have undergone.

Currently the courses are only open to those who have had some connection in the past to this area, Bhagavan or are in some way have been or will be involved in the plan for awakening humanity. I generally take that to mean those people who are often referred to in new age terms as ‘star seeds’, ‘light-workers/warriors’ etc. That appears to be one of the main reasons for the application form for attendance, and also for the walls and security guards that patrol the grounds! So if you feel even the slightest connection or pull to go there, I would highly recommend filling out the application form.

PS. If you’ve never been to India before – wash hands thouroughly before and after toilet trips and before and after eating. Don’t drink tap water there and ideally stick to cooked food won’t you 😉