Perceiving the Aura & Psychic Protection


Your belief has a profound effect on the effectiveness of all psychic techniques including the following Aura exercises. The more you practice, the more you will realise that what you ‘imagine’ has a huge effect on ‘reality’.

These exercises are very useful for protecting yourself from, for example, negative thoughts from other people, EMF waves from electronic devices and geopathically stressed ground, thus reducing the damage done to your aura. I have found them particularly useful in the past when walking around shopping centres where you are exposed to large numbers of people who, unknowingly or not, are literally attempting to drain your energy to make up their own lack of energy and whose thoughts of being tired or angry at their shopping experience are also trying to penetrate your auric field. Not to mention the radiation given off by each and everybody’s mobile phone and the TVs, radios, WiFi networks, security networks etc of each shop you pass by. This is one of many examples of situations which you may like protection around you.

These exercises will also help protect against psychic attack from low-vibrational beings, device implantation and parasites due to the higher vibration of your protection.

The exercises will protect you from things outside of you – they will not protect you from any drugs, food or ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings you yourself may have for example

Ultimately, once you reach at state of loving ALL aspects of yourself, you will not need to protect yourself at all as any negativity will simply not be attracted to you in the first place or will simply not affect the high vibratory rate of your aura. Self love (not in an egotistical sense) is the ultimate way of maintaining your aura and thus your health. So please use this and other pieces of advice on this website as a way of helping you work towards the ideal state rather than cling to them forever!

To start with you may like to practice the following techniques in the comfort of your own home so that you can more easily visualise or feel the protection before applying it to other situations. Closing your eyes for example may help you visualise more clearly but you will have to practice with eyes open if you want to apply protection on the move. It is good to start by following the advice found in my article entitled ‘Grounding’. By grounding yourself you will be automatically replenishing any energy taken from you so that at least you will not be drained by that around you.

Sensing the Outside of Your Aura

  1. For those who are more visual, start by imagining a bubble around yourself and intend it to mark the outside of your aura. For those that are more kinesthetic, instead FEEL (ideally without using your hands!) a ball of energy surrounding you. Obviously seeing with your mind’s eye whilst also feeling the bubble around you is more useful for getting to know your aura and will make later exercises more powerful.
  2. Start to visualise and/or feel around all the sides of your bubble. What is it made of? How far away from your physical self is it? Is it spherical, egg-shaped or otherwise? Do some parts of the bubble seem closer than other parts? How thick is the outside of the bubble? Do you sense any areas that seem weak or have holes in it?
  3. To start with you may not sense anything at all or be sure what you are sensing is real or not but with time you will learn to trust your intuition and know what is real.
  4. For those that wish it, you can start to separate out the aura in your mind’s eye and look for the above in each layer to get more of an idea of which aspects of the self are affected, though in terms of protection this is not necessary.
  5. Regular daily practice of sensing your aura can be a great help in knowing whether you have any aspects of yourself that are in need of healing. You may like to attempt to heal yourself using energy to see or feel a hole closing or a weak area thickening for example. If you cannot fix it yourself, you can at least cease any external harm by building a protective outside layer as in the exercise below and seek a practitioner at a later date for healing.

Building a Protective Bubble

  1. If in the previous exercise you noticed any areas of your aura that appeared weak or had a hole in it, you may like to attempt to heal it using energy to see or feel a hole closing for example. If you cannot fix it yourself, you can at least cease any external harm by building a protective outside layer. You literally use your ‘imagination’ to build a bubble around you (kinesthetically or in your mind’s eye) and intend it to surround your aura.
  2. You can potentially make the protective bubble out of anything as long as you feel protected and get a sense of peace from it. Ideally a thick opaque shield made from a high frequency colour is the most useful. Why opaque you may ask? Ideally you should think of your bubble as more of a filter. In this way you will still receive experiences, light and love from that around you but anything of a lower vibration or what you may deem ‘negative’ will not pass through and affect you. Purple is useful for protection against negativity but white, silver and gold coloured light are even better as they are higher in frequency. Due to the way the average human thinks, having a thicker outside layer and/or alternate layers of purple and gold for example will help you feel even safer. Usually a thickness of an inch or more is suffice.
  3. Unlike other people’s advice on the internet, I do not recommend using mirrors or reflective surfaces as ultimately you are returning negativity back to your surroundings which harms them in the process. By setting the intention of neutralising low-frequency energy as it reaches you, you are stopping karma or if you like cause and effect from continuing.
  4. Ideally the outside protective layer you create should be evenly spaced around you in all directions. A distance of 3-4 feet away from you is good start though you may like to play with extending and contracting you aura in different situations to see if you feel any better. Often you may notice your aura automatically contracting inwards when in difficult situations whereas when you are enjoying yourself or are performing a speech to a crowd for example, you may find your aura extending further away from you.
  5. Over the course of time and especially after being in ‘negative’ environments, you may notice your protective bubble degrade and even see holes and cracks form in it. By using your intention patch up the holes and thicken the aura again by any method that suits you – whether it be you sending a beam of light to replenish it, or seeing yourself plaster up the holes with paste!
  6. As you get better at mental exercises you can literally intend that your protective layer be permanent and even automatically replenish itself until you suggest otherwise.
  7. To test your protective layer, you could always see machine guns shooting at you from all directions and visualise the bullets being neutralise instantly without any damage to the bubble. You could test it also with anything that you may intend the bubble to be strong against such as negative thoughts from others or ETs trying to attach implants to you.

Cleansing Your Aura

Once you have set up a protective bubble you might like to maintain the vibrancy aura itself with the following advice:

  1. Imagine building a trap-door at the bottom of your bubble that only swings outwards rather than inwards.
  2. Especially if you feel tired or stressed in any way you can imagine white or gold light pouring into the top of your bubble. See and feel it passing through the layers of your aura and also through your physical body itself. Feel it pushing out any tension you feel – you might like to visualise this as black energy being pushed out of you and see and feel it being pushed out of the trap-door at the bottom of your aura to be neutralised by the earth. The deeper and more detail you see and feel the light penetrating your body the stronger the sense of cleansing will be.
  3. You might like also to see and feel violet or gold flames burning all through the inside of you bubble to burn away any negativity.
  4. Close the trap door and seal any holes in the bubble you may have created before moving on.
  5. After burning or washing, you might like to fill up the inside with white or golden light to keep you fully energised.

Further Advice

  • Play around with the above advice – everyone is different and you may be more comfortable with different colours, shapes and ‘materials’ your bubble is made of. Some people for example like to see their bubble made from an imaginary egg-shell as they feel that being a more fragile substance, any damage to the bubble will more easily show up as cracks so they can keep an eye on stresses more easily.
  • Try using UPRIGHT pyramid shapes. A square based pyramid shape has been shown by decades of Russian research to be incredibly healing and protective so you may reap the benefits of this by creating in your mind a pyramid to surround you entirely or by placing one over a part of yourself that you know needs healing such as an organ or joint.
  • By having fun experimenting with building your bubble, you are also aiding the strength of your mental creativity which will help you with other conscious pursuits and it will not seem like another ‘chore’ to perform.
  • Over time as you heal more and more aspects of yourself, you may notice that your protective bubble does not need so much maintenance. This is reflective of the fact that your body is resonating at a higher frequency and so is not attracting as much low-frequency energy that we perceive as ‘negativity’.
  • For those advanced enough, the last step is to actually drop all protective barriers which of course will not be needed anyway when you are fully resonating with the vibration of love – you simply will not be attracting and/or will neutralise any negativity around you. You will also notice that in truth THERE IS NO OUTER LIMIT TO YOUR AURA as you are an unlimited being!