Cheap & Easy Ways of Harmonizing Your Home and Electronics Devices

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I own two quantum fluctuation resonators from They cost me EUR 1,200 each and were well worth the money seeing as they project a strong protective, harmonizing and healing field around them of approx 8 meters. They really have made a difference to the overall vibration to the house despite owning some strong protective items already, so very impressed. You can even see the strong effect it has in the photo above taken with a basic camera! But what if you don’t have the money to afford such protective devices? It turns out that there are some very cheap ways in which you can protect yourself without breaking the bank, in fact without spending any money at all!

I will not go into the science of why these suggestions work. If you really want to consciously understand it, there is plenty of evidence around the internet, in published books and in scientific papers which you can search for. I will simply present how you can use them for yourself.20140903_172025

Harmonising Computers and Mobile Phones

For the energy sensitive people out there, tune into the vibration of the resonator in the above picture. If you are sensitive enough you will realise that despite it only being a picture, it is still harmonising the energy of your computer screen!

So how can you use this to your advantage? Copy the image above and simply set it as the desktop background of your computer and you should notice a fall in the harmful radiation coming from your screen. To cut down mobile phone radiation you can simply set the picture as the background image.

Note that if you don’t set it as the background image, as soon as you look at something else on the screen, the frequency of your phone/computer drops. By setting it as the background picture, the computer/phone is always accessing the image and therefore the benefits are maintained, even if you are viewing something else on the screen – clever isn’t it? By comparison to the protective devices I’ve bought in the past (apart from the version which is very good), just having this image not only neutralises harmful radiation but also projects beneficial energies in a small radius around it. Told you it was cheap but effective!

Harmonisation Using Pictures and Words

Energy healers out there, including myself all know that they can change the vibration of their food and their homes simply by applying the healing techniques they learnt whilst working with others. Eventually we will all be able to do this – literally saying “delete all harmful energies from this food and introduce any energies to this food which will be beneficial to me” and KNOWING that it works can significantly change your food. This is what the prayer before eating was originally about – literally sending the love energy into your food before eating.

If you are not confident with this, or would like to not have to do this every time you eat or enter your house, there are alternatives.

Simply by writing the word ‘Love’ on the side of a glass starts to change the frequency of the glass and any contents that go inside it. This has been well documented by Dr Masaru Emoto who discovered that emotions, music and words could affect the crystallisation of water molecules.

Of course you could write this word over all your cookware, glasses bowls, walls, bags etc if you really wanted but for those who like a bit of variety, thankfully there are many other words, symbols and pictures you can use. Gratitude, peace, calm, kindness and harmony are good words. If you are sensitive enough to feel the energies of pictures, have a look around the internet and feel into the energy of certain pictures.

Any picture based on sacred geometry is generally very powerful. The genesis symbol, six-pointed star and various merkabah shapes are all good examples. Do a picture search for sacred geometry on google and you’ll find plenty of good examples:

Pictures of ascended masters and photos of living enlightened people also work in a similar way. Obviously Jesus on the cross suffering isn’t going to be anywhere near as high vibrational as a picture of him in a state of compassion. Personally I feel the whole cross, thorns on head suffering image to be a pretty dense feeling so please use your common sense here 😉

Try experimenting with other pictures and symbols and maybe start plastering them all over your computer screens, phones, walls of your home and beyond

Cheap Constructions for Harmonisation and Healing – the Pyramid

There are quite a number of things you can build fairly cheaply that can impact the energies around you. Some are messy and/or use toxic chemicals to make (such as orgonite) and some are a bit too complex for the average person to build at home (such as some of the healing chambers I have seen).

Sacred geometric shapes can be complex if made in 3D but there is one geometric shape that is really simple and very effective – the pyramid.

There are much more pyramids in the world than most people realise. Egypt is the obvious one but I know of them in China, Tibet, Bosnia, lots in Central and South American countries, in the sea off the West coast of Japan, under the sand in the sea off the west coast of India, and of course an absolute ton of them Under the Atlantic Ocean from Atlantean times. There are even some very ancient ones (estimates are thought to be around 65 million years old due to the level of sediment they are found at under the ground!!!!!) in the Ukraine where many Russian troops have been stationed.

The benefits of them are well documented but I’ll list a few of them here:

  • Curing health issues from simple infections to cancers, genetic diseases and other supposedly incurable diseases

  • Cleansing crystals

  • Removing detrimental energies from food, drinks, supplements and medicines and stopping them from going off, even stopping milk from curdling

  • Reducing geopathic stress

  • Reducing detrimental thoughts and emotions

  • Improving meditation

  • Reducing crime rates and food productivity around the pyramid

As you can see there are many benefits and this is why this simple shape has been used in so many civilisations and studied so much in certain countries in the last several decades.

Fortunately you don’t need expensive materials or to employ many thousands of people to make an effective pyramid. You don’t even have to make the sides! All you need is 4 equal lengths of wood, metal or in fact any material you wish really that are pole shaped. Simply fasten the poles together at the top and adjust the poles as desired to make the shape you wish.

According to Russian research, if you view one of the triangular sides, they found that the most powerful dimensions were 72 degrees in each of the bottom corners. If making the pyramid from metal poles, to make it more powerful, the sides of the base of the pyramid should line up with the magnetic north-south line which of course is constantly changing these days. With other materials line it up with true north-south. The main other way of making them more powerful is to make them bigger. This is how geopathic stress and crime rates in cities were observed to have dropped – big pyramids!

The most powerful concentration of beneficial energy can be found about 1/3 up from the base inside the pyramid so please place any objects or yourself here if you wish to reap the benefits given above. Obviously beneficial energies also radiate out from the peak and the sides.

Here is the pyramid I have been using for over a year now to cleanse crystals, energize my supplements, to purify the water I drink (literally tastes much purer within 3-6 hours) and to meditate under. It is set at the Russian shape as described above. My energy sensitive friends are amazed at how much the vibration of my home has changed over the time the pyramid has been set up there. One day I’ll build a more robust and prettier one but I like it the way it is for demonstrating how good 4 pieces of wood can be!

Home Pyramid Image

I hope this helps those who are on a budget to heal and change the world. I encourage anyone else with simple ideas like these to share with others.