India Trip 27th Nov – 23rd Dec

Sri Bhagavan

Journey with Bhagavan Course in India

I will be away from the 27th November until the 23rd December for my second trip to the Oneness University and Temple this year.

As before I will be unable to check my emails regularly due to the processes I will be undertaking during my time there. Seeing as people always seem to email me when I am on holiday no matter what I say, I expect it will take me some time to reply to everyone on return. Please therefore be patient with me replying to any emails you send.

The course itself is called ‘A Journey with Bhagavan’ which is a 21-year program where students are expected to attend a 3-week course each year at the Oneness Temple in India. Bhagavan along with his partner Amma, are considered avatars rather than people anymore, who anchor the ‘Golden Orb’ to the Earth plane, that is the origin of the Oneness teachings.

It is a course that aims to quicken and deeply awaken people to become a Siddha Yogi – a title given to those who are fully awakened, fully Self realised or transformed. It is a course only open to those that have a role to play in helping usher in the ‘Golden Age’ as most people call it. So if you feel a resonance with this, then I recommend that you apply to for this course via the Oneness University website.

I have very few details of what will actually happen on this course, though I expect that much of the processes I will undertake will follow Indian tradition and that, like before, I will not be allowed to give the teachings to others. This also represents that fact that much of the changes that occur to Self are outside of the teachings and are purely experiential. Nevertheless, I will write about my experiences on return.

My partner Kirsi Halla-Seppälä, will also be attending the course with me this time – it was her who recommended me to Oneness in the first place. Relationships, not just between people but with all things in this reality, is an important part of the Oneness movement as the Self cannot exist without comparing/relating to other things. I expect therefore that we will experience much change as we do this course together.

I hope that this time round I will not have to go through the intestinal problems and other bodily discomforts that I did that last time I was at the university and the weeks following that. ‘Healing crisis’ symptoms are often part of the process of change, so if it happens… it happens! I will be writing more about healing crises in a future post.