Solution for Scalar / Etheric Implant Removal?

Hi all,

I have been working on a solution to the Scalar Etheric/Archonic Implants that Cobra speaks about here. I haven’t found anyone else yet who has found a solution (please give details if you do know of anyone!) so I have been working on finding one myself.

I have tried removing these implants from people including myself several times. They can be removed but they simply reappear as I see it through my 3rd eye almost straight away. I have tried various forms of protection with different intentions to try and stop them reappearing but to no avail.

My possible solution came to me whilst understanding that we all had to agree to contracts with the Archons before incarnating as humans. This includes of course agreeing to mind control methodologies and implants. I also understand that because we have free will, that we can at any point cancel any contracts that are detrimental to us.

I have at present (confirmed by another psychic friend of mine) none of the three implants that Cobra has described above and it has been this way for half a week so far. I simply declared in my thoughts that all contracts with the low-vibrational ETs / Archons, that allow them to implant me, and allow implants to be maintained within me be cancelled permanently and proclaimed my sovereignty from them.

I was able to remove the implants again, this time without them returning! As I understand from Cobra’s report, the implants should start to dissolve without anyone needing them being removed by a healer like myself simply by cancelling you contracts. I cannot confirm this for sure without first asking lots of you out there to do the same and report back here.

You can find resources on removing contracts and other detrimental mind enslaving processes here. It could make a huge difference to the world if everyone was to proclaim their sovereignty – what a thought! 😉

5 thoughts on “Solution for Scalar / Etheric Implant Removal?”

  1. Hi Grant, thank you for sharing this 🙂 What I do is this, each morning after connecting with my Divinity:
    “I call upon the Supreme Light Intelligence from Source to surround me and my space with Divine Light and Divine Love….(and continue on for my family and home)…
    Please remove all negative energies, entities and implants from me and my space, now and forever.”
    I do this daily, and quite honesty I didn’t think to try a method that would permanently remove them 🙂 I will certainly incorporate your suggestion! Thanks again.

    Namaste and Blessings

    1. The whole process has now been confirmed to work on people who know they can cancel their contracts just by saying so – see next blog post.

      And thank you Grace. Had a quick look at your website and thank you too for helping others 🙂

      1. Namaste Grant, thanks for the reminder about the revocation. Yes, I’ve done that, using Mary-Jane Bank’s proclamation, which I find incredible! And I like your version too…”By the power of God that I Am…” I learnt that from Judy Satori but must now remember to incorporate it in my daily Life.

        I thought I’d also mention “timelines”, that is, to inlcude “across all timelines” or something to that effect?

        Thanks again, many Blessings 🙂

        1. Or of course simply intend to cancel ‘all contracts’ that allow implants and know that it’ll delete even the contracts you don’t consciously know about. All depends on the consciousness of the individual.

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