Spirit Talk Closing and Holidays to Australia

Firstly, apologies for getting back to people so late with emails. I have had a lot of trouble getting my internet browsers working for any length of time and on top of that a couple of weekends ago, a road worker cut through the telephone cable and cut off phone and internet access to the entire block. Thankfully I was able to use other people’s computers and took this period as ‘a sign’ (if I choose to believe in that ;-)) to take it easy and spend less time on my computer and more time in nature. I’ll post more on some of the things that came to mind later.


I will be travelling to Australia for two weeks starting on the 22nd Nov. I will be visiting ‘John of God‘ in Sydney for two days to experience what he has to offer before heading off to Noosa in Queensland for more advanced Access Consciousness courses.

I realised recently that some of the beings who help in my healing sessions are the same as that who work with John of God, hence one of the reasons I was intrigued to see him, as well as my love of experiencing healings to help my own abilities grow.

Obviously during this period I may not be able to access emails that frequently so please be patient until I can respond 😉

Spirit Talk Closing

This is more for the locals of Christchurch. The the girls that run Spirit Talk in Ferrymead are looking to find someone to take over their lease. I rent a room from them and I will be unable to once they find someone else to take over the building. Thus I have decided to start offering in-person sessions from my home in the centre of Christchurch city itself, starting from the time I return from Australia on December 4th. I will put more details up on the website regards to directions etc soon.

If you know of anyone who might like to take over the lease of the building then please contact the girls at Spirit Talk for more 🙂