The ‘Tangerine Effect’ on Meditation, Concentration & Baldness!

This was one of the techniques that I started using over 10 years ago to aid me in focussing during meditation. Ultimately the increased concentration it gave me, enabled me to separate my light body from my physical body and go off wandering around the galaxy!

It appears that the back of the top of the head, the area where many men start to go bald, is related to concentration and focus. In fact if you look at the many books and apps that relate mental/emotional characteristics to certain diseases/conditions, you will note that baldness is related to lack of concentration, lack of focus, indecisiveness and not following through/finishing a thought process.

Of course the cause of baldness may not stem from this life, but one or more previous lives of these characteristics or simply taking on the cellular memory (i.e. core genetics or epi-genetics) of the physical body’s ancestry, rather than your spirit’s history. Doing clearing statements/healings/affirmations etc surrounding these subjects as well as working on your focus and being present in life at all times, may just help you with your baldness!

Maybe man’s history of letting go of old practices and giving up their powers to ‘those in charge’ were at least in part the original cause of balding?! I’ll let you decide on that one. Just a question flung out there to raise awareness and possibilities as always 😉

So how can we use this area to our advantage? Start by placing your awareness at the top of the back of the head and maintaining it there, no matter what other thoughts, sensations and other things are going on in or around you. Doing this regularly at least once a day, even if it is just for 5 minutes or so will start to develop your ability to focus more clearly.

Some people manage better with this exercise if you imagine an object such as a tangerine (hence the origin of the name of this exercise) at the back of the top of your head. By seeing it and feeling it there on your head in as much detail as possible, making it as real as possible, it strengthens your perception of that area and hence the effect of the exercise.

Once you become proficient in this you can apply it before or during your normal meditations and even whilst out doing everyday tasks, helping you to become more present and grounded in life. By being more present and focussed, rather than letting your mind wander, you will start to be more aware, rather than being reactionary and working from automatic programming/habits. Your thoughts will also start to become more organised and efficient rather than distracted and muddled.

Once you understand that everything around us is created first through thought, then you can see immediately how this exercise can aid in all areas of life. A simple search on meditation alone will highlight this fact.

So please do use this exercise to boost your meditative power, and everyday focus as you see fit 😉