The Bosnian Pyramids

View from the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

I know a number of you had requested that I write about our trip to the Bosnian Pyramids back in May. I know, a bit late but I finally got around to it 😉

We went as part of one of the Grand Tours organised by the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, which we found out about through one of Judy Satori’s newsletters. Judy Satori for those who have not come across her yet, has been speaking what she calls “light language” for many years now and uses it to bring through information, healing and transformation to help us into the “Golden Age”. She was one of the many speakers there on this trip and among other things, brought through the codes to help activate certain areas in and around the Bosnian Pyramid complex. I had listened to many of her audio tracks (many of which are completely free by the way) in 2011 and 2012 and have listened to the odd recording of hers as it feels right ever since. If you feel like you would like to explore the use of light language on your journey, then you can visit her website here at

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun viewed from Visoko

The town of Visoko sits right at the foot of the largest Bosnian Pyramid discovered so far – the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun as it has been named. You can see the outline of this pyramid from pretty much anywhere in the town. There were so many people on this particular tour that there was no room left in the local hotel and so we ended up staying in the many rooms available to visitors in the local Franciscan Monastery. It was very peaceful here and was perfect for those who wished to have a quieter stay.

Spiritual egos

The different speakers present on this tour certainly meant that people of different mindsets were present on the tour. We had a large group from India who resonated more with Grand Master Brahmarshi Patriji and his meditation teachings and who is also a supporter of pyramid building to aid in the awakening process. As a side note, India is now the country with the largest number of pyramids, which according to the pyramid organisation’s representatives, total over 10,000 across India and is continually growing as the benefit of pyramids is reaching more and more people.

We had people that resonated more with Judy Satori and the guidance of extraterrestrial beings on taking us to the golden age. We had people that resonated with Ladan (a spiritual lady from the UK who I may have gotten the name of wrong!) who was much more into angels and orbs, and of course we had a lot of people who resonated more with Dr Sam Osmanagich, the archeologist who was the organiser of the tour and who was the modern-day discover of the Bosnian pyramids.

This variety of mindsets certainly caused some egoic friction between the groups on the tour. This is something I commonly see between spiritual groups all around the planet, each claiming to be the one who is correct and/or have the higher knowledge. As such there has been a lot of in-fighting between “spiritual” people, even to the extent of claiming that certain people and organisations are “of the dark” or “false light” when it is simply a matter of different perspective/path. For myself and Åsa-Maria, this was actually part of the beauty of the tour. We view it that the higher frequencies of the pyramids as well as the interactions within the group, were bringing up the lower vibrational belief systems to the surface to be cleared presenting a fantastic opportunity for transformation to occur. For those on the tour that were still identified with the egoic state, it may have seemed uncomfortable for them but from our perspective it was wonderful to see their energetics change to a higher bandwidth shall we say, as the days progressed.

Dr Sam Osmanagich giving a talk at one of the excavation sites at the foot of the Tumulus. Grand Master Brahmarshi Patriji can be seen wearing shades sitting underneath the sign.

The tour

Over the coming days we visited various different parts of the pyramid complex, including the underground tunnels, archeological park, various ancient mounds and structures as well as several of the pyramids themselves. We also had several talks we could go to organised by one of the several speakers there. Judy Satori, Grand Master Brahmarshi Patriji and several other people gave guided meditations throughout the tour, often to aid in activating energies related to the pyramids and/or ourselves.

Though there were other smaller pyramids and others yet to be investigated to be confirmed as pyramids, the tour was mostly concerned with the Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Dragon, and Pyramid of Love, as they have been named by the Bosnians. We also spent a lot of time in the prehistoric underground tunnels and visited other ancient structures such as the tumulus.

Controversy over their discovery

The Pyramid of the Sun was discovered when Dr Sam Osmanagich (a Bosnian businessman, archaeologist, anthropological professor and author whose website you can find here) was visiting Visoko to go to a museum there. When looking at the hillside that overlooks Visoko, he found it remarkably pyramidal shaped. Soon after some initial investigations, he built a non-profit organisation called the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, to further investigate and help educate others of their findings.

The organisation has come under quite a lot of pressure over the years as their findings go against the current story of human history as we are told in text-books. Despite holding international conferences since 2008 where now over 200 experts from various fields of study and countries have supported, confirmed and/or built upon Dr Sam Osmanagich’s findings, there is still a lot of media claiming that the Bosnian pyramids are a fraud. There has been a lot of pressure from the Bosnian government to close down investigations and even some prominent Egyptologists and archaeologists have either shied away from comment or outwardly condemned them.

The much treasured museum within Sarajevo. According to our guides, this was the very first building to be attacked by government forces during the Bosnian War and holds all the records of peaceful interaction between the various religions that happily and very closely co-exist within the capital. Literally you can find multiple Mosques, right next to synagogues and cathedrals. They very much pride themselves as being an example of a country where differing beliefs can happily live in balance which our guides all said was the main thing the conflict aimed to destroy.

Many people have also commented on the fact there was the Bosnian War not too long ago as part of the break-up of Yugoslavia. They theorise that the Pyramid discoveries are simply a way of bringing tourism and hence prosperity back to the people. Though there were certainly many poor people begging for money around the pyramids and Visoko, I felt that the information provided was not only consistent and thorough but also honest.

I find that whenever there is a subject that can create great change on the planet, there will always be those who believe they will have a lot to lose. The evidence and amount of resources being poured into covering something up is often a hint that something important is going on. That being said, it is up to you what you wish to believe. You are welcome to read some of Dr Sam Osmanagich’s books on the subject, browse through the scientific news listed at and/or visit the pyramids themselves, in comparison to the main-stream news 😉

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The location map of the various pyramids and tunnels as provided by the Pyramida de Sunca foundation. The town of Visoko is clearly seen in the middle of the picture.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest of the Bosnian pyramids. It is larger than the largest of the Egyptian pyramids and if further excavations are performed beneath the current ones, to confirm underground scans, it is likely to be even bigger!

Like all the other pyramids, it has been covered in soil and vegetation for thousands of years but due to its size, its pyramidal shape can still be seen quite easily as can be seen in these photos. Due to being Bosnia’s capital in medieval times, a fortress was built on top of the pyramid which has somewhat made the top an uneven shape.

Some of the remaining walls of the medieval castle on top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. In the background you can see raised hills to the West side of the pyramid and a local road built long before the pyramid’s discovery but serves as a useful way to access the top of the pyramid.

It is orientated such that the sides of the pyramid face North, South, East and West. The West face of the pyramid continues into the hills possibly like a very large entrance hall-way, which is much like how other old pyramids around the world are built so I am told. The other pyramids are harder to see mostly due to the large amount of soil movement and depositation over thousands of years as well as the vegetation that has grown over them. Most of the discoveries therefore have been confirmed or suggested by excavation (most of which have been left exposed so that tourists can see for themselves) and underground scanning technologies.

Carbon-dating investigations by several independent organisations all confirm the soil on top of the Pyramid of the Sun to be around 24,800 years old. Plenty of time to have covered the pyramid then. When digging deeper, they were surprised to find that at all excavation sites around the pyramid are covered in “concrete” which appears to be formed from shale from the local hills mixed with clay.

Some of the huge slabs of “concrete” exposed at one of the many excavation sites around the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

They are laid down in layers that are three times thicker at the corners of the pyramid. They theorise that the concrete could only have been formed by somehow melting the clay rather than simply mixing it as it is so tough – it has been independently tested to be harder than the hardest modern concrete with only 1% absorption rate of water compared to the hardest modern concrete at 3%, so we were told. On top of this, several clay samples of this concrete were independently tested to be 29,200 years old, plus or minus 400 years. If carbon dating is to be believed and if the dates of other pyramids around the world are also correct, this makes the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to be the largest and oldest pyramid so far discovered.

Various scanning technologies (I apologise for forgetting what sorts of scans have been used!) over the years by several different independent groups all show there to be hard surfaces and empty spaces within the pyramid, as well as possible tunnels leading there. An entrance has yet to be found and much caution by psychics (who by the way have been invited to comment on the history of the pyramid and written about in one of Dr Sam’s books – “Ancient History Beyond the Veil”) has been advised due to the power being generated inside.

View from the base of the East side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The hill in the centre where only one triangular side can be roughly seen is the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. The Hill to the very right of the picture has been called “The Temple of Mother Earth”.

Of course there is much speculation about what could be there and the multiple uses, but the measurements of the energy emanating from the sides and top of the pyramids as well as other local structures such as the tumulus are well know. The Ultrasound frequency of 28kHz has been found at all the aforementioned locations. The energy at the peak of the Pyramid of the Sun actually becomes more powerful the further away from the pyramid’s peak you go, suggesting uses in intergalactic communication. There were several stories of people having huge awakenings whilst within these areas especially whilst spending time at the peak of the pyramid.

Both my Self and Åsa-Maria felt such strong energies coming from the pyramids and the surrounding area. Often the energies felt very harmonious and at times uncomfortable as dissonant energies within us came up from within to be released. We both certainly felt a healing effect on our bodies that’s for sure.

Prehistoric “Ravne” tunnels

The tunnels are about 2.5km south-west of the Pyramid of the Sun and along with various meditation platforms and intriguing scientific structures donated by groups from various countries form the Archaeological Park.

One of the many experimental structures built within the park. There are quartz crystals pointing upwards underneath each stone. Each circle has a radius that is a multiple of well-known mathematical numbers including, Pi and Phi. Simply walking in circles within this structure has been shown to temporarily at least improve various health markers and generally improve the aura of a person.

The structure of the tunnels is fascinating and I could hardly do it justice with what I can remember from the trip. Needless to say that they appear to be kept from falling in by energetic tension or memory of some sort. The lack of straight lines (lots of curves), the humidity, strange prehistoric ceramics with rune symbols on them that are around as old as the Pyramid of the Sun, underground water flow and many other components which are poorly understood thus far all contribute to their maintenance.

The different areas of the tunnels suggest that several different dwellers and builders influenced their construction over thousands of years all seemingly in alignment with nature and very knowledgeable. I certainly saw a great many beings with my mind’s eye within the tunnels, some species known to me but many not. There are many photos that people have taken there showing thousands of orbs. There are even videos of moving orbs in the background such as during a politician’s visit whilst being guided by Dr Sam, which I can’t quite find on Youtube at the moment…

Healing effects of the Ravne tunnels

The “Meditation Room” – one of the more open areas within the tunnel complex, named so due to the many healing properties discovered here.

Several of our meditation and energy activation sessions led by the various guest speakers were performed in the tunnels and park. Perhaps the most talked-about meditation sessions occurred in complete darkness in the tunnels.

Much like what I said earlier about beneficial/healing energies, the tunnels certainly brought up intense joy in some people and fear in others. When looking at all the scientific studies performed there, it is not surprising why they have such a healing effect.

There have been no toxins found in the air or water within the tunnels. Apart from near the entrance, the temperature is 12.5 degrees celsius, oxygen is 20.4%, and humidity is 85%. This is constant throughout, no matter where you are in the tunnels, which is amazing considering how far from the entrance you can be in there.

In addition, even though the tunnels are on average 25 meters beneath the surface, absolutely no electromagnetic radiation, natural or man-made makes it into the tunnels – much like a Faraday cage. The main ones found there are the well documented and beneficial 28kHz (ultrasound) and 7.83Hz frequencies. The latter most commonly known as the Schumann frequency. Again both frequencies are constant no matter where you are in the tunnels.

One of the many slightly curved narrow tunnels. Note too the egg-like profile which contributes to maintaining its stability. Amazingly, few of the tunnels after excavation required wooden struts to keep them from collapsing.

According to the Bovis scale, developed by the French physician of the same name, measures the vibrational quality of objects. 0-6500 units is considered life depleting such as a crack in the earth’s surface or food that has gone off. 6500 is considered neutral and 7500-8000 is typical of a healthy human body. Certain Tibetan temples that have been measured are around 14000 Bovis. Using a Bovis meter within the tunnels however showed measurements of 25000 to 40000 Bovis!

When studying negatively charged ions, they are in abundance. Confusingly for some people, negatively charged ions, also called anions are very beneficial for bodily healing as they are involved in anti-oxidant processes greatly aiding in all sorts of conditions. Positively charged ions conversely are harmful as they are involved in the opposite process. The anion concentration of a typical office or meeting room is somewhere between 25-100 per cubic centimeter. On streets within cities that rises to 250-450; villages can vary widely 800-1800; mountain ranges can be around 5000. Within the tunnels the concentration increases the further you go in and especially at certain areas such as around the curious megalithic stones within the tunnels which are reported (and yes I felt it too) to direct and amplify energies within the tunnels. 40 meters from the entrance the concentration is 3000 anions per cubic centimeter rising to 18,000 in the area labelled as “the healing chamber”

It gets better. The water within the tunnels is what I would call activated water. It has been tested to be completely clean of bacteria and toxins and is claimed to have healing properties so long as you keep it sealed in a darkened container if you take it away from the tunnels otherwise it’s properties diminish.

One of several curious stones that appear to be, from scanning techniques, made from separate stones molded together giving them some very interesting electromagnetic properties. Due to their position within the tunnels above underground water currents, they appear to direct energy flow in some way. Note too the runes covering the stone, calling into question how old runes actually are – the tunnels and their contents have been carbon dated to similar ages as the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun!

Considering these measurements, it is not surprising that there have been many studies on the healing effects of the tunnels. Not only is there plenty of data on the stabilisation of blood pressure, blood glucose levels, increased lung capacity and aura vibrational increases for example but also a number of people have had drastic improvements in their conditions especially if spending many hours in the tunnels consistently over many days. Again there are many reports documented on the website.

You can go and volunteer!

There is so much more I could talk about what has been discovered in and around Visoko. I hope I have given you a good overview of what were for me, some of the highlights of my trip. However if you wish to know more, then I suggest you read some of Dr Sam Osmanagich’s books/the foundation’s websites, visit the area yourself (the organised tours provided by the Pyramid de Sunca foundation are highly recommended – or even volunteer.

I know several people on our tour stayed in Visoko afterwards to volunteer for a few weeks and I know several of my customers have written that they have too. They have all recommended others do the same because of the wonderful times they had there. What better way to help the organisation explore further whilst experiencing the healing energies of the area in the process? Again you can find out about volunteering from the foundation’s tourism website –

As the years go by there are more and more discoveries being made, however whilst the pyramids are relatively unknown to the general public it is a good time to go to avoid the queues, especially in the narrow and often low-ceiling height tunnels where not many people can fit!