Etheric Implant Removal

Due to the amount of questions I get via email, I have provided here a commonly asked questions list about etheric implant removal.


For those of you who have not seen this page on Etheric Implant Removals over the years, it has actually gone through various incarnations as I have adapted it to the growing consciousness of my audience. It is time I feel, that the spiritual/new age community opens up this subject to re-evaluate it in accordance with this consciousness shift…

Ultimately, Etheric Implants exist as a result of a belief system buried within the psyche of humanity. You could view them as projections of these inner beliefs that are perceived to be very real to those who start to see into the more subtle realities. It has been said by many psychics that implants were implemented as a form of control in past ages, such as during the end of the Atlantean period. Regardless of whether or not these events actually occurred (and whether or not they occurred in physical reality), it appears that there was something that happened in the past for the subject of etheric implants to be so prevalent in the awakening population, and for it to continue to be an issue in this reality.

The belief in etheric implants is what makes them real to us. And what about the whole extraterrestrial scenario that causes impantation? That also only exists due to belief. This reality exists because we have chosen to agree for it to exist and have repeated the thoughts that created it, in order to maintain its existence. That is really what a belief is – a repeated thought that is concentrated so much that it manifests as “real”. This is why the wise often say that things exist but have no inherent existence. I am not trying to rubbish those people who say that implants exist. Far from it. The screen you are using to read this also doesn’t inherently exist either. It is simply concentrated thought, so concentrated that we perceive it as solid, as “real”. The difference is that etheric implants exist at a much more subtle level and as such can be dissolved much more easily than the screen in front of you can. If we truly wish to dissolve the sources of suffering on this planet away, then the beliefs that creates implants and psychic attacks should be included in that.

So why am I highlighting belief and reality in this introduction to etheric implants? I feel that the way that the spiritual/new-age community has generally written about them in the past has created too much significance and people have often responded by generating fear about this subject. This I feel means that we are maintaining and even building more of this scenario of implantation rather than dissolving it and moving forwards. Those that are starting to truly understand that they are the creators of their own reality and co-creators of this reality are realising this (rather than just understanding it logically), and many now live without the existence of implants at any level.

It is important too, to point out that many people are not aware that they hold within themselves the belief of etheric implants. Most people only start to fully sense etheric implants as they become more and more aware about their physical and energetic bodies and the trapped energies stored within them. Many people may not label them as such and/or perceive them as something different of course, and there is nothing wrong with that, so long as they are able to move forwards using the belief system they work within.

Many people who go through an Etheric Implant Removal session do not directly detect the implants themselves but simply come across articles/conversations etc about them and get an inner feeling that they might have implants even if they cannot directly sense individual implants. Others who go through the process may not believe in this subject at all but get a sense that a session may benefit them in some way regardless.

Who is the Etheric Implant Removal process good for?

1. Those who still have etheric implants as their reality and/or who wish to shift from this reality
2. Those who perceive etheric implants as something different in their reality such as an energy block relating to a belief, stuck emotions or something else entirely, and would like them removed
3. Those who simply feel that they would benefit from having a session whether they believe in implants or not
4. Those who sense that they may have a subconscious/unconscious belief about etheric implants

So what are Etheric Implants?

Implants are simply ‘devices’ that are placed within your auric field to manipulate you and your body. They can be of a beneficial nature or of a detrimental nature. Most literature on the internet tends to focus on the detrimental ones. The majority of implants I deal with are found in the etheric layer of your being (the blue print if you like for your physical body) hence the term ‘etheric implants’.

Most people are oblivious to the fact that they have them in their reality, so generally it is people who are on the path of awakening who eventual become aware of their existence (and thus that they have a hidden belief within themselves that they exist) due to their improvement in awareness or because they come across a block to further spiritual progress.

In general, the spiritual/new-age community describe that they have the ability to alter the frequency of energy of your body. In this way implants are said to reduce the healing efficiency of your body and impact you in multiple ways. Often having them removed reduces pain, emotional distress, cluttered thoughts and even make addictions easier to remedy etc. This is all dependant on whether any particular implant was an influence or not, as of course there are many other causes for each individual complaint. In the majority of cases, Etheric Implant Removal serves to remove the blocks to limitation such that people can move forwards more easily rather than directly solving and curing any particular complaint directly.

Where do Etheric Implants come from?

The reasons of why implants are there in the first place is a complex subject. There are a great many stories for different types of implant. I will not go into too much detail about who or what place implants within people’s auras as there are plenty of websites you can visit to explore this. It is up to you what you decide to believe is true when reading these websites, but I would suggest that you listen to your heart when you do so and notice how much fear and suffering is created in your body when you strengthen these beliefs and how the opposite is true when you let go of them.

As I have said before, ultimately they exist because at some point your consciousness, or at least the distant ancestry of the physical body that you chose to inhabit, created the beliefs that make them a reality, and continue to make implants and the scenarios that cause implantation a reality. My aim here is to dissolve those stories such that they don’t have to be a real for us. I hope eventually that this means I will not have to offer this service at some point in the future!

What sorts of Etheric Implant are there?

There are many different types of implant due to the varying scenarios in which they were created.

For example in recent years the “Matrix” or “Archontic” implants have received a lot of attention. Most healers/psychics perceive them as large octopus/spider-like shapes. I have often wondered whether this is because they often are found along nerve/artery bundles within the etheric body which can look like that sort of shape. Most psychics seem to have concluded that these were implemented at the time of birth or at least before the energetic Self enters the body.

There also exist much smaller implants. Many are perceived to be of a crystalline structure and are smaller than even the mitochodria of a cell. I called these the ‘dot’ implants when I first perceived them, though they are given other names by other healers. There are also larger crystalline types too. Most psychics believe that these crystalline types mostly came from Atlantean/Lemurian times and/or from off-planet lives. They are often also perceived as imprints of the implants that ‘physically’ existed in those other lives. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the belief of these types existing is held within the sub/un-consciousness of the individual.

There are also a wide variety of other types of implant with various interesting stories behind them. I have listed some of the descriptions psychics, other healers and customers have given in the past on the Etheric Implants Commonly Asked Questions page.

New types of Etheric Implant are often created

New etheric implants are often made. In the past, the most common reason my customers gave for these uncommon implants was to do with extra-terrestrial “attacks” or “black magic” being used on them. There are people who, especially after reading about etheric implants, start to blame all their sufferings on implants. Often they perceive that another person is implanting them. Continuation of this can often manifest implants as real for them – hence the creation of new implants.

No matter whether the scenarios are perceived as “real” or not, it is the beliefs held within that manifests and/or attracts those people/beings/scenarios to the individual involved. Afterall, the ego/false Self loves to find others to blame rather than admitting that it is the ultimate cause. Many of these beliefs are created or strengthened by those reading the many of stories surrounding the “Negative Alien Agenda”, as many spiritual/new-age writers call it.

Yet again, I stress that people need to truly realise that they are the creators of their reality and co-creators of this reality. As such, if you wish to create a world without suffering, then realise the creator in you and start to dissolve what is creating and/or attracting these situations in your life. This service, as well as the Belief Removal / Limitation Removal services I offer, are there to help you with this.

Physical Implants

There have been many stories concerning physical implants. Some are placed in your body by choice such as those microchips that have been talked about in the US media that allow tracking. Many are supposedly placed in people’s bodies during operations for another complaint, via injections and even by physical abduction. I have not come across any of these in my experience. Obviously as I am not a surgeon of any kind, these are not the sort of implants I can help people with either!

Other Types of Implants As Defined By Others

Some psychics and healers due to their different definitions of implants also classify the following as implants:

All energetic parasites – I do not personally classify all parasites as implants as many are ‘naturally’ occurring in the astral realms. For example many behave much like dust mites and bacteria in the physical world and serve a purpose cleaning up the debris within that reality. Many psychics and healers describe how certain parasites have been modified to target humans such as the SPEs (see the Etheric Implant Commonly Asked Questions page for more) and so classify them as implants.

Thought-forms/belief systems/subliminal messages – e.g. ‘implanting’ the image of a coke can repeatedly in the background of a film to get you to buy more coca-cola; repeated lyrics in songs so as to imprint the belief that you have to sacrifice for love. Access Consciousness for example describe anger, rage, fury, hate, blame, shame, regret, guilt, addiction, compulsion, obsession, jealousy, fear and doubt to mention but a few, as ‘distractor implants’ – If you allow them, they run your life on auto pilot and thus take you away from awareness. Many of these can create energy blocks within the body which some people and psychics often label as implants.

Typical Symptoms

Due to the multiple types and presence of etheric implants in multiple areas of the energy body, the sorts of symptoms created by them are wide-ranging – again all to do with the beliefs each individual has about them. In addition, there are a great many other influences on your physical, emotional and mental Selves such as electromagnetic radiation, drugs/food, other people’s and your own thoughts and feelings etc.

In this respect, implants are not the only cause of suffering. Though there can be a sudden and strong change after implants and their beliefs are removed, working on other energy blocks and the beliefs that caused them is what is usually needed to completely solve a particular complaint.

Here is a brief list of typical symptoms that others have reported and that you may experience with etheric implants, but please note that many of these types of symptoms are mostly caused by things other than implants:

  • Feeling not true to their Self
  • Feeling low on energy, no matter how much rest/sleep/food is had
  • Feeling lost, confused, held back
  • Cluttered and negative thoughts and feelings
  • Feeling like sabotaging their Selves every time a possible way to create positive change comes around
  • Being unable to quit an addiction
  • Chronic symptoms of disease that no doctor is able to fully diagnose
  • Fear of moving forwards in life
  • Being unable to voice themselves and stand in their power against injustices to their Selves and the world
  • Feeling useless, powerless, unmotivated
  • Constant nightmares that don’t seem to go away
  • Trouble connecting to higher self
  • Feeling like certain people and situations always ‘push their buttons’ without any logical reason
  • Not being able to receive full benefits of healings/therapies from others
  • Lack of compassion/understanding/acceptance for others and Self
  • Being constantly judgemental of Self, others and situations
  • Trouble focussing and meditating no matter how much time and effort is put in
  • Trouble reaching higher levels of existence whilst astral travelling
  • Frequent illnesses
  • Feeling hypersensitive to other people’s thoughts, feelings and other electromagnetic stimuli
  • Lots of negative thoughts about people and situations despite there being no real reason for them
  • Being unable to release deep hurt and judgements
  • Feeling unconnected to nature
  • Feeling unsure about life’s purpose
  • Hearing disturbing voices in their head
  • Feeling weak or unprotected from psychic attack

Initial After-Effects of Etheric Implant Removal:

Aside from the large energy shifts directly relating to their removal, a lot of energy blocks, like stuck thoughts and emotions are often hidden behind them. This is why some people go through a ‘healing crisis’ afterwards – i.e. many physical, mental and emotional symptoms appear or worsen before getting better. Of course I attempt to remove all the major energy blocks I can within the treatment to prevent this, however the rise in vibration the body experiences, can lead to further energy blocks slowly being pushed from deep within.

Some people can have all the etheric implants removed in one session and experience no adverse symptoms whereas some people can have just one removed and a whole host of mental emotional and physical issues come up to the surface to be cleared over the preceding days to weeks. It all depends how many implants there are, where they are found, how much healing the person has already received in the past and how aware the individual is of their body, emotions and mind.

Of course many people feel much lighter, less dense, elated, joyful, relaxed and/or energised straight after a session. Due to the energetic shift, people often also feel thirsty, hungry and sleepy. No matter what each individual experiences, I always sense a shift in them that helps them move forwards in spiritual practice, health and/or happiness – otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it 😉

I have given a small list of typical symptoms that appear if a healing crisis occurs before getting better:

  • Increased discharge of low vibrational energies for a period of time
  • Emotional and mental issues coming to the surface to be cleared
  • Head aches and other bodily aches that subside as stresses are released
  • Feeling spaced out or not being present/grounded for a period of time
  • Feeling tired/lethargic/unmotivated/lacking energy for exercise
  • Breaking out in rashes on legs and arms
  • Flu like feelings
  • Chemicals coming out through the skin, urine and faeces
  • Coughing up cigarette tar
  • Feeling depressed
  • Lack of hunger
  • Uncomfortable energy movements and discharges

Benefits of Etheric Implant Removal

Please be aware that implant removal is not usually a quick fix. Etheric implants and the beliefs surrounding them are certainly not the only reason you may be suffering from certain complaints.

In fact most people have multiple reasons for each complaint including, beliefs, judgements, stuck thoughts and emotions from this and other lives for example. Sometimes implant removal is enough for a complete resolution but most often this is not the case. As such I recommend further healing and spiritual/consciousness exercises as needed.

What is certain however is that removing implants removes one of many brakes that limit you from moving forwards and therefore helps in quickening the resolution of all other problems. This for me is the main benefit of Etheric Implant Removal and why I perform it for others.

Here are some of many examples of how people have felt Etheric Implant Removal has benefitted them:

  • Feeling more connected to higher self
  • Being able to calm thoughts more easily and meditate more deeply
  • Being able to leave the body more easily and/or go to higher realms of existence
  • Feeling more centred and present in the body
  • Cessation or decrease of pain and other symptoms of disease
  • Making decisions more easily
  • Feeling more able to stand in their power and being true to Self more
  • Feeling more energised and that energy flows more easily through the body
  • Being able to give up addictions such as smoking and drink more easily
  • Cessation of nightmares and/or much happier/clearer dreams
  • Feeling motivated and able to make changes and move forwards in life
  • Elevated mood
  • Easing or cessation of depression and other mental disorders
  • Increased feelings of love and compassion
  • Partner/friend/family relationship issues being less of a problem
  • Situations and people no longer “triggering” them
  • Being less judgemental
  • Increased effectiveness of other healing and empowering techniques
  • Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and other psychic abilities start to appear or become clearer
  • Feeling more protected from psychic attack, low vibrational energies from technology/geopathic stress and thoughts/feelings of others
  • Not needing to use medications any more
  • DNA and other energetic activations working more deeply and effectively than before
  • Feeling more connected with nature, the planet and other people
  • Feeling much happier and content about all things in life
  • Feeling like they are clearer on what their life’s purpose is
  • Being able to ‘fix’ problems in life more easily
  • Psychic protection is easier to put up and is stronger
  • Interfering negative voices cease
  • Performing less self sabotaging actions

How Do I Remove Implants?

In the past I used a variety of techniques such as pulling them out with my mind or burning them with purple flames. However over time, I have realised that the strongest and most effective techniques are the easiest. Now I simply just observe the perceived implants in complete allowance. That is I see and feel each implant without any form of judgement, fight, resistance or reaction.

In this way much higher vibrational energies can come to whatever I observe compared to other techniques I have previously used. This energy can be called unconditional love, energy from god/source/all-that-is/divine, whatever you wish to call it. The implant simply dissolves in this light or suddenly pops out of the energy body in response to it, where it can be sent back to source. In the same way the belief of each individual implant existing receives that same fate. This method is the same no matter whether I treat you in person, via Skype or completely absently.

If you choose to have a Skype session with me, I will do a running commentary on what I am doing and I can answer any questions you may have during the process. Alternatively if you choose to have an absent session, I will simply write a report on what was achieved. Either way, you will be provided with further instructions, such as what is best to do before and during the session, soon after you book an appointment.

I only usually have time during one session to remove the commonly perceived etheric implants. Thus if you or I perceive others, then be open to having a second session. Usually if a second session is needed, I don’t need to spend much time on removing implants and so can incorporated other forms of healing in the same session according to what is requested. Thankfully the majority of people only really need one session and they can move onto other forms of healing.

Booking And Paying For An Appointment

If you would like an appointment to have your implants removed, then please go to the Grant Podesta – Booking page and follow the instructions there.

Do You Have More Questions?

For more information on questions you might have about Etheric Implant Removal, I have provided a commonly asked questions list about etheric implant removal.
You will also find some people’s experiences of Etheric Implant Removal in the Testimonials section of this website.