Welcome to GrantPodesta.com.

I provide a variety of alternative distance healing services to people all around the world. I have become most well known for my work on helping people let go of limiting beliefs, such as being controlled by etheric implants.

I am also here to help you:

  • Heal any physical, emotional and mental complaints
  • Remove energetic blocks, from your energy bodies
  • Better deal with entities from other dimensions densities and spaces, including ghosts and extra-terrestrials
  • Dissolve limiting beliefs and judgments
  • Awaken psychic abilities
  • Connect more with source energy
  • Be more present in the now
  • Bring more joy into your life, become more harmonious with others and your surroundings
  • Develop your own healing abilities
  • Work towards 5th density consciousness

You will find many different viewpoints, models, ideas or if you like belief systems on this website. They will also change over time as this website is re-written to cater for the paradigm shift that human consciousness is going through, and of course as I continue to grow! Different perspectives are also related to the level of consciousness they are viewed from and so can seem contradictory as you are working towards 4th and 5th density consciousness.

You might agree and align yourself with my writings and gain great benefits from them, but ultimately it must be understood that they are simply bits of advice to help you on your journey. Pointers if you like, rather than inherent truths. Many of my customers who truly understand this come for treatment despite not agreeing with much of what I have written.

As such I feel it is always best to go with your inner guidance as to if and when you might like a treatment from myself. If you are not able to do this yet, then of course I am happy to help you discover this.

I wish you all the best ๐Ÿ™‚