Cancelling Spiritual Contracts

Many people are completely unaware that they have spiritual contracts. You can think of them as agreements made by your higher self and others before incarnating as a human. You can also form contracts within a lifetime.

Many of them you could consider are of a beneficial nature. For example another of your ‘soul group’ may decide to experience or ‘learn’ something in a particular lifetime and may require an agreement with you to enable that to happen. It could be experiencing love and hardship together or even experiencing being ‘enemies’ of each other such that the Self may experience and gain understanding.

Of course you do not have to continue going through such experiences if you don’t desire to. You are a sovereign being and as such have free-will. You always have choice and you can choose to cancel any contracts you may have at any time!

The story goes that because low-vibrational entities who call themselves Archons have had control of the incarnation process on Earth over the last 24ish thousand years, to incarnate as a human you would have had to agree to their terms and conditions. Many of these conditions involve forgetting who you really are, your past lives, as well as allowing them to influence you via etheric implants and other mind control techniques. Again up to you what you believe and feel is right for you 😉

By cancelling contracts such as these, you will be declaring your sovereignty and they will not be able to interfere with using these as excuses any longer. This includes the use of implants (please see Implant Removal for details on how detrimental these can be to you) and other mind control techniques that are stopping you being you. Obviously this means a tremendous healing effect can occur afterwards as blocks are removed. Note that some people may not find relief from certain beings so please contact me if this is the case.

How do you cancel soul contracts? Simple. You simply say out loud or in your head for example “By the power of god that I am, I cancel ALL contracts between my Self and the Archons, in all lives, times, dimensions and all other realities now and forever.” Know that ALL contracts means ALL contracts that you could possibly think of and all those that you couldn’t possibly think of, such as in other dimensions, parallel universes, past and future lives and so on. Just say it and KNOW that it works.

Of course, please use wording that you are more comfortable with. You might like to say it multiple times if you use the rule of three. You may also like to be more specific such as “By the power of God that I am, I cancel all contracts between myself and all beings, that allow me to be implanted and allow implants to be maintained within my being.”

For some of you, you may feel that you need to say these statements many hundreds of times to fully free yourself. Certain contracts may not be fully cancelled due to the fact that you have other contracts that link with the one you are trying to cancel.

In some cases the statements you design yourself may not fully work because the wording is not quite correct – each word has a very specific vibration after all. For this and many other reasons I find it better to use clearing statements that start with a question so that you can encompass a greater number of contracts and similar agreements in one go. The following is a very powerful example that I designed myself and if you wish to know more about how these sorts of statements work, please visit

What contracts, curses, repeating curses, spells, incantations, oaths, vows, fealties, comealties, swearings, commitments, pledges, promises, agreements, alignments, alliances, allegiances, obligations, covenants, treaties, bonds, deals, deeds, decrees, duties, declarations, dispensations, decisions, mandates, edicts, accords, assignments, pacts, connections, programs, ownerships, associations, affiliations and attachments including SHICUUUU ones and all clauses that allow re-instatement or additional copies of the original to be made, do I have throughout all time, space, dimensions and realities that keep me from infinite perceiving, knowing, being and receiving? All that is, I cancel, revoke, recant, rescind, reclaim, renounce, denounce, destroy and uncreate them all times a Godzillion. Right & wrong, good & bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.

(Note: SHICUUUU stands for Secret, Hidden, Invisible/Un-visible, Covert, Unseen, Unsaid, Undisclosed, Unacknowledged)

For some, you might like to design your own soul contracts to counteract the detrimental ones. It is not something that resonates with me but it may do so for others. Bradley Love has a good example on his website: declaration of non-consent

Another good trick to use if you have a problem with entities is to ask any entities around you to cancel their limiting contracts that may be linked to you. You will be surprised at how many entities are willing to do this, as even many of them are willing to move on!

For examples of specific contracts that can be cancelled this PDF from Montague Keen can give you more ideas. A big thanks to the writer of this document 🙂